Monday, October 31

Disguised muse

Disguised muse - she's lithe, graceful and oh so beautiful. In a sea of costumery, catwoman will undoubtedly be the sexiest one! 

Wishing you all a very scary Halloween - Meow!

Friday, October 28

Sequins and Sparkles #6

And of course a helmet, always do. Safety first, okay?

delighs of this week
October and sun, need to say more?  Rihanna's concert, talent and seriously want her legs ♥ new uber cozy blazer  the perfect trousers with leather details  pancakes ♥ out for dinner with the boyfriend ♥ 'martini on the rocks' themed party ♥ a clean apartment  jokes my boyfriend tells 
These chocolate/ strawberry ghost are too pretty to eat.

Did you know that Louis Vuitton also makes some really good and fashionable city guides?

Omnomnom, these great halloween "healthy with a twist" apples look delicious.

These autumn colored paper lanters would look so beautiful in my apartment.

Dreaming about a little vacation in one of these hotels, somewhere.

Dark red nail polish, a twist to the classis red.

my polyvore account for the clothing details

Wednesday, October 26

yummie in the tummy

During my childhood and teenager years I ate fruits and vegetables because my mother told me I had to eat them. Unfortunately, after I started university and moved to my apartment I, somehow, decided that I was too busy to eat fruits and vegetables. What eventually resulted in a less well-functioning immune system and a never ending cold. I needed to find a new, fun way to start eating my daily fruit. 
Well, these days I am hooked on eating smoothies for breakfast. So much better than everyday the same old-fashioned corn flakes. Right? This is one of the straigt-up fruit smoothies I make, and there’s no limit to the combinations you can add: blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples, grapes, or pineapple. Name it. 
Note: fun thing is that you can add vegetables to you smoothie too. The other day I tried adding some spinach and, trust me, you won’t taste it but you do get the nutritional benefits. Amazing right?

Monday, October 24

Trend alert ☞ Tailored track pants

A year ago I would laugh if you would tell me that sweatpants could make a comfy, yet chic look. But don’t shoot me now when I declare that track pants are one of my new favorite trends for this season. Really? Okay, I’m not saying you can throw those old stretched out sweatpants on you used to wear at the gym. Instead, I’m really in love with the newly tailored versions from Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim. Still not convinced? Here are some of stylish outfits with track pants as eye catcher.

What do you think about wearing sweatpants outside the house?

Friday, October 21

Sequins and Sparkles #5

background image via inspacesbetween.

Being back in a normal relationship makes me feel like my life is falling back into place. I can tell you that having the one you love near to you always makes everything a thousand times more fun. It’s not that my boyfriend and I did anything fancy this week, just hanging out with each other is already enough for now. It’s strange to see how this long distance relationship made such a difference to our lives, I’m glad we’re back together and I enjoy every moment he’s with me. (awww, I’m such a cutie.)
Things that put a smile on my face this week:
being nervous about seeing my boyfriend again after 4 months  the first look my boyfriend and I shared at the airport ♥ cooking a real nutritious dish for myself  someone's attempt to learn me play darts (fail!)  no skype calls but real tête-à-têtes with the boyfriend  learning to drink red wine  catching up on fashion magazines  feeling inspired  hug my boyfriend whenever I like to  tortilla chips with spicy dipsauce  lunch date with my neighbor girl  great fall weather  waking up next to the boyfriend  movie nights ♥ martini bianco with raspberries 
This post made me cry. Love can survive everything, even distance. 

"You're adored by people from your past, people in your present, & people you have yet to meet. You are loved." Gala Darling has the ability to express everything at best.

Rachel Wilkerson gives you great tips to balance your time, from now on you'll be productive as never before. 

After reading these tips we'll all be food photographers pur sang. 

I love her Paris dream blog, but did you know that Haleigh can also make magnificent videos.

Oh my shoe! DIY glitter ankle boots? *swoon*

5 steps to a more satisfying life. Simple, yet quickly forgotten things that make a difference.

Because every outfit starts with the perfect underwear.

This song reminds me why I love Disney classics. And this one, oh yeah, this one too.

Wednesday, October 19

A soldier's sweetheart (surviving a long-distance relationship)

There is that widely held belief that long distance relationships do not work in general. As someone who was involved in a long distance relationship till last friday, I would have to disagree. Okay, it's not the easiest way, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it.

Note: This is probably the longest post I’ve ever made (around 1100 words), so make yourself a cup of tea or grab a diet coke and come back.

Monday, October 17

This monday...

first row: Topshop - COS - Monki; second row: Acne - Monki - COS

With temperatures that are falling close to the freezing point, changing leaves and pouring rain now and then, this girl only wants to stay in, drink a hot chocolate and snuggle in the couch with the boyfriend in one of these cozy knitwear.

