Wednesday, October 31


A tiny confession: I don't like Halloween. I've actually never seen it as a day to celebrate. Because doesn't it celebrate all the death saints? And isn't it strange to celebrate death?  Anyway, I am not a fan of the holiday but we all love dressing up so... maybe we can make it a classy day this year?

Both outfits above are inspired by the Halloween ethos, yet not scary or slutty. The first one would be perfect for during the day and I would die to wear the second on a night out. The skirt with the leather details screams perfection. What do you think of Halloween? Are you celebrating/ dressing up tonight?

Now I am going to wait till the next days are over so I can bring out my Christmas lights and tree again. Because, yes, I'm already getting into the Christmas spirit. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.
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Monday, October 29


I don't know how you feel about the Scandinavian brand, Cos, but I just can't resist their goodies and every time I pass the shop in Antwerp, unfortunately on my way to the grocery store, I seem to be sucked in by the lovely looking creations.

Last Saturday it happened again, with all my groceries I ended again in the store, tried to hold as many dresses as possible in my "empty" hands and stumbled very classy to their dressing rooms.

The two dresses above are my favorites (1 - 2). But I can't make up my mind which one to buy. Decisions, decision. I'm so bad at it. Maybe I'll buy them both. Perhaps you can help me out?

Which dress is your favorite? Or in other words, which dress should I buy?
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Saturday, October 27


Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci and Chanel Coco Noir as pretty decoration in my bathroom.

During my search for my ultimate signature scent I surely have accumulated several fragrances. They all smelled good but none of them were recognizably me. Because I think every woman should have a signature scent. The search always continued. Until I was browsing through Elle magazine in August and found a sample of the new Chanel scent, Chanel Coco Noir. The first time I smelled it, I was caught off guard. The era of kissing toads came to an end. I finally found my prince. Since that moment, my Coco days have started. 

So I am a Chanel Coco Noir girl all the way now. What about you? Do you have a signature scent or are you still on the search?

Thursday, October 25


A change of scene as you may have noticed. After four years of not owning a mirror where I could see myself in from head to toe, I finally made the splurge. Okay, it's just ikea. The point is I finally can see how I look before I leave my apartment. So no check ups anymore in our common entry hall. No more awkward moments, or at least less awkward. Taking a picture of your everyday outfit still looks kind of weird to me with or without the passersby. But never mind, I am doing it anyway as you can see.

I am wearing my new Zara sweater that combines no less than two trends: ombre and studs. Speaking of 'well thought shopping'. Thanks to the pretty colors of the sweater I am again thinking about dyeing my hair ombre pink like Sarah (Framboise Fashion) did this summer. We'll (probably never) see. Besides that, there is not really something else notable about this outfit; combined it with my skinny jeans from G-star and my wedge sneakers from Aldo where I would sleep in if I could. Perfect for school. Perfect for running some errands.

Okay, that's enough talking about mirrors, entry halls, strangers, sweaters, ombre hair... for one day. Buh bye!
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Tuesday, October 23






Which one would you love to wear?

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Saturday, October 20


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight

Yesterday when I was reorganizing my accessory drawer I noticed that I own one necklace. One that I can not wear because it's way too fragile (it's a conch), this makes that it isn't that strange I'm on the hunt to find the perfect statement necklace for this winter. Which one is your favorite?
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Tuesday, October 16


Lately, after my no-buy, I've started feeling more confident in my personal style. I feel like I know what I'm comfortable in and what looks best on me, which includes a lot of simple, classic pieces that can be worn season after season. As fall has arrived, I'm finding myself drawn to investing more in timeless pieces than in trend-driven pieces that often miss the quality and details I want. Here's some of my inspiration.

photos via 1, 234, 56.
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Saturday, October 13


I think one of the biggest advantages of the end of a relationship (and therefore living on your own again) is that you can totally redecorate your apartment in the way you want it. My apartment wishlist is growing and growing and right now I'm feeling neutrals mixed with some girly items here and there. Here are some things I've had my eye on as inspiration for how I want my apartment to look like.

inspired by 1 and 2.

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Wednesday, October 10


photos via Vanessa Jackman and Honestly WTF.

When it comes to getting brave haircuts or doing anything drastic to my hair I am a real coward. That's why my hair plan for this fall will be braids: french braids, fishtails, tiny braids, messy braids... What's your plan? 

PS: This weekend I updated the software of my macbook and photoshop isn't working any longer :-( So does anyone know a good photo editor online or an inexpensive one? 
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Friday, October 5


After my graduating from high school my mom and I enjoyed three magnificent weeks in Australia  thanks to our Australian friends (read about it here and here). Unfortunately because of the distance we can't see each other as much as we like to, so when we got a few months ago the exciting invitation from one of the girl's wedding in Italy we couldn't be happier. Here's a little photo diary of my short break.

5 am: someone is watching me trying to get up - beautiful view of the pyrenees

Italian landscapes in the morning - sipping wine at the pool

preparing for my Australian friends Italian wedding - leaving the villa for the wedding ceremony

 moments after she and her mom walked down the aisle


picturesque village

no wedding without a good party

oh Italian food, I love you. ♥♥

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Wednesday, October 3


In honor of my blog's birthday you're all invited to take a seat at this beautiful table and enjoy my little tea party with a cupcake or two. I can't believe that it's been two years since I started this blog. It's hard to believe it's been that long, and yet at the same time I've grown up so much over the past two years that it feels like a lot longer. I'm thrilled to see how I've grown through the past year and the knowledge I've gained. I'm even more happy to reflect on the friendships I've made with many of you. There are many of you who have been reading since close to the beginning and others who are just tuning in now. I'm so grateful for all of you. Thank you all so much for reading and looking at my pictures and being a part of my life. Blogging has opened me up to so many wonderful opportunities and while the job part of it can take a lot of my time it's so worth it. I blog because I enjoy and love it!

Here's to another amazing year! 

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