Wednesday, September 25


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The last couple of months I haven't been around a lot on this blog. First of all, life happened, which made me forget about the www for most of the time. But the main reason is sadly another one. This blog doesn't feel like my home anymore. My interests have shifted. My main focus in life is by far not fashion nowadays. Instead of spotting me in the shopping streets of Antwerp, you can find me now in the gym, home decor stores, on the couch reading a good book and in the kitchen, trying to make a healthy, yet delicious meal. Creating outfits on Polyvore seems so ironic when all I've worn in the last couple of weeks are yoga pants, ripped jeans, cozy hoodies and sneakers (or unintentionally following a new trend).

So yesterday the thought "That's it. I quit. I'm moving on," popped into my head. I felt relieved. Because you know the truth, by the way it feels. At first, I was thinking about closing this blog. But after some soul searching it felt a little drastic. So that's probably not going to happen. All I need is some little time for reflection and finding a new voice and route which this blog will take in the future. 

In the mean time I leave you with this by fall inspired mood board. Thanks for your understanding.

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