Thursday, June 28

Post school life

This week is devoted to enjoying everything about not having school. This means sleeping in, soaking up the sun, catching up with my favorite tv shows, making "healthy" burgers for dinner, barbecuing, drinking cocktails, meeting friends, cuddling with Coco, making friendship bracelets, indulging myself with cupcakes and last but not least opening the birthday presents I got from my parents!

I got the Gucci ladybug coin purse I showed you some time ago in this post and a cute skull bracelet from Reminiscence. I can say I am a very happy girl. Look below some photos of the presents and my week so far.

ready for my last exam.

a smoothie for celebrating the end of school.

birthday dinner.

my mom and I on my birthday.

sushi dinner for my friend's birthday.

Coco and one of my birthday presents, a bracelet from reminiscence

there's no better way to celebrate than with cupcakes. 

a ladybug and a tiger

salmon burgers with bacon (because bacon makes everything better).
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Tuesday, June 26

Love the blog

Sweden has long been known for its fabulous, yet minimalistic style. I have been delighted to see blogs dedicated to documenting the street style of its gorgeous girls, my absolute favorite lately is Carolines Mode - Stockholm Streetstyle.*

Co-founder Caroline Blomst started her career on the other side of the lens, modeling as a teenager in Sweden. She and boyfriend Daniel Troyse shared a real interest in photography and fashion and loved sitting in a city while watching the people pass by. They started doing just that six years ago, with a camera.

Since then Carolines Mode gained popularity and in 2007, after fans of the site clamored for more of Caroline's own looks, Caroline started posting images of her outfits on the blog too, deftly mixing designer labels with Zara en H&M. Now the blog is known for the constant source of inspiration and simplistic beauty.

Take a look below for some of my favorite photos from Caroline and other stylish girls snapped by Stockholm Streetstyle.

* For those who follow me on pinterest this wasn't a secret anymore.

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Saturday, June 23

Beauty favorites

Oops, it looks like life has taken it over blogging lately. But I miss you so here I am with a post about my favorite summer beauty products, a try to bring everything back in balance. If I allow myself a little bit of analyzing I see that there are a lot of new products but also some keepers from last year. Do we share some product love? Or do you have other favorites? 

1. Dove summer glow 2. Lush lip scrub (mint - chocolate taste) 3. Estee Lauder foundation 4. Essie base coat 5. Collistar compact powder 6. Collistar concealer stick 7. Estee Lauder lipstick (25 melon shimmer) 8. Estee Lauder bold volume lifting mascara 9. Bourjois illuminating touch 10. Vichy scrub  11. Bioderma intense soothing care for irritated very dry skin 12. Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer spf15 13. Shiseido hydro-nourishing softener lotion 14. Shiseido day moisture protection 15. Shiseido extra gentle cleansing foam. 

Read here last year's beauty and hair regime
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Tuesday, June 19

It's my birthday!!

That deserves a double exclamation mark. Twenty two years young* it is. Today I celebrate it with lots of pancakes, champagne, dinner and gifts (Right? Mom, dad, boyfriend?)

* I suppress here all the anti-aging samples I got during my last visit at the beauty shop. But more about that in another post.

You can find the details of the outfit via my polyvore.
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Sunday, June 17

This weekend

First of all, excuse me for showing you some lousy pics from my phone. They documentate my last weekend studying, I was this sweet to spare you all the dull books and selected my non-study pics.  Between studying, I met my parents for dinner saturday night, cuddled with my cat, strolled around the market on sunday morning, showed everybody my bare face and called an umbrella my best friend. Nothing strange, nothing fascinating, just the life of a student in desperate need for some vacation.  Thursday evening I will be a free woman again. But before looking forward to that time, I will celebrate my 22th birthday on Tuesday. Oh, I love birthdays, especially mine!!

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Friday, June 15

Interior inspiration

Clean, fresh, white and grey, wooden floors,  fur blankets and lots of fur cushions, fresh flowers and candles, industrial light bulbs and last but not least some colorful paintings: all ingredients for decorating your place in a wonderful home. 

Today I have nothing more to say, so have a nice weekend!

All image sources via my pinterest
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Wednesday, June 13

Birthday wish list

Seems like the impossible has become possible and that the Belgium climate has decided to skip summer this year and immediately move to fall weather. My immense amount of summer clothing doesn't agree with this choice and let's not even begin to describe my mood these days. Rain and cold temperatures aren't really a trigger to make this girl smile.

