Thursday, August 23


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Interior design is probably my newest obsession. Not that I wasn't very interested in it until now (as seen herehere and here). But it wouldn't surprise me that in the last couple of weeks I spend more time in stores like ikea and habitat than in the normally "daily" visited clothing stores. The reason of this all of a sudden obsession is probably: too much time. Not that I'm not able to fill my day with meaningful and serious/ irrelevant and trivial matters, still I'm sitting here in my apartment thinking "this really doesn't feel like my place".

I remember my move to this apartment: it had to be fully renovated before I could move in. So when that was finally done, school had already started and we just put some furniture in it with the thought that we would finish it later, that I would give the place my own twist later. 

Well, four years later and not that much has changed. I still have the same old leather coach that my cat made his favorite scratching post, there's still hanging that big poster that not only makes my living room way smaller than it actually is, I'm also sick and tired of looking at it every single day. And the process of decorating the place is slightly slower than expected.

And then there is vacation, lots of spare time and pinterest. To cut a long story short: I am redecorating my apartment into a space that truly feels like my home. It will probably never look like the rooms showed above but, you know, I have this feeling that in a couple of weeks I will be crazy in love with my prettified place.
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