Friday, December 30

Sequins and Sparkles *Blog Special*

As this wonderful year drawns to a close (where did the last twelve months go?), I can't help but be grateful for all the amazing things I experienced and shared with you in 2011.

the most read post on Blonde Muse was about the favorite items of style icon Olivia Palermo

I went to Jordan and was gifted the experience to make a camel ride

boyfriend and I celebrated our fifth year together in Lisbon like superheroes

After that we were involved in a long distance relationship for over four months, and I shared with you my tips for making it work

After a lot of travelling in 2011 I shared my packing philosophy with you

I changed the blog name into 'The Blonde Muse' and we celebrated our first blog year in style

I gave you a little peek into my skincare and hair regime, and thanks to my hairdresser I had for the first time curls that lasted longer than an hour

We all agreed that glitter is for life and that we all have to bring out the Marilyn Monroe in us for an even more stylish life

The weekly feature 'Sequins and Sparkles' where you can find great links every friday started this year and is a hit on this blog

You loved the tailored track pants trend alert and the Acne inspired fall moodboard

and last but not least some of my favorite outfits of this year:
these boots are made for walking
blue oblivion
breaking fast in luxury
ship ahoy
swoonings over coat

All of this, thanks to you dear readers! If there's something you would like to see more of in 2012, just drop me a line to let me know. Here's to another fun year filled with blogging!

PS Thank you all for your opinions on what to wear on New Year's Eve, I've made up my mind and the black dress it is. I love NYE. It means friends, champagne, kisses and at the end getting dressed up too. 
Cheers to a fabulous 2012.

photo via Design Sponge.

Wednesday, December 28

New Year's Eve Outfit Clash

Two dresses, two different styles. I can't make up my mind which look I prefer for New Year's Eve this year. The plan is cooking a four-course menu together with some close friends and afterwards we're heading to a little cafe to countdown the new year. Can you help me figuring out which look to choose? (Or maybe I'll act like a princess and switch after the cozy dinner into a party outfit. Who knows?)

ceci ou cela?

What do you prefer to wear on New Year's Eve? Dressed up as fancy as possible or do you opt for the je ne sais quoi-look? 
you can find the clothing information, as usual, on my polyvore account.

Monday, December 26

Winter wonderland cupcakes

Hello pretty folks! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the past few days. I can tell you, I'm totally stuffed after two days of eating non-stop, but to me, there's never enough cake. Certainly not when there's (white) chocolate involved. So here are some ah-mazing and very good looking 'winter wonderland' cupcakes I made (and unfortunately already all consumed) some time ago. 

for 12 big cupcakes
125g butter, softened
125g white sugar
2 eggs
125g flour, sifted
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
300g white chocolate (120 for the cupcake, 180 for the topping)

Preheat the oven to 185°C. Line a cupcake pan with the cupcake liners of your choice. Melt the white chocolate a bien marie. In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.  Add the eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Then add slowly the flour, baking powder and vanilla. Don't forget to mix very well. Divide the batter evenly into the prepared cupcake pan. Bake the cupcakes until a tester inserted into the center comes out clean, about 18-20 minutes or so. Let cool completely before the white chocolate topping. Melt the white chocolate again a bien marie and pipe as desired onto completely cooled cupcakes. Decorate as fancy you want!


Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas

(I removed the video, woops!)

This is my first so called vlog, something I always tried to avoid because my English isn't the way it should be(don't blame me, It's not my mother tongue). But hey, the message I want to share with you is universal, right? I wish you all a very merry Christmas; including good times with your family, some playing around in the snow, lots of love, yummy food and some nice presents.

Friday, December 23

Sequins and Sparkles #14

It is already Friday? Howly cow, time really flies with the holidays not far off. This last week of school was such a rush of deadlines, Christmas shopping and the 'Music for Life'-event in Antwerp. But today I finished "well in time" my Christmas shopping so I can finally start studying between all the family gatherings in the next couple of weeks. Yes, I am one of those lucky ones who'll have their exams in January. So unfortunately no vacation for this girl. We can't have it all, right?

note: I just realized that it's winter since yesterday! Weather gods, let's celebrate with some snow?! I am still waiting impatiently for that goddamn snow. 

For the lucky ones, here are some fun links to keep you occupied.
Alcohol and parties is a well-known combination but did you know you can blame your partner for your hangover the next day?

I found this new inspirational magazine "Dashing" for the stylish and spirited girl; a real must-read.

We all have that family member who tries to snap everybody as ugly as possible on photo, well that will never happen again after reading these tips.

