Monday, December 31


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First of all, let's check my new year's resolutions of 2012
1. Master smokey eyes? Well, I tried to do this smokey eye thing but it was getting pretty hard to breathe after a while. Muahahaha! Funny me is taking over again. But for real, I do some random stuff and hope for the best.
2. Save up for a system camera? No.
3. Make an effort to wear matching underwear? If you understand by "matching" that top and bottom are in the same color: yes. Otherwise, no.
4. Drink lots of water? Yes, in particular coffee. And red wine.
5. Stay motivated and go for a run? I still hate running but I subscribed to the gym. Score!
6. More daily outfit posts? Please tell me, I'm not this horrible?!
7. Discover more of the world? Ugh no. Not much travelling for me this year. Boo :(
8. Live, laugh, love to another great year?

Let's see, in 2012 I...
... envied all those girls who master the perfect preppy style.
... started thinking of getting a tattoo. Until now it stayed with only this inspiration board. Maybe something for 2013? 
... challenged myself to have a no-buy for 4 months.
... had a lot to say about it.
... like a lot.
... wrote about having confidence for VILA.
... went through a breakup, which screams for making a single girl's to do list!
... found my signature scent.
... fell in love with the Parisian way of living and dressing.
... stripes included.
... dealt with a lot of writer's blocks and of course, I wrote about that.
... became a supporter of slow fashion instead of fast fashion.

To come back to point 8, I think I succeeded.  

Here's to 2013, I can't wait to see what you have in store for me.
But first, party time!

Friday, December 28


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New Year's Eve, the final holiday of 2012, is typically a night of champagne toasts, sparkly outfits and midnight kisses. Because sitting in your PJs isn't an option. You'll need a killer outfit along with the champagne and somebody to kiss when the clock hits midnight. 

Let's go wild, dearies. 

Because what's a more perfect excuse to get dolled up for a night full of silliness, stuffing your face with good food and boozing it up until midnight with your friends? 

That's right, there isn't. 

I ordered my party dress on Christmas day so I hope it will be delivered on time (otherwise: (1) fy express delivery, (2) fy major clothing crisis). Fingers crossed! 

Have a happy & safe 2013!

And remember: it's not the dress, it's the girl in the dress.

Tuesday, December 25


Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

I hope you'll have a wonderful time today spending Christmas with your family and/or friends while enjoying some yummie food and drinks and hopefully unwrapping some good presents. If not, don't be sad. I have the perfect gift for you.

It's Ryan Gosling. In Christmas lights. 

I know, I am the best. If I found him waiting on my stoop, or even better, beneath my nonexistent tree, dolled up like this, I would consider my Christmas as perfect.

Sunday, December 16


Nah. I am not getting married. 

But real life Lily and Marshall*, aka my best friends, are getting married in a few months and I will act as witness at their wedding. Yay! 

My first thoughts when I heard about their engagement were "dress. hair. makeup."Because let's be real here, there is no better reason to get dressed up than your best friends getting married, except getting married yourself of course.


Dress: almost check. My dress will be navy blue, have a bare back and lace details. Now I only have to search it, find it and buy it. No biggie.

Makeup: we switch faces for a day. (I will not return the boyfriend. Not so sorry for that Olivia.)

Hair: here's the part where I need your help. I want elegant and timeless (after all, those photos last forever). First I was thinking about a classic chignon but then there was pinterest and now I can't choose. I reduced the overload of inspiration to three styles. And all I am asking is to choose for me.

1? 2? Or 3? Help!

(Question to my friends: Am I Ted Mosby?!)

Tuesday, December 11


Christmas lights on my way home // finally found the perfect beanie

someone is distracting me while I'm trying to study // a look du jour

ice skate date

hostess of our dinner party // design Christmas crib

snuggling // curly ponytail

New shoes // coffee break

trying a new look // the result: some darker shades in my hair

Friday, December 7


"Because we are living in a material world and I am a material girl."

