Thursday, February 28



Me and my friend over a cup of coffee.

Me: Is it just me? Or is love becoming for people just a matter of choice and convention?

Friend: It seems to go that way these days.


Both: But I don't want it to be that way!


First thought: it's getting creepy how my friend and I are starting to not only end each others sentences but also exactly know the beginning of the following.

Second thought: I am what people call a naive/ silly person who still believes in love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other-love. Love that feels like your heart is going to burst, your head explode and you're constantly feeling nausea by all the butterflies. Love where you say: You're a nightmare but I love you, and I want this every single day. 

That kind of love.

You can say: Lady/Woman/ Girl, you've watched way too many movies.

But then I answer: Isn't hanging on, as you get older, to a dreamy, romantic idea of how life will turn out the best motivator? Otherwise, what's to point anyway?

Your turn.

Monday, February 25



You probably haven't noticed, but it's been a while. I could start of by telling you how sorry I am not posting for over two weeks and that I'm such a bad blogger. Blablabla. But I won't, because I'm not. I actually really enjoyed my time offline.

In the last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about ways to refocus on the few precious moments I have together with my loved ones. And unfortunately, most of the time we are all so plugged into our phones in those moments - checking our email, facebook, instagram, bloglovin' and everything else that comes with phones these days. It's just so easy, and probably too easy, to check in with twitter or instagram for a second and lose ten minutes on there. 

What a time suck!

While I am thankful for all this modern technology, I think it's terribly frightening at the same time. 

In this day and age of always being connected, all of this modern technology gets in the way of our living. We are glued to this thing 24/7. It's sad to see how easily technology can bring us closer together yet pull us further apart at the same time.

I'm not planning on going completely internet free, rather think these events have led me to the conclusion that I want to be more careful with how I spend time on social media.

I started small by stop bringing my phone to the table and leave my phone in my bag when I'm out with friends. I'm trying to give 100 % focus on the people who are sitting in front of me without the distraction of my phone. It was time to only enjoy the people around me and my surroundings without refreshing any app to see who is eating what for lunch (seriously wtf!).

At this point I'm starting to feel good with the idea to not have my phone with me. But the things is, people start to rely on being able to get a hold of you anytime and when they can't, they freak out. (Or, is that just my family?) The times that I tried to stay away from my phone, I came back to zillions of texts and missed calls wondering why I'm ignoring said person. In addition to being so overly connected, we've also become really impatient.

It's a struggle for all of us to ignore these distractions.

But keep in mind the next time you grab your phone: 

Yay for face to face conversations.

And no people around? Grab a book.

Friday, February 8


I have been dreaming
and talking
and dreaming
and some more
 of making a road trip through America together with friends since forever.

Every year, 
I'd start to plan the trip
but one thing would lead to another
and something 
(travel companions, or better, eh hem, the cost)
would prevent me from taking the leap.

This summer,
my friend is accepted for summer school in California.

So no more excuses. 

I'm off to America later this year 
and I cannot wait!

We will make a road trip 
from Berkeley 
to San Diego.

Have you ever been? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts
if you have any recommendations.
Any hotel /dinner suggestions? 
Or hidden gems you're willing to tell us about?

It will be an adventure 
traveling by car 
in a foreign country.

But I like the idea of an adventure.

Wednesday, February 6


Last year I challenged myself
to stop shopping for 3 months
(here & here).

I succeeded.
Or didn't I? 

I did stop shopping these three months
but did I become conscious of the big picture? 

I don't feel the need anymore to keep up with other bloggers,
want to update my wardrobe constantly,
and when I present my latest findings to the world 
it are only items that I really love. 

I don't lose myself no longer in this world of ├╝bercool bloggers,
who are living the dream
having a wardrobe filled with expensive branded clothing.


From time to time I heave a sigh because I see something better, cooler or newer. 
But I've made peace with the fact that I can't own everything that I want. 

In fact.
I don't want to own everything.

Fitting in is so overrated.
Staying true to your personal style and trying to keep up with the latest trends
all at the same time 
a mission impossible.

I've always been that kind of girl that felt comfortable in a very clean, elegant style with blazers, blouses, shirts and blue jeans.

Like Will Rogers once said: 
"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, 
to buy things they don't want, 
to impress people they don't like."
So why would I add galaxy leggings and clashing prints to my outfit?

In 2012,
I've decided to stop compulsive purchases.
It was hard from time to time to find my real voice
and quench the rebellious voice in me that screamed "get this, get that" all the time.
But I did.

Of course, this blog is still about fashion I buy and other things strongly connected to materialistic things and consumerism.
But I hope you feel it isn't all about just buying more stuff.
I don't like the feeling anymore to own masses of things I don't need.

I want to invest money in
something amazing.

I remember when I traveled in Australia 
and everyday I had amazing experiences,
that didn't cost a cent
and still make me smile today.

Life is so much more than owning and controlling material things.

So let's make room for the good stuff.

Monday, February 4


{Oops, you probably haven't noticed but it's been a while that I posted something over here. Exams, you know. Now I got my life back, you'll see new updates in the next couple of days. Starting with some of my iPhone pictures from january. Bisous bisous!}