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Fashion rules in general can be very helpful in many ways, but also very confining and restrictive depending on how you choose to incorporate style into your life. If you are one of those women who simply wear clothes for functional purposes, these rules are nice because they provide structure which eliminates thought. But if you're someone who chooses to express herself with her clothing choices or someone who wants to make a statement, then you will most likely want to tweak these rules to best fit your lifestyle and personality. 

If you're reading fashion blogs I assume that you belong to the second group and love about fashion that while it isn't something serious, it can have a ver powerful effect in our lives if we handle it appropriately to help aid us live the life we desire.

In the last couple of months of shopping for my body type, getting comfortable with who I am and what life I want to live, I started to hone in on what works and what doesn't work for me now when it comes to fashion. Although I probably always will be a student of fashion, as I'm ever changing, I think I will shop by the following rules for a while because for me they're the timeless essentials to keep in mind.

Dress to flatter your figure and your personality.
Dress the body you have now, not the body you had in high school and not the body that you wish you had. Create your own style and don't just copy all the trends of this season.

Invest in quality basics.
The basic items that create the foundation of your wardrobe should be high quality because these items have to last. When you tend to purchase quality, you will find you need to go shopping less because the items you have last.

Strive for balance - keep it simple.
For me, less is really more.

Only shop for what you need.
What works for me is to always have a running list of what I need, and then I am always on the look out. By choosing to stick to a closet of fewer clothes, you will find you have more money to purchase high quality items when you find exactly what you want.

Navy as the new black.
I am obsessed with this color and I think it's a flattering color on so many different types of skin tones and body types and it works for every season.

Now I'm curious to your commandments, share below!

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