I would love to tell you that I don't want to get any (expensive) presents from Santa this year and that I only want to spend some good quality time with my family and my friends* but that would sound so hypocrite if you keep in mind that my wish list has reached new heights in the last couple of weeks. I tried to limit it to the things that I really need. Fingers crossed Santa will make some notes here.

1. Diagonal Stripe iPhone 4 case from Kate Spade - Because I lost my old one.
2. Nespresso Coffee Machine - Because this addict will need her daily dose of caffeine during the exam period, which stands for total isolation, which stands for no breaks in coffee bars. 
3. Rupert Sanderson Flat Riding Boots - Because I don't have black boots.
4. Patent Leather Blucher from Massimo Dutti - Because they're so chic, yet girly.
5. Massimo Dutti Flannel Trousers - Because they look super comfy, yet dressed.

What's on your list this year?

* Yes, of course I'm also looking forward to this part of the holidays. 
PS: this article written by Joshua Millburn (The Minimalists) is a must-read on this topic. 

Wednesday, December 5


If we may believe all the magazines it seems that every woman gets the urge to drastically change her locks after a breakup. There's something kind of symbolic about it: out with the old (dead ends), and in with the new (flirty hairdo). But since I am total gutless when it comes to changing something to my hair, I found another perfect therapy: redecorating my place.

It was really one of the best things I did in the last couple of months. First of all it kept me busy enough so I forgot mulling over my breakup. Secondly, it feels like this new interior stands for a new chapter in my life. (yep, deep thoughts over here.) Like famous people change their hair style, I redecorated my place. And I so love how it turned out!

I tried to work as much as possible with neutral colors. And only add some pop to it by colorful details like the art print and the pink roses. Although I am really satisfied with how it looks like at this moment, it still does not feel like it's finished. Decorating your house is like finding your signature fashion style: it's a progress. For example, I am still on the search to find the perfect white cow skin rug and also some decoration that can stand throughout the year (so sad that's not possible with christmas decoration).

And look how cozy it is by night!!!!

Sunday, December 2


Last month, as you probably all know by now, bloggers visited the press agencies to check out the new collections from their brands and to catch up with the trends for S/S 2013. Although I visited a couple of agencies, I've decided to only specifically discuss the press room of Marnix & Ally.

Accessories were here exhibited at the renovated townhouse that the working ladies of Marnix & Ally can call their office only since October 1st 2012! An-Katrien and Ellen share a passion for great (and upcoming) labels and designers that all have their own unique story. Most of them are even of Belgian origin. And that's worth sharing, right?

Just Julia is a platform for young designers all over the planet and brings you fancy bracelets, cute earrings, adorable necklaces with affordable stones, brilliant pearls etc. 

Bluette uses the finest quality leathers from Italy  and takes its love for color very seriously. The result is a wonderful collection of belts that will add the finishing touch to any outfit.

Mieke Dierckx takes you into an unseen three dimensional world of fashion accessories with her collections 'brickbybrick' and 'couleur cachée'

Every piece of LN|Beanies knitwear is handmade in Belgium by leading lady Ellen Kegels and her beloved mother and grannies. Therefore is every piece unique and of high quality. And because of the use of 100% baby alpaca so soft.

As "trenddealers", SILIS introduces the newest things & trends into the suitable shops, like their collection of fashion bracelets and their cool bag available in various colors.

Carly Burnett, the ultimate flip-flop girl, was never big on makeup, but loved its myriad color collections. TKEES was born and branded as "cosmetics for your feet" with color categories like Foundations, Creams, Liners, Glosses and more.

Pretty asymmetric jewels by Lore Van Keer.

It was love at first sight with the loafers and sneakers of Kennel & Schmenger. Ultra soft, durable leather, quality workmanship and detailed finishes are the key words of this established successful brand. 

Me and my partner in crime: MademoiSielle.

Last but not least, a special thank you to the leading ladies of Marnix & Ally, An-Katrien and Ellen, for their friendly welcome in their amazing brand new showroom. Thanks to your amazing brands, the length of my wishlist has reached a new record.