Monday, July 2

Sane sales shopping

Great bargains, red sale signs and hoards of women rifling through bins piled high with reduced items, like bees round a honey pot, jostling with one another for that must-have bargain buy. Yes, there is certainly no better way to test my new shop spirit than during the sales. Because today my no-buy was officially over, it was time to test that the super responsible shopper in me.
Sharing is caring: so here are my tips and tricks for keeping it all sane during the sales. Because let's be honest: it's funny how sales shopping brings out the best (or worst) in women. Honing in on their hunting instinct, turning into warriors at the mere mention of a sale. A sane woman can turn positively irrational at the sight a 50% reduction rail. Sales can be overwhelming and it have often led me to waste money, but not this time: now I have a plan.

Before shopping
Plan ahead
Browse the online shop of your favorite store to pre-select what you want to try on in the actual store. One important thing I learned during my no-buy is that I lose all bit of common sense when I fill that online basket.

Make a wish list
Sales clothing tends to be fashionable pieces which are likely to become out-dated quickly, so if the item you have your eye on is just coming to the end of its trend, then consider how long you'll able to wear it. Think about what you still need? Non-seasonal pieces or basics like a leather jacket (check), denim shirt (check), parka, shirt dress (etc.) are perfect sale buys.

Balance quality and price
Sale is the time to get a high end item for what you'd normally spend on the high street. Same goes for fancy fabrics like silk or cashmere. High quality, low price... Score! 

Set a budget
Set a budget and stick to it. But because nobody is perfect you can allow yourself one 'must have' that you run into. Now you're ready to hit the shopping streets without bankrupting yourself.

During shopping
Go early
It's best to wait until the midpoint of sales season to go in for the kill, knowing that it's usually the second price-markdown that offers the best values. Waiting until the very end of the sales will provide the most substantial discounts, but choice is often limited by that point, and when shopping for clothes, finding the right size becomes a challenge during the last days. 

Ask yourself these questions:
* Would you buy it full price?
Do not get distracted into buying clothes just because they are in the sale. How many times have you come away from a sale with a bagful of clothes that you honestly never really wear, or don't feel good in? Getting a cheap item might be exciting in the store, but once you wear it, the deal becomes irrelevant. The garment still looks, feels and fits the same. So always ask yourself, would I still but this if it wasn't reduced? 

* Will you like it next season? 
Take a look at your wish list: does the item suits your style? Will it last all year long or is it just a one season wonder?

* Does it fit my style and other pieces in my closet?
All super fancy eye catchers don't make an amazing closet, try to find some classic and timeless pieces that you can wear throughout the year. 

Wear comfortable clothes
Wear something comfortable that's easy to change out of. And flat shoes, because only superwoman can survive a whole day of walking errands with high heels. Also, wear clothes you love to wear, so you can see if the item would fit with your current wardrobe. 

Hold on while shopping
If you see an item but you're unsure about it, don't buy it and don't ever look at it again. If you're not that radical, hold on to it while making your round in the store. Sale shopping goes quickly so this way you won't be disappointed to see it's gone once you decide to get it. 

Check it and test it.
Don't buy anything without a visit to the fitting rooms. Since a majority of clearance items are overstock or returned products that have been sitting out for a long time, be sure to give things a thorough once-over before purchasing. Closely check the items before purchasing them because sales are final. If you discover a hole after you've already paid, the item is yours.

Have fun
Don't stress and maybe you just run into an unexpected new-favorite item.

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  1. I'm a lucky one cause here where I live girls never go crazy with sales, and honestly is realy easy to shop without all those problems.
    Also, I'm not a fan of sales, so that is even better :)

    See you cutie.

  2. Handige tips ! Ik probeer in de solden ook goed na te denken voor ik iets koop ondanks de kortingen. Het is zo verleidelijk iets te kopen wat je anders misschien niet zou kopen, maar basics zijn toch altijd wel een verstandigere keuze

  3. Supergoeie tips! Ik ga morgen shoppen dus I'll keep it in mind ;) Maar de mama gaat mee dus dat helpt echt al tegen impulsieve aankopen ;) x

  4. Geweldige tips! Heel erg leuke post. Ik ga deze week ook solden shoppen :D

  5. beste tips OOIT! Ik houd met al deze tips rekening. Ik gun mezelf ook wel een trendy folieke hier en daar als het bijna niets kost, maar ik maak vooral lijstjes van dingen die ik echt al een tijdje wil, en daar zoek ik dan gefocussed naar!

  6. Really great tips! I still love online shopping the most :) x Sushi


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