Tuesday, September 25


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Saturday, September 22


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I was thinking on "dedicating" a post on my breakup with the boy I dated for over 6,5 years but in the end there's no need to sit around having an emotional pity party. As much as I wanted to get back what we had. Everything so broke my heart that I stopped wanting to try. If you find yourself ever looking for a reason to stay with a person. That itself is enough reason to leave that person.

It's time to embrace this new time in my life. To new beginnings!

My list of things to do while I'm single:
1. study abroad
2. get my life into order so I can be the best, happiest person I can be
3. push myself out of my comfort zone
4. learn to cook well
5. travel to an unknown city and be a tourist by myself
6. be happy
7. dance
8. spend lots of time with my girlfriends
9. read as many men bashing books as I want
10. redecorate my apartment without conference; my place, my style.

And eventually when I'm ready...
11. find that "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love".

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Thursday, September 20


dress from Urban Outfitters - belt from River Island - jeans shirt from Zara - shoes from Aldo

Today I just leave you with some outfit photos from a couple of days ago. A tired face and tied together hair scream for comfy clothes and so a jeans shirt combined with my new sneakers felt like the right choice. These shoes are so comfy, funny because normally I'm not the girl that will describe heels as pleasant for the feet. 

Nothing more to say today, I'm dealing with some major changes in my life as some of you already noticed. But everything is going to be alright. See you soon xo
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Tuesday, September 18


1. Brighton pier - 2. the only thing in the world that will never hurt me - 3. bath time - 4. delicious frozen yogurt - 5. water flavored with strawberries, perfect for the summer - 6. Brighton chalk cliffs - 7.  fun in front of London's Big Ben - 8. found this cutie at ikea? - 9. m&m characters recreating the Beatles Abbey Road - 10. enjoying our last barbecue at Park Spoor Noord for this year with this lovely picnic basket.
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Monday, September 17


Oopsie poopsie, it's been a long time since my last post but believe me, I had my reasons. One of those was my fun Fun FUN holiday to Brighton with friends, another reason is that I couldn't figure out how to make a decent post on an iPad. I hope this one looks kind of and if not, iPad isn't that sweet to bloggers. (Seriously how can you edit the size of your photos?)

That said, here are my new shoes. Remember my love for the taupe suede ankle boots from Chloe in June? Here they are, only without the Chloe label. They are hand made in France and imported by Bottines.nl. I ordered them on Friday and ound them in the mail Saturday, speaking of good service! 

I bought the second pair during my trip to Brighton. I've never heard about Aldo before, probably because they don't have stores in/ ship to Belgium. Something that makes me very sad because I could have bought that store empty if I didn't had a limited budget and cabin bag limit weight thanks to Ryanair. So only these hidden wedge sneakers came home with me. 

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Friday, September 7


Brigitte Bardot. Just look at her.. a total babe. Really, this is how hair and make-up should always be: big and blonde. Brigitte bardot has always been someone of true beauty. Over the years countless celebrities, models and magazine editors have borrowed from her style. Et pourquoi pas? She is the queen of mastering the bedhead whether its worn up or down. The messier, the better.

Although I've just grown out my bangs and hated styling them most of the time, I'm really thinking about cutting them back. And some layers too. But still hesitating, because I'm such a coward when it comes to my hair. Ugh, decisions, decisions. What do you think? 
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Thursday, September 6


image by oh joy.

This summer has flown by so fast. I wish this season would stay here forever, but unfortunately the days are already getting shorter and those warm summer nights colder. It hit me: September has arrived and he has brought autumn along. From now on I resume my old habits by staying in wrapped in my dearest fleece blanket watching my favorite tv shows, eating "occasionally" some comfort food and why not improving my closet? 

The less I have to leave my apartment when it's cold outside the better. So luckily we can buy everything online these days. Yes, my hibernation will not be jeopardized by an empty fridge or nothing to read or to watch. Still I don't want to spend too much on my online expenses. But I hate skimming the www finding some great discounts. Fortunately I can end my quest to find all those discounts in one place. 

Solden is a Belgian website that collects all discount codes and special offers for several webshops. What about your favorite tv shows with -70% at bol.com? Or immortalizing your vacation memories by creating a photo book at pixum for an affordable price? And doesn't sound a citytrip like music in the ears when you can get unto 33% discount at Neckermann? Besides these great offers you can find many more offers for other brands like 3Suisses, La Redoute, Superdry, WE, Zalando, Zara etc.

