Wednesday, February 29

OOTD pointed snake

When I'm in the city I don't have anybody that can make some photos of my outfit, it's probably the reason why I don't post 'outfit of the day' photos so often. I love living here and every time I have to go back to the boring countryside my heart breaks a little bit. (I try to postpone it as much as possible.) Let's say that I'm just not the little town girl. With that said, I found a solution for capturing my outfits: my iPhone. So stupid that I never thought about that because that gadget is glued to my hands since I bought it.
I wore this very simple outfit for school. While complaining to my mom after a shop date about the fact that I've never seemed to find the perfect blouse with the cute collar, she hopped to her closet and pulled out this nice shirt underneath a pile of forgotten items. I love it and my craving for wearing more blouses has even rekindled. (And the search to a cute collar continues.)  The pointed snake ballet flats are from New Look and I just couldn't resist to wear them. Not so very comfortable as you know that it's nowadays only 10°C outside.

blouse - Phard Diamond, leggings - Pieces, pointed snake ballet flats - New Look, silver bracelet - Gucci, pink cross bracelet - Topshop, cupcake bracelet - Unknown, watch - Thomas Sabo, earring - Zara.

Monday, February 27

Hers / Mine

hers source: Stockholm Streetstyle

This photo of Lucy was taken at London’s Fashion week. And to be honest I’ve never heard about this girl before but style she has! Her ombre hair, the twisted wool-knit sweater, the biker jacket and ankle boots make a perfect match. Also she masters the ability to mix comfortable, chunky knits while still showing a bit of skin. She’s definitely a girl to keep an eye on.

Friday, February 24

Sequins and Sparkles #23

Oh why oh why is it already friday? You probably think I've turned nuts by saying this but no no no, it's the first time in ages I actually regret the start of the weekend. My boyfriend was a week free from work and pampered me all week long. Movie nights*, eating pancakes on Pancake day, cooking dinner, shopping and great talks with a glass of red wine (or two). Now you will understand why I loved this week so much, right? 
This weekend will be filled with night outs with my friends, dinner with my parents, finally doing some new collection shopping for myself, homemade pizzas and lots and lots of red wine. Well, maybe the start of the weekend isn't that bad at all.
via because it's awesome

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* we have watched "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", go watch that movie people it's amazing. Normally I tend to fall asleep at the movies when we go see the late evening show (you know comfortable chairs...) but this time I was so awake as I could ever be. Some scenes are pretty explicit but the storyline is great and now I really want to read the books. That will probably be something for this summer.

Wednesday, February 22

Style Icon *Karlie Kloss*

Karlie Kloss may be one of the world's top models, but when it comes to her style, she looks as one of the most laid-back girls. The American model has been through numerous fashion weeks already in her career, and with her cool-as-a-cucumber attitude and feminine yet casual dress-sense, it's easy to see. Her outfits are all timeless and chic by dressing in simple, relaxed pieces with a few luxurious touches that perhaps hint at her model profession. She always looks so effortless and easy in whatever she wears, it never looks overcomplicated or like she's trying too hard. And that is why I thought she deserved a place in this blog's 'style icon'-feature. Below some great street style shots of Karlie, so you can see how stylish this pretty lady is.
Front row view - Unknown

Monday, February 20

A Not So Photogenic Skirt

I do not exaggerate when I tell you that this skirt is a pain in the ass for making decent photos from. I've already tried it a couple of times but also this time we failed to show you the real beauty of this red skirt.    Very sad, I know, but look at these photos with a bit of imagination and you'll see how pretty and shiny the fabric is, how bright and vibrant the color is and how girly and stylish the shape is of this skirt. Can you already see it? Yes, really? You are so awesome!
Speaking about wearing red; I am probably the only woman who can't come away with wearing red clothing close to her face. My skin looks blue-ish when I do. (Is that even possible?) It looks weird anyway. Result: as little as red as possible in my outfits. It's something I'm very sad about because who doesn't dream about wearing red lipstick and pretty red dresses? Let's stop this topic by saying that we can't have it all.
With that said, I broke my own rule and wore this red skirt from Zara anyway. Normally I only wear it for nights out but I saw the skirt and the sweater in my closet and felt the urge to combine them in one outfit. Voilà, easy and perfect for doing some shopping.  

