Friday, July 22

Festival outfit

So, in the midst of being the world’s worst procrastinator, I have one way or another managed to pack for 3 days of celebration in a fairy d├ęcor. In a few seconds I'm leaving to attend the Tomorrowland festival. Lucky for me, I won’t have to survive the muddy camping and other unsanitary situations by sleeping in my apartment that’s only a half hour drive away from the festival. Obviously, I'm overly excited, as I'm a virgin when it comes to being a light packer. Like usual, I think I may have overpacked a bit due to possibly unpredictable weather changes. (read: rain, rain, rain.) Yet it's going to be such a fun and interesting weekend, I can tell.
Another plus for staying in my apartment is that I can take my macbook with me! What means I’ll be tweeting daily snippets from the festival, only to make your life seem more miserable. Love you too!  
basic black dres - urbanoutfitters ; jeans gilet - vintage swish jeans ; scarf and bracelets - h&m ; frienship bracelets - diy ; watch - icewatch ; wellies - ?
See you at Tomorrowland! (If anyone recognizes me at the festival; pardon my chronic bitchface that might repel you from saying hi, but please say hi regardless!)

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Tuesday, July 19

colored in Autumn

The colors, the type of fabrics… Although I would totally understand your thinking this isn’t an old autumn post. Our Belgian weather is unfortunately forcing me wearing warm and thick clothes for the last couple of days. What makes me kind of grumpy and so I stay far away from bright colors. On the other hand you can see that it’s still fun to wear something colorful, colors can be so uplifting! Even if it feels/looks like November.
Because enjoying the sun and be as much as possible outside aren’t the thing to fill my days I started making colorful friendship bracelets. You see them everywhere in the blogosphere and I think it’s such an adorable DIY. I’ll leave you with these photos and resume trying to master new sorts of patterns, so I can mix match them with all kinds of outfits!
blazer - h&m ; shirt - fornarina ; belt - gucci ; pants - river island ; shoes - river woods ; necklace from Cabo Verde ; bracelet - Louis Vuitton and selfmade

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Thursday, July 14

rainy day pleasures

analog photos made in times of better weather

Hi pretty people! Maybe some of you had notices that I didn’t post for more than a week: shame on me. I didn’t have the intention for a blog break, but it was the way things turned out. A lot had happened in my life the past weeks and the blog became simply no longer a priority. Well, I’ll hope you’ll understand. I can’t predict whether I’ll start back posting as much as usual. We’ll see. 
If you follow me on twitter, you know that the weather pretty sucks here in Belgium. I can’t believe it’s actually summer, it feels like it’s already autumn. I try not to limit my complaints to a minimum. So here are some lovely pleasures I was lucky to experience the last couple of rainy days. Sit back and smile!

1. an exhausting fitness workout
2. reading my journals from years ago, I wrote some funny/ embarrassing things back in the day
3. when my cat nestles her head into my lap for a good nap
4. inside jokes that never die, my friends and I are so silly together.
5. new beginnings and second chances
6. watching one movie after the other in bed with fresh sheets
7. vacuum lines in the carpet (writing this down makes me feel kind of weird)
8. ice cream, anytime
9. laugh so hard that I cry
10. wishing on fallen eye lashes.

Not the typical summer pleasures like picnics with friends, feeling the sun on my skin or spending night on the beach. Belgian weather, please be kind for me!

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Saturday, July 2

the beach of my dreams

I am enjoying the last days of my vacation in Boa Vista, one of the Cape Verde Islands. And I am so sorry but I really can’t stop telling you how much I love spending my vacation on this island after a hectic month. Yesterday night we ate in a local restaurant, so many different kinds of seafood. Well, let’s say I only have to convince my hair to emigrate to this island. My hair doesn’t like so much wind, you know. Hehe. No worries, it are just some stupid daydreams that always pop into my mind. There’s always that cute little cat in the back of my mind reminding me how much I love home, or at least my cat.
Another thing that popped into my mind a few days ago was the reason why I am so in love with this island. *Drum roll.* It reminds me to the wild beaches of Port Douglas, Australia. You only have to forget all the beach chairs and parasols, what remains are a pearl white beach and a clear blue sea. And for the people who won’t believe how beautiful it is, here is the evidence!
Ooh, I envy the people who live somewhere near a beach like this. Maybe one day… 

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