Monday, February 28

Whispers in my head... february 2011

If I had one wish...

Looking forward to... my trip to Lisbon. I know it is last than a month ago I travelled to Jordan, but I really want to explore the world with the boyfriend at my side. Being so adventurous that it becomes romantic. (In my head, I am such a scaredy cat)

Polishing... my nails in the brightest color of my collection: mint green. If the sun doesn't want to play along than I have to create that spring vibe myself. So the plan for this week is making a lot of light salads, drinking some delicious rosé wine and exploring the city afoot. 

Crafting... an (I think) adorable surprise for the boyfriend. I can not tell you much about this, because he takes a look at my blog from time to time. 
This road I chose will not be easy, but I will succeed.

Feeling... a bit anxious about what's going to change in the next half year. In june the boyfriend will leave for four months to Afghanistan with the army (his job) and the "being alone" part scares me as hell. 

Longing... to see "Black Swan" and "Rundskop", a dutch production, oh so badly.  

Searching... a student job. Anybody good ideas to find a job in a that free time.

Surprised by... the interesting nature of my new historical book. It is far the thickest book I have ever seen about the history (duh!) of our former Belgian colony, Congo. I could never imagine I would feel such an urge to read it out!
Free your mind!

Considering... changing my blog name. I like the "make a wish" concept, making a wish every time you visit my blog. But at moments the name doesn't feel right. I have another name bouncing around in my mind but I don't know. Anybody experience with changing his/her blogname, did it had a lot of consequences? 

Exercising... I am getting into my exercise regime and I feel amazing. I have more energy and little by little everything gets tighter. I hope I can make it last, so I can enjoy my summer to the fullest and don't have to go on a crash diet for getting in my bikinis.

Trying... to think positively. We can't do everything right for everybody. I am not perfect, accept that.

Friday, February 25

Am I the only one? Part II

In january I already did a post about my silly/ embarrassing habits and guilty pleasures. You can read it here. Of course my list goes on and on, so here is the second part, most if it is related to the boyfriend. I would love to hear how crazy you are, so leave some funny things in a comment please!
watching the sunset at the beach in the summer of 2010

My stupidest habit is my inability to show a leg when the bf is away and I have nothing planned for that day, I will remain just a whole day in bed while blogging, mailing, doing nothing, being bored, watching stupid shows or playing with Coco. Oh if you are the boyfriend, just forget the last part. (Boyfriend doesn't allow cats in bed, but it's a stupid rule, right?)

I make supper: woks, reheating lasagna, baking some meat (and hoping it will taste) and that is probably it. Lately I am creating a learn-to-cook thing and now I bought a zillion cook books where I didn't try a single recipe of. I am just really good in reheating things!

Romantic movies are something I want to watch alone, why? Most of the time I cry and don't seem to be able to stop it before boyfriend notices it. My boyfriend finds it so funny that he is more secretly looking at me to see when it starts than watching te movie. Stop doing that!

I don't like sharing drinks with anyone, except boyfriend. If someone takes a drink out of mine, I won't say anything out of politeness, but I'm done. I'll usually say, "Oh, you can have the rest." It's something I do since primary school.

Yesterday I finished the last Harry Potter book, I was so sad because it was finished. I kind of grew up with these books and was always looking forward when a new one came out! Do you read them too? I love how imaginative the stories are and how you can forget everything in your daily life and just wish you were a witch. Hehe. (Boyfriend. Hates. Harry. Potter.)

I lick the flavoring off of my chips. Of every single chips. All the time. I didn't know it was weird for other people untill boyfriend told me I had to stop doing it at the movies. Now I do it secretly, watching around if somebody sees it or not. It just tastes way better to me that way.

"I love your more", "No", "Yes", "No", "Yes", "Always no, after you say yes...", "Grr." And secretly feeling so happy he said that.

Wednesday, February 23

From Paris, to Barcelona, to ...

When I saw these breathtaking short film series commissioned by the language-teaching company EF, I just couldn't do anything else than share them with you. Not a single word is spoken is these cute series but the designer Albin Holmqvist crafted these to reflect the languages of Paris, Barcelona, London, and even Beijing! So if you love to move to another city but you are scared of the language barriere, go watch the other mini films on Albin Holmqvist vimeo page and let you convince to just make the jump!
I am really not good at learning languages. I speak Dutch, English and French, but at times it wasn't simple for me. While watching the little Barcelona movie I want nothing more than learn Spanish! I hope I can convince the boyfriend to take classes with me, I think it would be so much fun to learn a new language together. Always somebody to practice with!
Of which language do your dream? Or do you want to move to another country with a language you do not know?

Tuesday, February 22

Quote III

I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet.
Carrie Bradshaw

And I couldn't agree more.

Sunday, February 20


Petra ("rock"), the world wonder, is without a doubt Jordan's most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction. It is a vast, unique city, carved into the sheer rock face by the Nabataeans, an industrious Arab people who settled here more than 2000 years ago, turning it into an important junction for the silk, spice and other trade routes.
Entrance to the city is through the Siq, a narrow gorge, over 1km in lenght, which is flanked on either side by soaring, 80m high cliffs. Just walking through the Siq is a wonderful experience in itself. The colours and formations of the rocks are dazzling. As you reach the end of the Siq you will catch your first glimpse of Al-Khazneh. And that massive façade really rocks!
Jake Sparrow?

Friday, February 18

Every woman's memory is her private literature.