Friday, October 14

Sequins and Sparkles #4

Today is D-day, the day I waited for the last 4 long months: my boy is coming home. Finally. And I can’t wait to jump in his arms and hug him (almost) to death. Something you may have to learn to live with when you’re dating a soldier, but it doesn’t make it less tough. I can tell you: these four months were so damn long. But tomorrow, my life will be back on track. No more skype calls for me the next couple of months, no more loneliness, no more missing.
Well, here’s the weekly Sequins and Sparkle. I hope you’ll spend your weekend with the ones you love, grab them and tell them how much you love them. When they aren’t around, you’ll be sorry you forgot to tell them.
♥ dinner dates with my girlfriends  finding out there’s a COS store in Antwerp  getting back in my running routine  leopard printed ballet flats  the adrenalin kick after a run  taking myself out for lunch  being a rockstar on the Sims 3  lots of fruit and Greek yoghurt for breakfast  invisible hair elastics (perfect for blondes)  glitter nail polishes  going out for one drink and ending at 4 am in bed after an amazing party  last days being in a long distance relationship  strolling around in design shops  wearing the silk scarf that I got from my boyfriend  French fries  Le Paris-Bangkok from Delifrance (omnomnom) ♥ dreaming of your future home 
Straight hair but you want to shake things up? Wake up with wavy hair, sometimes it's really just that simple.

A new phenomenon: bloggers who need their own agents to do the business talk

You love haute couture but you don't have the cash? Cocorosa tells you how to make Chanel leggings yourself! 

Never fun, but from time to time necessary: "break up with a friend".

InStyle give you all the secrets about how to walk in heels.

Want to have a fun break? Draw a stickman and make it alive!

Wednesday, October 12

Style Icon ⋆Olivia Palermo⋆

When she was on The City in 2008, I still was totally into Lauren Conrad’s style so the show didn’t really catch my eye back in the days. Today I’ve started watching the second season of The City and I’m hit by Olivia Palermo’s fashion sense. There is no denying, the show’s antagonist has a style all her own. I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen her in something that hasn’t made me swoon in total and utter fashion envy. Anywhere she shows up, you’ll always notice her well-tailored pieces, the amazing designer bags and her talent to combine pieces you would never think of together to make a totally unique but wearable outfit. Yeah, I’m totally smitten for her well put-together, yet daring style.
Her style proves two theories: 1- It’s all in the details, and 2- You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. Because, for the matter of fact, she’s dressing like a babe on a budget, mixing designer duds with no-name labels and pickups from stores like Zara and Topshop. She knows when to save, when to splurge and how to fake the rest. And that takes a true fashionista to create truly unique looks and shape their very own style. Let’s take a better look at Palermo’s style photos and see if we can learn something for this winter season.
Olivia has an assortment of fur vests that she throws on to elevate her outfit and add an element of luxury to her look. The fur also gives her looks more texture; the vest becomes the focal point so she keeps the rest of the outfit simple. Simple and stylish; got to love it.
I think her leather pants are one of her favorite items. She loves to wear them instead of jeans and combines them with everything. Win. Now if only I could pull of leather leggings...
Animal prints seem to never go out of style. Olivia, who's known for her timeless looks, loves to spice up her basic outfits with animal printed accessories. 
Winter shorts have been popping up everywhere, worn by everyone from style bloggers to celebrities. So Olivia couldn't be missing in this list. They can be really dressy and festive when styles correctly, and are a great alternative to the usual jeans or leggings for this time of year. 
This classic nautical striped look could have easily ventured into too-cutesy territory, but Olivia succeeds to rock the stripes with a little bit of edge. During the day or at night, her striped outfits look always sophisticated.
Because having a model, named Johannes Huebl, strolling next to you always the best accessory is. Oh, and isn't it cute how the look in sync and how their styles seem to complement each other. Love can be so stylish from time to time!

If this tastes like more, read here more about Olivia Palermo

Monday, October 10

I believe in manicures

If you’ve read the post about my beauty products, it was probably already clear for you that I am kind of a nail polish addict. So I thought it would be fun to share my favorite nail polish shades for this upcoming season.

My favorite fall nail polishes f.l.t.r.
Dior - Denim Blue
Sephora - Traffic Stopper Chopper (top coat)
Sephora - Franky I don't give a damn!
O.P.I. - The Thrill of Brazil
Sephora - Flurry Up (top coat)
Sephora - Going nude, eh?
O.P.I. - A lean, mean, kick-grass forest green

First of all, you can never go wrong with a red nail polish; it’s the one and only classic. So if you don't have any inspiration, go for it. Also, after their huge success this spring, nudes will also be fallworthy. A tip: opt for nudes with a grey hue this fall. Of course like every other girl, I’m in love with all things that sparkle (fact!), so glitter nail polishes can't be missing on my list. Another shade that can't be missing in my list is grey. Grey is a spin-off of the dark trend we’ve been seeing and I’m totally embracing it. It’s softer than the black one, but still modern and stylish. And last but not least, the hues I call “uniform shades”. These marine blue and the army green shades can’t be missing in my nail polish collection as they scream "power".
So tell me, what are your favorite shades for fall? 