Some tips your grandmother should have given you, but unfortunately never did.

Gala Darling's first post but one to keep in mind, especially during the winter months when we tend to wear a lot of black clothing.

For those who'll have exams: 15 phrases you'll hear during finals week and what they really mean.

If there's one thing everyone loves about fashion, it's a style scandal: here are 25 most controversial trendsetters.

This post was made for me: hairstyles for when you're growing out your bangs.

How to wear your warm weather wardrobe in winter; yah for even more outfit combinations.

Wednesday, December 21

Glitter is for life (not just for christmas)

Blame the holiday spirit, but lately I'm inspired by everything sparkly. These streetstyle photos and following outfits clarify that adding some sequins and sparkles here and there doesn't make you dress up like a Christmas ornament. No, you'll look fabulous instead! Do you want to bring some sparkle into your closet during the holidays?
finishing up with some sparkling nail polish.
photos via pinterest.
clothing details via polyvore.

Monday, December 19

Snow, where art thou?

Last year we already had snow at the end of November and now I'm impatiently waiting for that white carpet in front of my door. Unfortunately the weather is still mild in this little country, despite the clouds and the rain. I don't want rain, I want snow; the holiday season screams for some snow, right? So snow, where art thou?
h&m blazer - urbanoutfitters dress and sweater - boots from local store

Friday, December 16

Sequins and Sparkles #13

Ready for this last weekend before Christmas? I totally am, for me it's the start of my last "free" week. From then this girl goes into study mode until the end of january. (NOOOOO!) Here's a glimps of my joys this week, they'll be probably less and less interesting when my finals start. Read: joggings and a lot of food. 
Here are the weekly links:
Write a personal message and share your holiday cheer with a Burberry festive card.

10 eyeliner looks for beginners and pros, great for your holiday makeup.

This video is hilarious: can men and women just be friends? Women think so, but do men think alike?

I love snow, but my boots not: here some wintertime remedies for good bootkeeping.

Very interesting article 'What makes someone leave a website'.

5 easy steps to a beautiful skin, that's alllll it takes.

Here's how you get rid of tummy fat. (read after the holidays ;) )

Something totally different: countries that CELEBRATE female obesity. Still asking myself where that country is that celebrates healthy women? Or does it even exist?

Wednesday, December 14

Winter Muse

Rain, wind and temperatures that are dropping over here in Belgium, winter weather has officially arrived. And it feels like the weather is expressing my mood these days. First of all my boyfriend's dog, named Trigger, was killed in a car accident, it's hard to place  that we have to say goodbye to this sweet, playful dog with a lust for life. Second there was the deadly grenade gun attack near a popular Christmas market in the Belgian city of Liege, this attack has left five dead and over 120 others injured. Unbelievable that this has happened in my country... Two events that are not particulary conducive to the Christmas spirit, but we try to do our best to stay as positive as possible. Looking at this winter outfit helps already a bit :) 
photo via mr. Newton
clothing details via my polyvore.

Monday, December 12

Swooning over a coat

I know it’s been a while since I posted a look here on my blog, you know it isn’t that simple when you live in a country where it already becomes dark at 5pm. Now I couldn’t resist any longer after I bought this new love home: this coat is tha bomb! It’s not black, great length and soooo warm. Coat heaven. So while we did our little 'coat shoot', I took the opportunity to show you what I wore below this awesome winter coat. This textured dress is one of my favorites; still I don’t wear it that much. What a shame, right?
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was filled with hot chocolates, Christmas lights and trees, party snacks and friends.
zara coat - urbanoutfitters dress and blazer - fornarina  bag - new look shoes

Friday, December 9

Sequins and Sparkles #12

My obsession with Instagram continues. This app really makes everything worth sharing so here are some photos of all the beautiful christmas decoration in my city and what I've been wearing, which makes me realize I didn't do an outfit post for ages. Woops! Something we have to restart soon, but unfortunately I feel like I've been drowning in school work lately. Too much homework, too little time. 
Anyway I you want to follow my major instagram overload, CLICK HERE!

Weekly link roundup
Thoughts on blogging by Dead Fleurette: a real eye opener.

Nothing is like it seems, here are 5 foods you thought were healthy but (unfortunately) aren't.

You work in fashion? Here, let me grab you your crazy pills.

I hope you don't have to deal with it everrr, but here's some good advice for coping with a breakup.

Girls before they were angels, yet they always were stunning.

Confetti nails: perfect for the holidays!

Disney princesses as cover models, those cover stories are just hilarious.