A good discount will never hurt, so be sure to bookmark solden for you're next online shopping trip!

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Sunday, September 2


Last friday I attended the Babalon Blognight at The Public Image store*. Coco Chanel once said: "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." This phrase could actually be the definition of this concept store. The store breaths fashion and offers a mix of items of different designers and brands addressed to ecologically friendly, street wear oriented customers. 

Concept stores give the buying process a different meaning. It's all about the shopping experience for the customers. My thoughts started drifting away. Fast versus slow fashion, is it that difficult to choose for quality?

It seems that we've got a ravenous appetite for fashion. Clothes have gone from being investments to being disposable items. Garments have become more than a third cheaper than they were ten years ago, and the average woman owns more clothing now than at any other time in history. This is all thanks to the 'fast fashion industry'.

International chains like Spain's Zara, Sweden's H&M, America's F21 and Ireland's Primark have conquered the retail world by not only knocking off designer duds minutes after they appear on the runway, but completely restocking their stores with brand new fashions every two week or so. True story: where once there were two fashion cycles a year - spring and fall - we now have two a month. 

I'm not going to point the finger at anyone else. We want to have fun with fashion and fast fashion can definitely be fun. It's great for those who are still trying on new styles to learn what suits then best and have small allowances to pay for it in any case. But for the rest of us, shouldn't we know better by now? Shouldn't fashion be more luxurious than this? Shouldn't it last? 

One of the reasons we all fell for fast fashion was to express our personalities through our clothes. Ironically, all we've managed to accomplish is looking like everyone else out there. We're every few months wearing the same trends, how cocky :-)

There's a reason why nearly 20 years after her death, actress Audrey Hepburn is still considered one of the most stylish women ever to have graced the planet. She favored simple garments devoid of embellishment. She pursued clothing that remained chic year after year. Also, did you ever see Karl Lagerfield in anything else than a suit? And what about Grace Kelly?

Women like Audrey and Grace knew that timeless style is built on a few simple pieces. The key is to figure out which wardrobe staples - your from now on faithful basics - best flatter your figure. Should you invest in pencil or A-line skirts? Skinny or straightleg trousers? Should your white tee be fitted, loose, asymmetric or... what about black? Finding a collection of go-to combos that flatter your figure requires a little experimentation (and an honest friend or two).

But when you've found what you love and what looks best on you, the urge to buy fast fashion will take off. Dressing yourself in a few well-made basics that you can update with well-chosen accessories will make you feel so much more confident than dressing yourself with so much junk. We women have been dressing ourselves in nasty, flimsy, scratchy, badly made and ill-fitting clothes, all for the sake of being on top of a trend that lasts about two minutes. We're worth more than that. 

Once you've got these essentials sorted, it's easier to figure out which trends to incorporate into your wardrobe and which to leave on the rack. As a general rule: the more details a garment has, the more quickly it becomes outdated. For example take stripes: they've been popular since the early 1900 when Coco Chanel first designed tops inspired by French fishermen. Right now, stripes are back. But when you buy a striped tee with embellished shoulders and military-style buttons on the cuff it will feel like an expired rend by this time next year. So ladies, keep it simple. 

I once bought (read: grabbed) something at F21. When I came home I saw that the stichting was already ripped and that besides it was already damaged, it really didn't suit my figure. I gave 10 euros for something that was already damaged and would probably not look good on any woman's body type.  Pfff. 
This is the reason why fashion guidelines always used to say that women on a budget can't afford to buy cheap clothes. Those inexpensive garments just don't last. It's better to buy less but high quality items that are locally produced and ethically made. At least they will last more than one season, probably for years.

Keep in mind that an item's expense doesn't guarantee its quality. The trick is to shop like your grandma would have done: turn down the seams to see if they're well finished or if threads are loose and the stitching is uneven. Is the garment lined? Are heave-use areas such as buttons or zips reinforced? Is the fabric durable? The list of questions goes on.

It can be expensive. I think that when a garment is extremely well made, it's worth a splurge. The old idea of actually saving up to buy something special instead of racking up more debt on a whim has something "romantic", right? Invest in your clothing. Invest in your style. Invest in you.

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