Monday, January 30

Spring Forecast 2012 "Peplum: the Ultimate Waist Killer"

all via tumblr
Cushnie et Ochs - Jason Wu - Vera Wang - Cynthia Rowley

The most influential silhouette of 2012 is nothing less than peplum, you can see all sorts of variations on skirts, dresses, jackets, trousers etc. The short ruffle attached at the waistline is seemingly running counterintuitive to one of women's greatest figure fears, you know adding additional width at the hip doesn't sound flattering, but the ability of peplum to minimize a thick trunk is unbelievable. That sounds  a little bit more interesting... And above that it gives your outfit an instant ladylike boots. Something we all love, right?

TIP: combine peplum with the other trends of spring/summer 2012:

Will you try this peplum trend? 

Friday, January 27

Sequins and Sparkles #19

It is the last straw that breaks the camel's back. This afternoon I have my penultimate exam, history of philosophy, and I so hope I'll do fine. Every support is welcome, so thumbs up! Next monday I'll finally finish this awful period every student has to endure and I can't wait to be free again and do whatever I like to do.

I also hope I'm not boring you wit my food and cat instagrams, hehe. It's not that my exam life "being" is that fashionable or interesting. I hope to make up for that the coming weeks. But for now here some fun links to enjoy this weekend. xo

Maybe she's born this way? No pretty sure it's adobe photoshop

Pimple here and there? Here are 8 myths about acne and what you need to do to treat it.

Really looking forward to resume making bracelets; these are so easy to made and look amazing. 

Thanks to French artist, Jocelyne Grivaud, we now have barbie doll versions of famous works of art.

 Still need to loose some weight after the holidays? Here are 30 winter foods that help you lose weight.  

Wow this article about a woman who made the choice to give her baby away for adoption is so sad. 

  8 bad habits that crush your creativity and stifle your success; read and avoid. 

 One of my new year's resolutions was to post more outfits, this self portrait outfit photography guide is such a good help. 

 Glitter Guide came up with an English style guide; need I say more?

Wednesday, January 25

I miss my wardrobe

This girl is still studying day in day out, so there isn't a lot of time to make some posts for the blog. Also I don't have a photographer with me here in Antwerp, so no outfits to shoot. Actually there isn't really something to photograph due my closet here only contains sweatpants, big sweaters and other not so fashionable stuff. I can really tell you that I miss my closet at my parent's home, I'm craving for playing dressed-up. Anyway, I only have a week to go and then I'm free again! Yày, can't wait anymore.

For today I just wanted to share my tumblr and my pinterest with you. Last summer I started a tumblr page but totally forgot about it when I got to know pinterest. Damn, those boards makes everything so easy and all organized. I pin about everything: interior design, fashion, cute quotes, hair and make up inspiration...  Name it, pinned it.
Let me know if you have pinterest or tumblr, I'm in need of following some cool boards/pages for coming through this last week of exams. Bisous!
Take a look at my tumblr ...
and check my boards on pinterest.

Monday, January 23

Spring Forecast 2012 "White on White"

You think you can only be totally dressed up in white for one day in your life? Think again sweetheart. In 2012 we don't only marry in white, we wear it to breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and a night out. 
Et pourquoi pas? 
What do YOU think? Yaày of nah.
previous spring forecasts: pretty in pastel, tangerine tango

Friday, January 20

Sequins and Sparkles #18

someone enjoying his daily cuddles - celebrating my good exams with my dad
raspberry sorbet and fresh fruit - outfit of the day
someone crying for some cuddles - tomato mozzarella
pasta pesto with scampi - watching an episode of the lying game

Gosh, this was probably the unhealthiest week of my life. French fries here, pasta there... Name it and I probably ate it. Hopefully you'll see a lot of fruits and vegetables on instagram next week, but I won't promise you anything 'cause damn, all this food tasted sooo good!

Ofcourse here some gems of the WWW.
Sh*t fashion girls say but than even funnier. 

Fry hands, frizzy hands? Here some great tips to solve all your winter beauty problems.

I love photobooths, I love them even more if there're sequined.

Things EVERYONE does when falling in love, soo guilty of these.

Boyfriends and their thoughts on fashion. Nevermind!

Bye Bye puffy eyes with these DIY ice cucumber pads.

In praise of calling it quits; what to do when you're burned out and how to get your sparkle back.

A little blogging-block? Read here some tips for staying inspired, coming up with new ideas and blogging regularly. 

Wednesday, January 18

Style Icon *Miranda Kerr*

A pirate as husband,
the cutest baby boy,
preppy and casual outfits,
lots of leather,
and maxi dresses.