Friday, October 7

Sequins and Sparkles #3

Autumn has officially arrived here in Belgium. The past days we had some rain, some wind and low temperatures. I’m totally ready for bringing out all my cozy and warm clothes, baking cakes, drinking hot chocolates and spending nights underneath the blankets. Yeah, you gotta love fall.
Yesterday evening I fell right on my face, so today I’ll share in Sequins and Sparkles the things put a (freaky) smile on my bruised face this week (I look so pretty today, NOT!) and some great stuff to read if you'll stay in this weekend like me. Happy weekend!
happy, happy, happy stuff this week:
sipping martini for no reason on a school day  my dad’s birthday party ♥ a brilliant idea that pops up  deep talks with drunken adults  riding my bicycle  an inspiring docent  enjoying spaghetti di mama (the best!)  trying out the new oven in my apartment and eating delicious pizza  sweet parents that drive you home in the middle of the night ♥  the invention of the painkiller ♥ counting down to Lennert’s return (only one week!) 
Rest in peace Steve Jobs, he left his mark on our desks, on our ears and in our hands. He was to technology as the Beatles were to music and we’re so lucky we had him.

Something that can’t be missing in your fall wardrobe: the cardigan with elbow patches. Martha Stewart teaches you how to make it yourself.

Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly gives away all her secrets about successful fashion blogging.

Truths you may not forget to get in greatshape.

We all make spelling mistakes, so this “tenwords you need to stop misspelling”-comic is amazing for foreign language bloggers like me.

You want to contact a person, but don’t know how. Read this article about how to write an email that gets read and you’re ready to go.

Eating a spoonful of butter before drinking avoids the hangover the next morning and you’ll look stunning on all your party photos. Damn, why didn’t I know this before?

Making transparent cuffs looked never that easy, Ivania explains you like it’s nothing. Maybe something to try this weekend? 

Wednesday, October 5

a mini family tradition

Last week my friends and I were discussing if we would rather be born in the noughties than in our nineties. Our generation is familiar, usually from childhood, with not only Internet surfing, but also all the gadgets that have come along with it. Cell phones, electronic organizers, cable radio, hundreds of television stations, and many more things became basic staples of existence for us.
And I have to confess that I envy the kids that are born these days. Their parents belong to our generation and all those little ones will grow up while their parents try to capture every moment of it through all the possible technology.
I’ve always regretted the lack of photos I have of my childhood, we don’t have such things as a “family portrait”. Probably because my mom is extremely photo shy, but let’s blame it today on the decade.
But what I wanted to tell was that I’ve started a little photo-family-tradition this weekend. Last year I wanted a photo of myself and Coco before I had an haircut, because it was still good weather this weekend we did a remake of last year photos. Only with shorter hair and a heavier cat. I am so in love with these photos, it’s fun to see all those little changes and I’m looking forward how these photos will look like in ten years. 
Well, let’s have a toast to little family traditions! 

Monday, October 3

Today we celebrate

The matchy-matchy outfit: pink Dorothy Perkins dress - Guiseppe Zanotti wedges - Francesco Biasia bag.
The girly outfit with a slice of edge outfit: Stella McCartney sequins dress - Pour La Victoire ankle boot -  Prada tote.

Yeay, they would totally destroy my manic monday feelings.
note: my blog turned this weekend 1 year old, yet it already looks ages ago that I wrote this post. So many wonderful things have happened over the past year and I'm glad I could share a little of that with you through this blog. 
So in honor of my blog's birthday I want to invite you all to my big bday celebration! I brought a huge chocolate cake so sit back, take a slice and tell me about what you love most about blogging. 
I think my favorite part is all the friends I made during writing here. Every comment makes my heart still skip a beat and I want to thank all my followers (almost 450, thank you!) for their support and reading this blog. I love to hear all your, always, honest opinions, they make my day. 
So now you know what my favorite part is - so tell me about yours!

Saturday, October 1

Sequins and Sparkles #2

This week we had such a great weather, it looked like summer had finally started in Belgium. Unfortunately I wasn’t provided for that kind of weather. So I could walk around in long trousers and my motorbike boots all week. Yeah. I need to start reading the weather prediction from time to time.
For today I have a second Sequins and Sparkles edition with some lovely links to check in your spare time. Have a blast this weekend!
Things that put a smile on my face this week:
Enjoying the good weather in the park good company exploring new cities delicious pasta with scampi little festivals for celebrating the start of school moving back in my sunny apartment fruit shakes for breakfast feeling the sun on my skin a stranger’s smile dinner with my parents catching up with old friends counting down to Lennert’s return (only two weeks!)
Very interesting is the self-help guide on how to build more self- esteem.

Delighted Momma shares every week a skin care tip, I love this one about the most common face washing mistakes. Do you make any? 

Dead Fleurette made a wardrobe upgrade, she listed every thing in her closet. It makes me considering to make a list on my own. Is your closet organised or just a mess? 

I totally adore this divine house, love all the white. Oh, I can only dream to live in a place like that. Maybe sometime?

I rediscovered my pinterest account and I can't believe how I could forget about it. My new addiction is born!

After reading a NYC guide to not look like a tourist, I'm so sure I would be the worst tourist ever.

I know I'm really anticipating right know, but oh my gosh, these new year's eve photos make me already want to start planning this new year's party.

The smilebooth blog is such an inspiration for making your own (and for free) photobooths!