Friday, April 29

whispers... april 2011

Here's a little peek of my rambles in april and my prospectives for next month.
& photos that put a smile on my face.
with all the repeats of the Royal Wedding of William & Kate. Really, fairytales exists and it made me realize that dreams can come true, but we will have to fight for them! Did you watch? I wiped my eyes a couple of times out. And great job Sarah Burton, I want you to design my future wedding dress. Thanks in advance.
for having the sweetest followers, some of you already feel like real friends to me and I really want to thank you all for supporting me and all comments on my latest post really cheered me.
my coming-way-to-fast exam period at the end of May. So much fun things to do in May, for God's sake how am I going to combine this with a pile of work? I already feel kind of exhausted, also the due date that Lennert will leave for Afghanistan comes scary close and I am really not ready for that!
about my future. I think too much, a bad habbit of a philosophy student. But where do I want to stand in 10 years? I want to be proud of myself, but who the hell am I? So much to think about. Did you ever experience a period like this? 
about tonight, there's a fair in my hometown today and after strolling around we will be sipping cocktails all night long in a youth cafe. Oh, this is beautiful nostalgia from when I was 17 years. 
after the perfect present for Lennert his birthday. It can not be true that that boy doesn't want a present for his 22th birthday. Any suggestions, I am hopeless.
my head and just being alone with my thoughts while running in the morning is my new best way to start a day. Maybe drinking fresh, delicious smoothies afterwards will also help. After a Easter weekend filled with bad food, my body yearned for healthy food.
in my new cream peg leg trousers from river island. Damn, these summer and oh-so-comfortable trousers feel like a second skin. I'm in love! Probably I will show them in one of my next posts, so keep in touch.
for outfit photos makes me feel like a total dork, am I the only one that doesn't feel comfortable in front of a camera when there's someone watching? Somebody posing tips, because I really suck in it and I want to learn it because those inside photos aren't my thing anymore.

Have a great weekend, loves!
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Wednesday, April 27


you need a few little things that make the long days better. This week is one of those moments when nothing goes right, when nothing happens the way I want it. Some stay in bed on those days, some go for long walks to clear their mind and I... 
 mini pizza's and other party snacks
homemade pizza (hawaii and bolognese)
& Sangria with fresh fruit

ate everything away this easter weekend, just to forget it all for a little while.
(family barbecue, chocolate muffins, chocolate bars & chocolate easter eggs not on photo)

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Monday, April 25

cherry red girl

I realized why no other woman was wearing heels until I walked around town with my wedges, it's impossible due to all the hills and the bad sidewalks. I've learned my lesson and from then on I only walked around in my flats for the rest of our trip.
We ended our first day in Lisbon by driving with the famous trams of Lisbon to Bélem, the new chic near Lisbon, for dinner and having a drink afterwards. Belém, derived from bethlehem, is a former fishing village from where the Portuguese navigators started their voyages. Also Vasco da Gama has started here his discovery tour to India. Belém is therefore full of monuments and references to Portugal's Golden Age and his overseas expansion. These pictures were taken in front of the monastery Mosteiro dos Jeronimos from the 16th century, it's is a true masterpiece of the Manueline, Portuguese late gothic style.
I was wearing: wedges: New Look - cherry red skirt: Zara - blazer: urbanoutfitters - crocodile leather bag: vintage
The nice thing about this district is that there are a lot of small bridges for crossing the train tracks, giving you a beautiful view over the city and the river, Tagus. Unfortunately it was already getting dark when we were there, but you can imagine it would absolutely be amazing with a blue sky and a lot of sunshine.
On our way towards the well-known Doca de Santo Amaro (Docas) of Lisbon, a boulevard with converted warehouses, we passed Piazza di Mare. On the seductive terrace of this Italian restaurant you can enjoy a delicious meal while overlooking the Tagus. We chose to have pizza for dinner, here they are all prepared the traditional Italian way. Highly recommended.

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Saturday, April 23

like Superheroes in Lisbon

I finally have the time to post you some photos of our trip to Lisbon. Yesterday I've been all day long too busy with processing the hundreds of photos we took. Even though they all bring a smile on my face due the nice memory they carry with them, it was a hell of a job. Now I am totally ready to start sharing all my picture overloads with you. We've seen some amazing things in Lisbon, but my general impression is  very low. To be honest, I think Lisbon, and in general Portugal, is a very poor city/country and furthermore it's poorly maintained. That's sad because they are hiding a lot of beautiful things out there that deserve it to be admired.
If you don't watch out you just pass this tile wall that is decorated with all the superheroes you can imagine. Superman, Catwoman, the Hulk or whoever is your favorite superhero: you 'meet' him or her in full size on the wall of comic bookheroes along the Avenida dom Joao II that is located in Parque das Naçoes, the site where the world exhibition, the Expo, was held in 1998. And after 3 days wandering around I appointed it as my favorite district of Lisbon with this colorful collage of superheroes as a culmination.
See you on our next stop!

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