Tuesday, August 30

"summer" of 2011

Wazaaaaaaa?! Two posts in only one day, I think it’s a unique thing on this blog. Anyway, it’s official: it is the worst summer we have ever had since they start measuring the weather in 1860. What equals to: worst summer ever. &You read that right, 1860, unbelievable happy that I will be able to tell stories of my summer without sun to my (grand) children. NOT! But now you know, my complaining wasn’t that overly exaggerated.
To "celebrate" this news I bought myself, instead of sunnies, a lovely umbrella. It’s so cute that I was even brave enough to defy the rain and make some photos for you. Or maybe it’s just because I was wearing pink, pink always puts a smile on my face. 

pink jacket - 3suisses
dress - Urbanoutfitters
3 colored heels - Zara


Here are all the answers you send me, but if there are still some things unclear you know you can ask me. Also you'll find this page on top of my blog from now on. 

What breed is your cat?
Coco is a silver persian.

What camera do you use?
Now I use a Nikon coolpix P90 but it doesn't answer to my needs any longer. It's too large and too heavy to take with me all the time, what isn't really useful if you want to have your camera with you all the time. So now I am looking for something compact with the "same" quality as a DSLR. I am thinking about purchasing a Sony nex-5.

What do you study?
I study philosophy at the University of Antwerp.

How much money do you spend on your clothes?
A lot, maybe too much to be honest. But shopping makes me so happy!

What are your favorite clothing brands?
I don't really shop at the expensive designers, but I love river island, zara, topshop, urban outfitters, asos
and forever 21.

Who has been your ultimate style icon from young age, why?
When I was young I thought my mom was the most beautiful woman in the world. She taught me how to play dress up, primp my hair, and mix patterns like a pro. She was, and still is, a style sensation in her own right. The fact that she stays true to herself is what inspires me most. While we don't have the same style, she is a must have when I go shopping for myself. She always encourages me to be unique and independent with my fashion style.

What inspires you?
With the emergence of the world wide web, a new world has opened for people who love fashion, and want to share their sense of style with others. Blogosphere is an amazing platform to be inspired by others. You can see here the blogs that make my heart flutter.

How did you make your header?
I made this new header in photoshop, you can find a lot turtorials on the internet. Same about the fonts, just by some clicking around you'll find beautiful treasures.

Why did you start your blog?
I've been creating websites for myself since I was 11 years old. My first one was dedicated to Harry Potter, since then having my own piece of the internet has become an addiction.

Do you want to have your own domain name once?
Maybe sometime, but it's not something for the near future.

What do you like about blogging?
It's my creative outlet and an amazing way to make new contacts, and even friends.

How tall are you?
Je suis une petite mademoiselle. I am 164cm (5'4") "tall".

What do you do for your great body shape?
This makes me blush, thank you! I try to maintain my fitness schedule. A different story when it comes to food, gluttony is unfortunately my sin.

What's your skin and hair regime?
I already made a post about that, you can read it here

Do you live together with your boyfriend?
No, but I am looking forward to it. But let's start with see each other again after 4 months of separation. (He's away for work) 

How do you know your relationship will last?
A relationship is hard work. When you stop fighting for it and don't make compromises any longer, it won't last. But when you do, and keep making fun together, you're at the right place.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
While I am not able to answer this question at this age. I had a million answers when I was a kid. First I wanted to become a princess, a vet, a cartoonist, an architect, a journalist or even a designer. I believe that a job in journalism will fit me the best.

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Blogging, like duh. I love reading magazines and blogs, cooking, and daydreaming.

Sunday, August 28

blue oblivion

Everybody has from time to time some of those days that you sit in front of your closet and really don’t now what to wear. Today was one of those days and I don’t exaggerate when I say I changed a gazillion times. Lucky enough I found this floppy hat while I was rearranging my closet and it was just the piece I needed to inspire me for my outfit. A comfy and preppy inspired look for having some drinks with my parents, yeah, I love Sundays. 
hat - Topshop
top - Gstar
blazer - Urbanoutfitters
bag - Mango
skinny jeans - Tommy Hilfiger
shoes - river wood

Saturday, August 27

Clean, fresh and girly

*Drum roll* Ladies (and gentlemen), here it is: the fresh new layout of BlondeMuse! Instead of attending a birthday party, I worked all night long on the new design. Clean, fresh and girly: the perfect combination for this blog I guess. You’ll find a new banner, bigger photographs and updated pages (aboutlinksbutton). I spend quite some time on it so I hope you can appreciate my hard work. Anyway I am very happy with it. It gives me new courage to spend time on this blog. Hooray for that!
Today I’ll still make some minor changes and I am also working on my QandA page where I’ll answer all the questions you asked me a while ago. If there are still some questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. 

