Tuesday, June 28

Boa Vista part1

Ola! As you know, I am enjoying the sun right now in paradise and I have to confess that I am reading too many chick lits that are good for one girl and maybe drinking a bit too much cocktails too. (But they are so tasty!)
It isn’t really easy to find a decent place covered in shadow to make some photos. But here are photos of my lazy vacation outfit. I love the background; it looks like Aladdin will say hi every moment, isn’t it? I hope you are enjoying summer as much as I do. Now I leave you and resume my vacation filled with (fictive) romance and alcohol.
top - river island : heart belt - urban outfitters : shorts - topshop : pink watch - icewatch : bracelet - river island : slipper - ? :  sunglasses - rayban

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Saturday, June 25

take me to paradise

The last couple of weeks were exhausting for me: my boyfriend left for the next four months for his work, school was incredibly busy with all its papers and finals. Now that's all over, my vacation can finally start. Unfortunately the weather still sucks here in Belgium. But the good news for me is that tonight I’m leaving for holidays! Yay! I am so looking forward to a nice week of relaxation on the beach with a cocktail in my hand. Sounds perfect to me. If you’re wondering I’m going to Boa Vista, it’s one of the Cape Verde Islands. One week of sun, sea, desert, cocktails and eating. It looks promising, right? 

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Wednesday, June 22

a yellow sun skirt

When you take a look at my outfit you probably already figured out that the weather still sucks here in Belgium. No, I am not wearing tights in June because I love being a sweating yeti. It’s necessary for facing the cold. I mean 15degrees… Are you kidding me?
Today, I will try to keep my complaining to a minimum because if the sun doesn’t want to shine for me I just add the sun to my outfit. Tadaa, Über yellow skirt. Tadaa, smile on my face!
Some of you will have noticed that I already showed you the pink version of this Zara skirt in a previous post. I bought the same skirt in two colors… Well, they are so colorful and easy to style. What more can a girl ask for? 

PS: Sorry for the photos, they aren't the best quality but the light wasn't co-operating.

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Monday, June 20

birthday girl

Never thought I would wear tights on my birthday, but the weather wouldn’t make an exception for me so it’s was still our recent cold and changeable weather. Yesterday I bought this cute romper for my birthday and I am in love with the heart print. I mean: romper + hearts, can it get any cuter?
Like I already told you it was freezing so I had to cancel the plan wearing it with bare legs and sandals. The jeans jacket is actually a piece of my mother’s closet. I was desperately looking around for the perfect jeans jacket but actually it was all the time lying in my mother’s closet, being forgotten. Poor thing, I adopted it with care and now it has found its place in mine.  
Our annual fair opened, so we strolled there while eating traditional ‘smoutebollen’, (literally, ‘oil balls’). Yummie! You can say that I celebrated my birthday with a lot of food; really it’s a shame! Or no, I won’t apologize because it was my freaking 21st birthday! 
romper - river island, jeans jacket - vintage, leather wedges - sacha, pink watch - icewatch
A little sneak peek of my room and the flowers I got.

Happy monday sweeties!

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Saturday, June 18

I'll be your prisoner tonight

Twenty-one years ago it would only take a couple of hours until this girl would breath for the very first time.  It’s crazy how times fly. I can remember so much little anecdotes from when I was little and dreamed about all the things I would do when I was this age. And now it’s already here: the big 21. I am starting a new year and I couldn’t be more excited! So many wonderful things have happened over this past year and I am so curious to see what this year will have in store for me. There are so many adventures still to be had; it’s going to be great! 
And for anyone wondering, I am not going to celebrate it tonight. Well just not in the big way. Imagine: Coco and me lying on our bed watching a good movie and eat a lot of chips. It can’t get any better. Or actually it could, but it’s pretty doubtable that boyfriend will join us. 
shirt - Zara ; leather pants - unknown ; heels - Zara ; belt - Gucci ; watch - Thomas Sabo - bracelets: pearls - unknown, twisted - h&m, black - mimco
Unfortunately the weather is still messing with me by alternating in a few seconds between sun and rain. Do you believe me when I tell you I was really considering to bring out my uggs this morning? As you can see I didn’t do it but I was freezing in my summer shoes! Today I went shopping with my parents and I bought some cute summer clothing. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for better weather so I can show them soon to you! 
So let's raise a glass to another spectacularly successful year filled with exciting developments, fantastic achievements and special occasions!

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Thursday, June 16

Rompers for festivals

I think it’s obvious to you that I love wearing rompers. My closet is quit filled with them but never say enough. So when people would ask me to wear one of these combinations for attending the coming Belgian festivals I would say “Absolutely yes!”
festival outfit: biker girl in pink

This is by far my favorite festival look, or just any other day! It screams “I am a rockstar” and still it’s very girly at the same time. And I am so in love with the jewelry of fashionology, the skeleton details make the wings of my heart flutter. So you can always make this girl happy by giving a birthday (this Sunday) present of their jewelry.  You ask me why I combined a bikini with hunterboots? Well you obviously don’t live in Belgium. Let me describe you our Belgian weather: sunshine, cloudburst, bikini, I-need-a-blanket, cocktail, hot chocolate, heat wave, cold wind… I can go on for a long time. 
jeans festival girl
River island - London Rebel lace up sandals - French Connection leather hobo handbag - Clear necklace - Rumbatime yellow jewelry - Jane Norman beaded jewelry - Hair bands accessory - Studded sunglasses

For this outfit I am not sure if I would wear a flower or a feather headband… The feather would be better, isn’t it? Still I like this combo: the jeans romper makes me drool with its bare back and then I didn’t mention the sandals. One, they are pretty. Two, they are so easy for festivals because your feet will dry immediately after the rain stops. Well maybe that is not so true, open shoes aren’t the best pick for a festival where nobody cares for other one’s feet. 
romantic festival with a twist
Long sleeve sweater - Topshop - Miss Selfridge romper - Multi Pop Print Pac-A-Parka - .TESSA lace up shoes - J Crew vintage handbag - Juicy couture jewelry - Metal jewelry - Straw fedora hat - ASOS sunglasses

And last but not least the romantic look. Cute rompers match perfectly with straw hats. And even better with straw hats with bows on them. I love wearing hats in summer because they’re cute and protect you against the sun. I also added here this adorable parka that I found at topshop. I didn’t know these! You can fold them up in a little bag so you don’t have to hold them all the time. Which equals to more space for throwing your hands in the air and shake your ass!
Now I can’t wait any longer for this summer to start and attend all its festivals after creating these three looks. Which is your favorite? And if you live in Belgium: which festivals are you attending?

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