Monday, February 6


There are a lot of days in my young life I remember full of joy and for a long time one of those days was the day our school abolished its school uniform with its signature marine blue sweaters and pants and white polos. And now, years later I'm so in love with the preppy look. It's strange what age does to us, isn't it? Because it isn't just a closet full of blazers, ballet flats, over-knee socks, collars and feminine dresses, it's an entire subculture of etiquette and class that speaks to me. In 2012, the preppy look clearly has staying power as evinced from popular blogs and shows like gossip girl.

To me, it's probably one of the easiest styles where you can mix and match all different kind of clothing. Think oxfords, cardigans, chunky knits, chino pants, mini skirts, stripes, girly suits, capes, fedoras and bowlar hats, nerdy glasses, friendship bracelets, polos, loafers and the previous mentioned items. What makes that you can create an amazing amount of outfits with a limited amount of items, sounds to me like a win-win situation. Preppy it is for me, but what do you think of this style, hot or snob? Before you scream not cool snob, here's some inspiration to get you totally in the prep mood.
Alexa Chung, the ultimate prep queen of all time.
Olivia Palermo does it all, via Montreal Vogue
Elle Tumblr - unknown
unknown - Elle