Tuesday, March 20

My milky complexion

January Jones forMarie-Claire

Oh, the last few days were pure magic. Finally I can feel spring on my skin and it feels way too good. Some very courageous people already let their tights hanging in their closets but I'm not that brave. A little too cold, a little too pale. As a kid people said I looked like a porcelain doll, later they asked me if I was sick. Unbelievable that people can't understand that blondes can't have that tanned skin as brunettes, most of the time it looks even very tacky... Anyway that does not mean I am not self conscious about my pale skin. Actually I really, REALLY, am.

Sunday, March 18

Tattoo Appreciation

Times are definitely over that only seamen had that typical anchor tattoo on their arms. Tattoos are nowadays really becoming part of the mainstream culture and I can totally understand why. Not only clothes, shoes, accessories, make up and your haircut represent you, the newest way to show who you really are isn't that temporarily any longer. Tattoos are most of the time more personal and are mostly carefully selected by having a meaning or just reflect ones personal sense of style.
Here are some of my tattoo inspirations. I love all the different bird tattoos etc. But I am still more drawn to the word tattoos. Maybe, one day, I'll take the plunge and choose an awesome (philosophical) quote and get it inked. Maybe.