Friday, March 30

Bits 'n life

You know, my life is pretty sweet lately. Sun is still shining bright and I can't have enough. Instead of studying I am spending my days on my balcony trying to get a little tan. (Maybe someday.) Oh really, I  am already cursing the day I'll have to move out this awesome apartment with its sunny balconies. But no whining today, I'll leave you with some snapshots of my life and let them do the talking. (If I can keep my mouth shut for a minute.)

Wednesday, March 28

Sweet pastel versus rock'n roll chic

The stylish girl next door
omakio collar/ pieces - jacket/ asos - belt/ asos - sandals/ zara - dress / La Garçonne & clutch/  zara

The ladylike rockstar
dress/ La Garçonne - jacket/ Helmut Lang - bracelet/ asos - nail polish/ Deborah Lippman & sandals/ zara

Which look do you prefer this summer?
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Monday, March 26

Let's talk stripes!

They're popping everywhere, soon you will realize there is no escaping them... Stripes are so big again this season! Well, actually stripes earned this amazing place in fashions that it never goes out of style. And it makes me very merry happy. 
From dresses, skirts, shirts to shoes and handbags everything made a striped splash on this season's runway. Besides the nautical classic look with big and bold stripes in patriotic red, white and blue, you can also expect plenty of stripes used in the most unexpected colors and patterns. 

Saturday, March 24

Oh happy day

Everything becomes more beautiful when the sun is shining, isn't it? The last couple of days we really enjoyed some good spring weather and for as long as it will last I try to make the most out of it. (Belgium isn't that generous with hot weather...) And how can you enjoy the sunshine more than wearing your cutest summer outfits, spending as much as possible time on our balcony and eating delicious ice creams? You can't. Or... you can add some champagne. Champagne makes everything better.

Wednesday, March 21


If I had to name only one app why I would recommend you to buy an iPhone I would say INSTAGRAM. Seriously, I am obsessed. I used to take my way too heavy camera everywhere with me but now I can capture all those little and lovely moments of my day without having to drag that weight with me. Moreover I can share them immediately with you via twitter or instagram itself. 
It's already some time ago that I showed you some bits and pieces of my life, so here are some recent things that made me smile. 

Tuesday, March 20

My milky complexion

January Jones forMarie-Claire

Oh, the last few days were pure magic. Finally I can feel spring on my skin and it feels way too good. Some very courageous people already let their tights hanging in their closets but I'm not that brave. A little too cold, a little too pale. As a kid people said I looked like a porcelain doll, later they asked me if I was sick. Unbelievable that people can't understand that blondes can't have that tanned skin as brunettes, most of the time it looks even very tacky... Anyway that does not mean I am not self conscious about my pale skin. Actually I really, REALLY, am.

Sunday, March 18

Tattoo Appreciation

Times are definitely over that only seamen had that typical anchor tattoo on their arms. Tattoos are nowadays really becoming part of the mainstream culture and I can totally understand why. Not only clothes, shoes, accessories, make up and your haircut represent you, the newest way to show who you really are isn't that temporarily any longer. Tattoos are most of the time more personal and are mostly carefully selected by having a meaning or just reflect ones personal sense of style.
Here are some of my tattoo inspirations. I love all the different bird tattoos etc. But I am still more drawn to the word tattoos. Maybe, one day, I'll take the plunge and choose an awesome (philosophical) quote and get it inked. Maybe.

Thursday, March 15


In 1909, an entrepreneurial New Yorker named Condé Nast took charge of a struggling society journal and transformed it into the most glamorous fashion magazine of the twentieth century. What started as a social gazette in the late nineteenth century has these days the status as the world's most influential magazine, named Vogue.
Today I took a look at their cover archives what actually means I browsed through more than 300 of the most beautiful, provocative and fashion-forward cover ever produces. What intrigues me even more are the stories behind the cover themselves. They really chart the evolution of fashion, art, culture and photography for the past 120 years. Here are some of my favorite and most significant covers.

Tuesday, March 13

Green-eyed interior monster

Almost as much as I love fashion, I love interior design. Something I probably got from my dad who is an architect. I always tend to keep things as minimalistic and classy as possible, something you have probably already noticed by seeing my blog design. Now that my boyfriend purchased a house that still needs to be entirely renovated, I can't stop spending hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Gosh, I really envy all those people who live in these amazing places. And I hope to live one day in a space like these. Keep on dreaming (and pinning), Renée!

Sunday, March 11

Olivia Palermo Mania

Back in October I posted the first Style Icon post about Olivia Palermo and since that day it's been the most viewed post of my blog. I can't blame you, she's got the look, the designer bags and an amazing sense of style. Anyway, good news for all those Olivia Palermo lovers because now you can take a look at her 2011/2012 winter street style shots.

Friday, March 9

Sequins and Sparkles #24

After last week's Sequins and Sparkles break, here's another round of fun links for this weekend. I hope you will all have a blast. Tonight I will attend a gala with my girlfriends. Stupid me forgot to take her good dress with her so now I'll have to come up with a last minute outfit. Wish me luck about that!

Refinery 29 has got 30 must-haves that are sure to shake up your sartorial routine.

50 ways to say "You're awesome", because one way isn't enough to describe it.

SELF magazine promises you to flatten and fill your belly with these six delicious and guilt-free recipes. The pasta lover's diet, me like!

Two fashion bloggers were asked about their spring styling secrets; find here their recommendations!

Here you can read what it means if you crave bad food, what you really need and which healthy foods that have it.

Bad days can be extremely overpowering sometimes, so it's good to make a habit of reminding yourself of a few important things on a daily base.

In honor of gossip girl's 100th episode, Lucky magazine narrowed down their list of favorite oufits so far to hundred looks.

Save your face with these 7 age-defying goods.

Wednesday, March 7

Cat vs. Pink Snake

"Le me just chilling in my house, but feeling a little bit lonely."
 "Oh, mommy is taking outfit pictures!"
"Instead of making photos of these snake shoes, let's make a picture together!"
 "Seriously, I'm so photogenic."
 "Mommy, pleeeeaaaaassseeeee!!!"
"That's what I'm talking about."
Long story short: I wanted to show you my awesome pink pants (totally into pink this spring) from Zara and the snake sneakers I bought last week. As you can see, it wasn't that easy to do with an attention-seeking cat. Anyway, he got its beloved cuddle time and I got funny photos of him and my new items. Happy family!

Tuesday, March 6

Bowler Hat

If you probably already have noticed that I'm growing out my bangs, which means I have to endure that crappy period where your hair is too long for doing pretty bangs but at the same time too short for tucking it behind my ear. Yes, I'm in that state where you have to pin your hair in an awkward way out of your face with bobby pins or so. It doubtless explains why I'm totally into hats and other hair accessories these days. Last week I bought this cute bowler hat at Topshop and I'm in love. Snow, wind, rain, idiosyncratic hair strands... I can handle it now.

Friday, March 2

A Splash of Color this Spring

Floral prints, stripes and lots of bright colors. Yes ladies, this spring and summer will be colorful for sure!
sources of street style pics on my pinterest