We can only dream of being an angel, take a look at a year in the life of one of them.

Enjoy your weekend loves, hope you are all already in the christmas spirit.

Thursday, December 8

Gift Guide #2

kennishead hip flask - umbra fish condo - navy navajo hoody jumper - scratch map - 'make the most of your time on earth' book - bodum furkat picnic grill - pointer calum leather hiking boots - eco cup - spitfire silver r2 headphones - globe - sculpt your own perfect girlfriend - collapsible propane campfire

Two little facts about the male gender that will help you buy presents for them. Fact  one. Men would not be men if they wouldn’t love adventure.  To travel around the world is their biggest dream, likely it remains for most with discovery channel on tv and some little trips here and there. But hey, that dream stays alive, so their will always appear a big smile on that face when you give him a book filled with the finest of the world.
Fact two. Boys would not be boys if they wouldn’t love their toys. They just looooove gadget’s, don’t they? Even if they don’t need any of them, they’re always drawn to that new high tech computer, ultra cool vehicle, barbecue device etc. Try to give him those things he really needs, but what he always forget to buy like an eco cup for the coffee drinker, good headphones for the music lover and a picnic barbecue for the cook.
Still no idea what to buy? Socks and a warm sweater are always a good present for Christmas, new clothing and they even didn’t have to shop!
What do you buy for those men in your life? 

Tuesday, December 6

Gift Guide

glitter and sparkle nailpolishes - bird chalk board - house of harlow horizontal eye ring - glitter phone clutch - donkey products hippo money bank - lips flask - parisian chic book - two shelf jewellery box - black glitter envelope purse - black sleeveless embellished colar shirt - presley glitter heel platforms - candy canes

After my somewhat expensive shout to Santa Claus last week, I thought it would be fun to create some gift guide for you. I hope those will help you in the "which present to buy" dilemma this year. First gift guide is for a woman, like your girlfriend or best friend. Would you be happy if you got one of these? I would jump for joy! 

Monday, December 5

Just Do it

I’m one of those girls that wants to stay slim, yet don’t want to go on a dizzying diet.  I tried to follow a diet once, but after a couple of days I felt exhausted and consumed an excessive amount of food. Sounds recognizable?
Diets are just not my things so the only thing you can do to maintain that healthy body is balancing your calories intake with sports (and try to eat healthy of course).
After going to the gym this summer and finding out it’s really nothing for me, I’m rebuilding my jogging routine to running every other day. The days I don’t run I do a work out at home. The work out shown above is one of my favorites, and great for beginners. If you repeat it 2 or 3 times you’ll be gasping for air ;) Results? One: a happy and energetic girl is typing this. Two: I can continue to eat. Need I say more?

So how do you try to maintain your healthy body? Work out, diet or a combination? Love to hear your opinion about this.
photo via nike.

ps our header is feeling festive this year!

Friday, December 2

Sequins and Sparkles #11

bottles in the cocktail bar - saints that are watching us having dinner
hot Belgian chocolate - good red wine
Antwerp its beautiful central station - my living room
strawberry cupcakes - apple cake
my christmas tree - Coco, my cat  

For ending this beautiful week I want to share some link love and some snippets of my daily life according to instagram. Make the best of this weekend!

Gala Darlings shares her fabulous essentials to survive this frigid winter.

These album covers are probably the worst albums that are ever made, and that's what makes hilarious.

Eyebrows are the essential frame of the face. The beautiful department shares their helpful tips.

Are you 'wife material' or not?

Miss Piggy probably doesn't pop your mind when thinking about fashionista, but here she shares her tips anyway.

This Paris panorama is wonderful, check it and don't forget to zoom!

In only one week to better blogging? Find out how here.

The easiest way to make cat eyes, with scotch tape.

ps did anyone see the news about Google cancelling GFC? It might not affect people using Blogger, but I've been a little put off by the whole vibe. Please make sure and fin your way to follow me via bloglovin'. So you are sure for a blog update.

Thursday, December 1

Snow Queen

Happy first day of December, sweeties! Unbelievable how fast this year slips away. It feels like only a few weeks ago that I celebrated the start of 2011. But hey, there’s no time for being nostalgic: December is one of my favorite months with all the Christmas carols, Christmas lights and trees everywhere, lovely family gatherings and of course Santa Claus.
Today I’ll have to give a big presentation for my bachelors in philosophy, and I’m stressing as if I’m going to hell. So thumbs up, ladies! I’ll leave you with a lovely outfit of this winter snow queen.
photo via mr. Newton
clothing details via my polyvore