Tuesday, March 26



Me and my friend after lunch at le pain quotidien:

Me: I'm still on the hunt for the perfect blazer to wear at my friend's wedding, maybe we can check some shops before class starts?

Friend: Sounds good.

In the first store:

Me: *Sigh*. Nothing seems appealing to me. It feels like my attitude towards shopping and new clothes has changed.


Friend: Why don't we spend our afternoon at the bookstore and make wish lists for our future libraries instead?

Me: Sounds fantastic.

The happy end.


Sometimes I wonder if my current attitude towards shopping and clothes stems from the fact that the whole online window-shopping thing and lust for beautiful clothes has been replaced by hours of daydreaming about my West Coast road trip and the quest for Beauty and the Beast's library.

I used to spend hours reading blogs and magazines searching for inspiration for creating my perfect world where I would frolick around in perfect outfits. But since the desire to create this so called perfect wardrobe has gone, I feel refreshed. The hassle of getting something new and looking it over and trying it on seems too much lately. Now I would rather spend my days in the sun, doing pilates or reading a book.

My closet is still far from complete, and it has never been emptier after my spring cleaning, yet I've never been happier with the things I do have. It just seems like I am bored by the constant influx of new stuff, finally

Is it because blogs, and the internet in general, used to be my way to sate my boredom? Maybe it was my way to live vicariously through others? Either way, I think it's time to claim my own life and go live it. Starting with planning my big trip to California in August, starting today with a good workout and healthy meals. Because if there's one thing I have learned: 

Experience > material objects. 

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