Striped Sweater from Cos - Zara Skirt - Vintage Boots - My Grandma's Bag - Thomas Sabo Watch

Friday, February 17

Sequins & Sparkles #22

Who was I kidding when I told you weeks ago that you would see less food photos when my exams were over? Moe-haha, this girl loves food so those instas probably won't stop. This week I spoiled myself with fresh orange juice, a Valentine's Day inspired ice cream (read: hearts and colors),  cocktails, homemade macarons etc. My exam results have finally been announced and they're better than I could have ever expected or wished for: I passed all of them with unbelievable high and wonderful results. Anyway, I try not to brag about it (but on the sly I am so proud of myself). 
This friday I do not only leave you with some great links to check this weekend, here's also an amazing quote of Kate Spade where every fashion blogger can relate to. Am I right? Yes, I am!
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Tuesday, February 14

Heart Party

Although "my blogging schedule" includes posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I couldn't resist sending you today lots of love and kisses for Valentine's Day. It's not that I celebrate the day as "a must do" for couples but after making this red colored heart moodboard I was thinking: "Shouldn't there be more holidays that revolve around the heart motif?"
Hopefully there's a little something in here for everyone. I'm pretty sure this will be the case, because who doesn't love a heart here and there?

Monday, February 13

Blue Valentine

I bought this dress two years ago and I think it's my best buy everrrr. From the day I grabbed it in store it's my favorite and if you would let me I would probably wear it every day of the year. Until now it has never let me down. Serious, it's my to-go-dress. You can easily style it down for school or make it special for a night out. The last couple of months I also tend to  prefer dresses with sleeves. Okay, you can say "dude, it's winter" but you can't deny that dresses with sleeves are more ladylike and will give you a more dressed look than those with spaghetti straps. 
But enough about dresses, I wore the same tights as in my previous outfit post where I was so amazing to forget showing them. This dress is lucky for you short enough to reveal the coolness of these tights immediately. 
Last but not least, tomorrow is Valentine's day, what are you up to? Out with the boyfriend, fiancé, husband, girlfriends or are you gonna stay in alone watching a movie and cry the night away? I'll probably do the second thing (hopefully without the crying, but that will depend on the movie). Boyfriend is with his friends on a ski trip, so this year will be a lonely Valentine for me. Not that I actually care, it just means that I don't have to share the candy during the movie. Yày!
River Island Faux Fur Vest and Belt - Urban Outfitters Dress - Asos Tights - Vintage Boots

Friday, February 10

Sequins and Sparkles #21

And then again it's friday. Time flies when you're having fun, right? This week vacation was much needed and most of the time I've lied in my bed doing nothing but every second of it felt like heaven. I'm eagerly waiting for my results, I have a good feeling about my exams but still I want to see those numbers who (hopefully) will confirm those. Yesterday I had a 'hot chocolate party' with a girlfriend, we both love to drink them with this cold weather. So nothing better than grab all the chocolate and make some delicious and pretty looking beverages. Instead of 'grandma' drinks, I'll go for some cocktails tonight. There isn't a lot better than cocktails for ending your week.
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Wednesday, February 8

Panda Pink

My favorite part about taking photos in cold temperatures is probably that red nose that comes with it... It gives you that instant sexy look, right? (feel the sarcasm, people) On the other hand, I can't deny that I'm a sucker for snow, I love snow. My boyfriend hates me when I say it, my mom shakes her head while arguing about the terrible traffic but, gosh, can't you see how pretty it is? I'm not lying when I say that my days are filled with sitting in front of the window overlooking our garden. 
This is the pink dress I've talked about. It's kind of the real pink deal, you know, barbie pink. Until a few years back I never wanted to wear pink, because of my blonde hair. There were already enough people  (read: rude a**holes) yelling "Barbie" at me without wearing pink. But then comes that time when you think "f*ck it", and so here it is: a blonde wearing pink. Without turning into a barbie, okay. And because pink wasn't enough cuteness, I put on my panda earmuffs, because who can resist pandas? 
Our gardeners were working while these photos were shot so I totally forgot about the details (still a little bit embarrassed when people see us taking outfit photos); like my pink watch and cute tights. So good blogger that I am (ahum), I took a detail photo of it with my iPhone so you still can enjoy these awesome tights. 
Zara Jeans Jacket - Asos Pink Skater Dress - Topshop Tights - Sacha Wedges - Urbanoutfitters Panda Earmuffs