That's all this angel, named Miranda Kerr, needs (and of course her natural beauty) to shine every day. 
Look here for style icon Oliva Palermo.

Monday, January 16

Spring forecast 2012 "Pretty in Pastel"

Louis Vuitton SS2012
Preen and Phillip Lim

What says spring better than delicious and cute ice-cream shades? That's right, nothing. Thanks to their distillation of easy and femine fashion, pastels are back in the game again this spring. Hooray! 

You think you can't show off pastels? Think again, thanks to this tip for beginners everyone will look amazing in pastel this spring:
Your skin and eyes can help determine which pastel hue is best for you. Seafoam green and light blue are for anyone with green or blue eyes, lilac and rosy pink will always look good on girl's with warmer complexions and for those with dark hair and brown eyes go for sky blue and lavenders. 

For all those cutiepies that are already rocking the pastels an extra tip so you won't end up looking like an easter egg:
Stick to three colors max.
What do you think about wearing pastels? Did I convince you to give it at least a try?

Next monday another trend of 2012, yày!
you can find all the details of the clothing on my polyvore.

Friday, January 13

Sequins and Sparkles #17

This muse is still cut off from civilization, so these instagrams were all taken in my one-bedroom apartment. You can see that my life revolves these days around food, beauty treats and of course scoring great grades. What are you up to these days? Something great happened outside my apartment? Tell me ;-)

Some helpful and/or awesome links from around the WWW.
Starting with some awesomeness: the 20 most important cats of 2011.

Gala is such an inspiration and down to eart; here she gives you great tips on how to keep the sparkle in your relationship.

On the other hand; you'll have to keep these 10 ways to destroy any relationship that matters to you in mind.

Ombre glitter nails, need I say more?

Never enough glitter, spice up your room with a glitter banner.

15 things white girls love to do on facebook, are you guilty of one of these?

7 reasons your skin is freaking out and what to do about it.

Love this easy breaded bun, perfect for looking chic during the exams.

Well, that's it for this week. I hope you'll enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, January 11

It's the cat's pyjamas!

My baby turns two! An no, I'm not talking about a child (gosh no!) but "just" about the sweetest and cutest cat in the whoooole wiiiiiide world. As with children, pets grow up just as fast, don't they? I mean look below how little this little sleep master was two years ago. Sometimes I think it's sad I can't even imagine my little Coco anymore when he was only a few weeks old.
(So sorry I didn't prepare you for this cuteness)

Yet, the only thing that matters is that I love my eye apple more than I ever could imagine. So let me in my silly mood and pamper this lucky man the whole day (yes, even more than other days).


Monday, January 9

Spring forecast 2012 "A Tangerine Tango"

Tommy Hilfiger - Jenny Packham - Vivienne Tam - Christian Siriano

Forget mustard, here's tangerine. Not only do I love the name, this bright and warm color makes you look ladylike with still a youthful flair. And that's all we need for spring/summer 2012, right?

Still not convinced? I understand it's pretty striking. Lucky enough here's a tip for the tangerine beginner:
If the head-to-toe look is too bold, introduce orange as a lush accent via bags, shoes and shades.
And for all the badasses with tanned, toned legs, just a little tip that will make you look even more fabulous:
Tame your tangerine; use a contrasting rich color to temper the shade. Try a touch of turqoise, a dash of hot-pink or a flash of glossy gold.
And what do you think about tangerine as the color of 2012?

Next monday another trend of 2012, yày!
you can find all the details of the clothing on my polyvore.

Friday, January 6

Sequins and Sparkles #16

Christmas' Eve makeup - cozy sweater and Christmas tree
light bubbles and study book - New Year's Eve dinner
healthy study break 2x
lucky cat - after the holidays dinner

Darlings, there's not that much happening in my life nowadays. This girl has to study all day long, but especially for you I collected some lovely links to keep you busy this weekend. Have fun for two, please!

If one of your resolutions is 'discover more of the world' than these travelling tips will be useful.

Chew on these for pangs of hunger. (or food that makes you hungrier)

6 good tips for runners.

Studying really declines my sense of humor, so I was dying while reading these autocorrect fails.

For those who want a man in 2012: how to attract men like bees to honey.

7 fitness myths you need to know, for all those who got a membership after all the eating these last weeks.

As a wine lover, it's always good to know about the wine etiquettes, right?

This DIY instagram calendar would be perfect for 2012, please.

Very helpful these study days: how to maximize your cognitive potential.

Last but not least, tips for making and keeping your New Year's resolutions.

Wednesday, January 4

NY and its resolutions

These are mine and with which goals did you come up this year?