I also changed my twitter page, so let's become friends over there!

Tuesday, August 23

a question for you

my analog camera

Hello dears. Once again, sorry for my lack of posting these last weeks. Because of my extreme procrastination I’ll have too less time for too much things to do. Why am I doing this to myself all the time? I’ll try to have everything back to normal this weekend. Although there will be some little changes in my lay out, but nothing too serious.
Well now I am off topic and I even didn’t start one yet. Call it a little introduction. A few months ago I received the most amazing present I could ever wish for from my dearest friends: a photography course. I could choose any course I wanted to attend, easier said than done because it’s difficult to combine with my studies by some of my evening classes. Now I am thinking to invest the sum of money in a new camera.
Now I use a Nikon coolpix P90 but it doesn’t really answer any longer to my needs. It’s large and too heavy to take with me all the time, not really useful if you want to have a camera with you all the time. So now I want something compact but with the same quality as a DSLR. I am thinking about purchasing a Sony nex-5. A plus is that it is a small camera with interchangeable lens and you can film in HD. (think vlogs?)
What do you think about that camera, or do you think it’s stupid? Which camera do you use? It’s just that I think my passion for photography isn’t enough to compensate my lack of patient. (What you really need to learn how to work with a DSLR.) So folks, HELP ME!

Wednesday, August 17


After the Australian Uggs, it’s now time for the Minnetonka moccasins to conquer the fashion world this fall. Just as comfortable like their predecessor, (luckily) not as warm, what makes them perfect for this chilly summer and coming fall.
If I allow myself some free association than these Minnetonka moccasins always reminds me to Pocahontas or maybe just Native Americans, because if I remember well Pocahontas didn’t wear any shoes in the Disney classic. And when I am thinking of Native Americans I think of cowboys and Indians. Indian chieftains wear feather crowns, right? So I added a headband decorated with some feathers… Tadaa, native princess is ready for making some new Navajo print friendship bracelets. Hágoónee'!
Minnetonka moccacins ; skirt - Zara ; top - River Island ; feather headband and bracelets - everywhere and nowhere
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Saturday, August 13

Caribbean festival

One. Tonight you’ll find me dancing from the hips at Antilliaanse Feesten, the largest Caribbean festival in the world, which is strangely located in my village. First I have a little pre party at my house where I’ll serve my friends sangria with fresh fruit. If you ask me, the perfect drink for an exotic dance night. Unfortunately the weather gods are, again, not nice to us so my boots won’t be an unnecessary luxury. 
Two. Sorry for my strange face in these photos. I am fighting against a bad cold and a sore throat so posing for some photos for you happened between all the painful coughs. But yeah, we made it. 
blazer and dress - urbanoutfitters ; purse - Louis Vuitton ; boots - local shoe store
Three. I also wanted to talk with you about something totally different than fashion or beauty. A few days ago I watched a very gripping documentary about a terminally ill boy. From the age of 16 he fought against a very aggressive form of cancer, unfortunately he is declared terminally at the age of 23. The camera crew followed him and his family in the last days of his life. Unbelievable how strong this young man was and I have so much respect for the way he had accepted his nearly end. I guess I won’t surprise you that I started crying after a few minutes the documentary had started, and I couldn’t stop.
But what’s my point: at the end, after the announcement of his death, we saw a video message that he wanted to share with everybody: enjoy you life to the fullest. Be happy for what you have instead of being unhappy for the things you don’t have. Something we’re all guilty of; we aren’t grateful anymore and we always want more and more. Next times you’re caught in such a negative thought slow down and think about how lucky you are to have the ability to make the best of this day. 
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Wednesday, August 10

these boots are made for walking

Like a lot of other woman, I have a weakness for shoes, especially for boots. Yet it wasn’t an easy task to find these new loves of mine because I had created the ideal image of my boots-to-be in my head. I roamed through two shopping cities to found these in a local shoe store of my village. Sometimes you don’t have to look far.
I wore this outfit yesterday at a dinner party of one of my closest friends. This dress is one of my favorites and a classic in my wardrobe. That’s one of the things I love about Urbanoutfitters: quality, you can wear their clothes for such a long time without having any damage on them. Another plus of this dress are its sleeves, what makes it perfect for this Belgium summer aka fall weather. 
dress & belt - urbanoutfitters ; bag - mango ; boots - local shoe store
On another note, yesterday noon two of my best friends entrusted me that they are engaged. After the first shock wave I can tell you that I am so happy for them. They will make the perfect couple! Also they will be the first of my friends who’ll marry and it’s so hard to believe we’re really already that age to start our own families. Scary, but also so exciting! 

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