Anyway, in less than one week it is my birthday! I know I am not that old but I can count on less than one hand the times it has rained on my birthday so far. When I was younger I celebrated it with eating ice creams, playing on the bouncing castle with my friends in our garden... Fun times thanks to the beautiful weather. Now that it seems like the weather isn't going to change, it can  be ruled out that there will be sunshine on my special day. This makes that my birthday dream* wish list include a lot of rain proof items. It actually looks like a wish list I would make for coming fall. Let's take a closer look.

1. Whisper linen-jersey top from J.Crew. Here I am again with my refound love for basics but you can wear this piece with everything from printed legging to a simple skinny jeans for an effortlessly elegant finish. 
2. Striped top from Burberry Brit. Marine stripes are here to stay: pair the shirt with slim trousers and loafers for a preppy-chic finish. 
3. Laptop case from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
4. Linen cropped parka from Burberry Brit. Just when my quest for the perfect parka seemed a never-ending story, I think I found what I want. This sumptuous linen blend parka is a must-have investment for the transitional period we, Belgians, live in all. the. time.
5. Sterling silver and turquoise leather wrap bracelet from Chan Luu. This summer I want to make a lot of new friendship bracelets, there are so many awesome DIY around the blogosphere that there has to be something simular like this pretty.
6. Taupe suede ankle boots from Chloe. I already told you about my love for these pretty boots. They would not only be perfect to wear under a skinny but also under a summer dress. *Swoon*
7. Lady bug leather coin purse from Gucci. OMG, this is so adorable!!
8. Dicker grey suede ankle boots from Isabel Marant. I see these boots like everywhere, except where to buy them. Boo-hoo. Help?
9. Misfit mid-rise skinny jeans from Goldsign. You can't get it more basic than this.

* I keep in mind that all the items listed here are quite expensive. Nevertheless a girl can dream... Or there would exist a generous being that would like to make this girl over the top happy.
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Monday, June 11

Queen of the Basics

Seeing my blog traffic rise to unseen heights thanks to sweet shout outs of Annebeth and Paulien (thank you ladies), it's clear to me that I'm not the only one with thoughts on the fast fashion mentality that is dominating the fashion industry these days.

Probably there isn't going to happen a huge mentality change in fashion any time soon, but you'll see: basics will be hot again this summer! So why not take a look at queen of the basics, Olivia Palermo, to get some inspiration. Thanks to her, I'll convince you in no time that basics are the new way to dress and keep your cool all summer long.

No one can deny that she has a killer sense of style. How is it even possible that she never fails to look chic and put-together?! Answer: Olivia loves to keep things simple and just knows how to do it. Instead of mixing all her eye-catchers in one outfit, she shows that one statement piece at the time is more than enough. Less is more for miss Olivia. 

I envy her effortless looking style with the perfect hair and makeup. I can't stop imaging her mornings like this: 8am the alarm rings, snooze 'till 9 am, 9:05 doing some yoga, 9:30 brushing teeth and makeup, 9:37 brushing hair, 9:40 grabbing some clothes without even looking, 9:45 looking fabulous and ready to grab a coffee. Realistic? Probably not. I think that looking effortless like Olivia costs a lot of time. But her style convinced me: for me this summer some basics please!

Here's some more Olivia:
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all images via pinterest.

Friday, June 8

The knotted trend


This week flew by so fast that I even didn't have time to blog. Besides studying for my exams I also partied the night away at my hometown's annual fair. Now I really feel like the best student in the entire world... 

Anyway, after some radio silence here on the blog I am back again with a lovely trend alert: the knot. In your dress, your tee, your skirt, in the front, in the back and even in your hair: the knot is everywhere. I remember that it was a huge trend during the nineties. My mom used to tie knots in my tees and tops during summer and when I look back at those photos I think it is still super cute.

These street style photos prove that it's not only a do for kids, but that it is a lovely trick to make a maybe "boring" outfit just that little bit more. It really makes me want to buy some basic tees* and knot till I drop. So everybody, let's get "knotty"!

* That's right I even don't own any basic tees: white, grey, black... My closet never heard about them.

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