While I am still not ready with posting photos of my trip to Jordan at this blog, I just wanted to share these photos of my photobook that I made for the tons of developped photos. It's my first photobook and I like the result. Normally I develop my photos and just put them in a box with hundreds of other photos. So when you need them you never find the ones you are searching for. The good thing about a photobook is that you can make a beautiful selection that you can show to everybody without ending with photos full of fingerprints. Yes, this will not be my last photobook.
The other thing that made me smile on this gray friday is that I totally rocked my exams, I passed every class. That will surely be celebrated this weekend, starting with an old school quiz tonight. To the ones that also had exams in january, I hope your results are turned out good. To everybody, I hope you will have a great weekend with a lot of fun adventures!
me speaking to the Jordan television

Thursday, February 17

What to wear on... a Beautiful Spring Day

When I woke up yesterday it felt like my prayers were heard about my craving for better weather. The sun was shining bright in the sky and instantly the thought "I want to wear bright colors and buy a new spring wardrobe" catched my mind. And because I had nothing else to do due that school has just started again, I wanted to make some lovely A+ school outfits for spring 2011. Very quickly I realised that there are so much other fun things to do in spring like having a garden party, having lunch dates outdoors, listening to the lovely song of a bird, riding on your bicycle in your neighborhood looking around for a new adventure etc.

Tuesday, February 15

Where's that wonderful blue sky?

Oh damn it, the two last days the weather was horrible in Belgium. It's only 3 days but it feels like ages ago I was sunbathing on the beach in Jordan interspersed with some splashing around in the wonderful blue sea overlooking a cloud-free sky. Here are some beach photos from my trip to Jordan, hope you like them.

Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

I love you - Ik hou van jou - Je t'aime - Ma armastan sind - Mahal kita - Ek hou van jou - Mina rakastan sinua - Ich liebe dich - Szeretlek - Ég elska þig - Ti amo - Jeg elsker deg - Amo-te - Ndinokuda Seni Seviyorum

This morning when I opened my mail, this cute video popped up and for the rest of the day there was a smile on my face. After not seeing each other for a while, today was a special day to see the boyfriend back. So now we are chilling on the coach with a stubborn cat between us after having a pizza takeaway dinner. Yeah, life's good when it's simple.
Happy Valentine's Day, I hope you can share it with your loved ones and that you're feeling loved. 

Friday, February 11

A Camel Ride!

Thanks for all your sweet comments, I am really having the time of my life here in Jordan. Tuesday I made with my parents a daytrip to Petra, one of the new seven world wonders, but about that another time. We had an amazing taxi driver with a lot of connections in Jordan and suddenly he just stopped by a group of men and their camels. He gave me as a gift the chance to make a little trip on a camel. How sweet! I must confess that I was not really exciting with the idea to climb on a animal that is bigger than me. But once I was over, it was great. Really if you can ever do this but a little bit scared, just do it! I still get goosebumps when I think back!
Oh yeah, I was thinking, doesn't have a camel two humps instead of only one? They say all the time "camels" but I think it's a dromedary. No, I am sure about that!

Tuesday, February 8

A quick hello!

Hi! I am enjoying my vacation in Aqaba, Jordan, but I just couldn't resist to say a quick hello. The weather is so nice here, I am really enjoying all the sun on my skin, the delicious cocktails and a lot of reading. It's very quiet in our hotel, so I have the whole swimming pool for myself, yes! Hope everything is okay with you all. 

Saturday, February 5

بلجيكا اليوم، مرحبا العقبة

Blog title translation: Bye Belgium, Hello Aqaba.
"If you can pack a suitcase well, it means you have balanced your life"
Diane von Furstenberg

I am not sure if Ms. von Furstenberg's observation is true, but I have to admit that packing a suitcase is a terrible thing to do. Choosing the clothes that you'll wear the next couple of days sounds so terrifying, I mean I don't know how I feel over there and that really influences my outfit! I am dreaming of travelling light and satisfied because you feel that you have everything with you to look good. I wish that I was in that situation. Now my room is filled with piles of clothes like "no", "maybe", "yes", "I don't know", "who knows?"... 

A little update about my destination: like you all know, people aren't allowed anymore to fly to Egyptian, we were so happy we could change are destination to Aqaba, Jordan. Even while there have been some riots over there, it's still safe and the weather is lovely! Oh, I really need sun!

Thursday, February 3

What to wear on Valentine's Day

While I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day, I think it's needless to have a day where you have to do something extra to please your beloved. Don't we have to do that every day of the year? But I still like to dress up. So here are three different kind of outfits to wear on Valentine's day.

The Rock'n Roll Valentine's Day

This is really my favorite outfit and in my dreams I own all these items. Well I can tell you with proud I own one item of this set, hehe. A few weeks ago I saw for the first time a very expensive Claw Ring and this Asos copy is very wallet-friendly. I love all the black elements but the cute dress still keeps it girly. And God, That Alexander Mcqueen clutch makes my heart skips a beat!

The Oh-So-Romantic Valentine's Day

I see myself in this outfit opening a handwritten letter, sniffing the smell of my wonderful bouquet of roses and dreaming about my late night dinner with prince charming in a French restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Sigh, can I be princess for a day?
Note to my boyfriend: that ring would be wonderful on me, right? (Girls can dream...)

A Single Valentine's Day
Last but not least an outfit for when you're still waiting for prince charming to come along. Go outside for lunch with your other single friends, smile like you are the luckiest girl in town and who knows, catch your futur sweetheart watching your way. Single and hate Valentine's Day? Stay inside with a Audrey Hepburn movie and a lot of ice cream!