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Here I am again with a post that may be too long but I think it can be an interesting one. I'm already thinking a long time about posting something on this matter. Now, you probably think something like "Again? You already said that in your previous post, blablabla", but, hey, that's called a writer's block. When VILA, the Danish high street fashion brand, asked me to write a post about having confidence and being true to yourself, I finally could make myself sit down and start writing.

Confidence, probably one of those everlasting struggles of life. (Other examples of eternal struggles are 1) not letting your money leak through your fingers*, 2) eating healthy. Every. Single Day. But more on that another time.)

Well, let me tell you a little story about self-confidence, or the lack of it. 

A few weeks ago on Tuesday, 9:31pm: I'm sitting in front of my closet and I have nothing at all to wear. This is really not the best timing for that, tonight I'm going to a party where all the (so told) "rich and famous" will be. I have to make a good impression. 

9:35pm: I start painting my nails mint to limit the "nothing to wear" problem, but then think about how clashing colors is the newest trend. Yeah, that helped.

9:41pm: thanks to my new awesome rapid dry coat I can resume the outfit quest by displaying everything in my closet on my bed.

9:43pm: Cavalli dress, mint colored blazer; Yay, I'm ready for tonight!!


10:28pm: arriving at my friend's home to leave for the party. She gives me a huge smile and tells me she likes my dress. Ha!


10:56pm: we enter the party scene and... How fabulous and pretty can anyone be? Ugh. 

10:57pm: really, it looks like all the girls have model sizes and wear heels not less than 4 inch. I'm wearing ballet flats and it looks like I'm the kid in the house. Great.

10:59pm: nope, I'm not going to dance. Just sitting here and watching all those confident girls having fun. 

11:01pm: this is a really good song.

11:02pm: it's not good, I love it! Maybe...

11:02pm: And then... drum rolls... I get up and dance.

11:03pm: fun part: no one cares. No one sizes me up. 

11:03pm - ....: dance. Dance. Dance.

Sorry to lead you on, but nothing happened when I started doing my thing. People weren't staring at me like I was an alien or judging me. What happened was that I actually had an amazing night. I had nothing to be afraid of and there was nothing or nobody to feel self-conscious for.

Conclusion: it's never worth losing your head. Never cancel a party for stupid reasons. Never take yourself too seriously. Most of the time people really don't care what you're wearing and how you look. We're way too preoccupied with ourselves for that. 
And if they talk, remember that doesn't give them the power to ruin your day or to make your feel sad. You only have that power over you. So be who you are and figure that people can take it or leave it. Have your own distinct style and wear what you feel best in. 

Now I'll leave you with the movie where the VILA campaign is focused around. When you're watching this short video you will scream a lot of "ouch"'s and "oh"'s when you see all those models stumble on their high heels. And maybe laugh a couple of times. But the thing is; you don't have to feel sorry for that because after their fall they also start laughing and keep going. In the end they are also just woman with a job and try to survive in this world with high expectations. The only thing you can do, is make the best of it. 

* Incredibly difficult for me, keep here in mind that I live less than 5 minutes from the shopping streets.
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