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Refined. Feminine. Powered. Extremely confident; French women always look like they just stepped out of the cover of French Vogue. They radiate a je-ne-sais-quoi attitude that we so admire and envy, but never can imitate. 
Sophistication and balance, that is the essence of the Parisian chic style. A Parisian follows fashion, but not too much. She is sexy, but not vulgar. It's all about balance, the right mix. Casual chic, that's the goal.

Haven't you ever looked at a particularly chic woman and thought to yourself, oh, she looks so Parisian. Yet, she is not from Paris at all! That is simply a complimentary way of saying she looks very elegant or stylish. The look of the Parisians is good for reference because it tends to be classic and the elegant, free of fads or silly trends. It is also one of the easiest looks to maintain and has passed the test of time. 
Simple, elegant, classic style is timeless. Rarely is anything we consider a style classic actually "new". The little black dress, perfectly fitting jeans, blouses, cozy sweaters, ballet flats, knee-length skirts, trim heels. These are nothing new. Nevertheless, they always manage to look fresh and elegant. Epitomizing chic style. 

How does one accomplish this effortless, easy way with style? By playing up their good features and downplaying the features they dislike. By accepting certain things about themselves that will not change. By having the confidence to try things and be as stylish as they wish to be on any given day. By being true to themselves. 
Sophistication and balance, that is the essence. A Parisian follows fashion, but not too much. She is sexy, but not vulgar. It's all about balance, the right mix. Casual chic, that's the goal.

Blend elegance with sensuality, a casual look with a touche sophistiquée. The biggest mistake you can make? To look overdressed. The really fundamental rule is always be neat. You should be clean, your clothes ironed, your shoes polished. Reach with the minimum the maximum. That's the Parisian motto.

Excess is rarely the best approach towards elegance. Why do we think we need so much? Many women have tons of clothes but "have nothing to wear". Pair down to the basics. Have a love affair with your clothes! If you love everything in you closet, you will radiate the confidence that comes from being dressed in an outfit that makes you feel fantastic. Own nothing unacttractive. If it does not fit, is ugly or simply does not make you feel good; donate it! If you own nothing unattractve, you will never have to worry about looking anything less than good. 

On the other hand are French women born individualists. They do not care a fig what people think. They want to impress, surprise, be different. This attitude is called Nonchalance ultraparisienne.
If you are grooming yourself to impress other women, trust me, you will never, ever, truly feel that you have succeeded. In fact, you will probably end up looking worse and having zero self-confidence. Also is jealousy absolutely nuts! Pay no attention to jealous people. they are not important. Avoid them and keep them out of your life as much as possible. Do not let them undermine your confidence or personal style in any way. 

Personality. Self-confidence. A French woman dresses for herself, tries above all to please herself in the way she looks - because she must, if she's going to please others. A French woman never feels she's offering herself. There's never a sense of surrender, but an attitude of 'I belong to me'. 

French women, we still have much to learn from them. 

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