Monday, January 31

Whispers in my head... in january 2011

watching... my cat playing and just being his cute, adorable self. If you asked me one year ago I would love a cat as much as I do now, I would definately said "no" and laugh with the idea.
celebrating... the end of my exams. Finally no longer suffer from the constant fatigue and stress. Finally going to start living in 2011, because let's be honnest, I felt like a prisoner in january.
reading... finally the last Harry Potter.
relaxing... in front of the fireplace with a hot drink and selfmade cookies. Life's good!
wearing... my pyjama's, forgive me.
enjoying... doing nothing.
packing... for a still unknown destination. It is unlikely that we can fly to Egypt next thursday, so we probably we will choose another destination. Anyone good suggestions for sun destinations in Europe or Africa?
cleaning... my wardrobe and making a lovely collection to put on ebay or to bring some items to second hand shops.
feeling... tired but satisfied after this heave month.
collecting... good old recipes that make me want to live in the kitchen and cook all day long!

Saturday, January 29

Tonight I wish...

I will fly to Egypt this Thursday night. Thousands of Egyptians already took their deadly revolt to the street, vowing to not stop their actions until veteran President Hosni Mubarak goes. I don't know the little details but it's so sad, don't you agree? 
So now I am crossing my fingers that calm returns to Egypt after this heavy week. For them and yes, I want to sunbathe and just relax with a drink by the pool. I agree, sometimes I am really selfish, please forgive me.

Friday, January 28

Little Grey likes to cuddle

I think you already met Coco, my cat. Since he was very young, he always asked me to share some of his little adventurous with you. Now he is over a year and let's say that's old enough to have his little place on this blog. So Coco will be making occasional appearances on this blog to update you on his life. So here he is.
Hello dear readers! This time I want you to meet Little Grey, he's a mouse. Little Grey always tries to sneak in quietly for snuggles when he thinks I don't see it. 
So he takes his time and moves super slowly and tries to come closer and closer but I always know when he's coming. I mean, I am a cat what would that mean if I didn't notice a mouse!

So I always pretend I don't see him, just to give him a good feeling you know. And after he choose his place to snuggle...
I alway give him a sleep tight kiss, because of course I like snuggling too.

Wednesday, January 26

Quote II

"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free
until they find someone just as wild to run with them."
Carrie Bradshaw

Aww I love my boy. I am really looking forward to see him back on a regular base after these stupid exams. Now he's in Portugal for his work and I really miss him. (RenĂ©e you're a real cry baby!) I can't wait to be back in Antwerp and have my normal life back with lovely dates, meetings with friends and having something to tell that is interessting. 
Ps: I joined twitter, some time ago I had an account but I never used it. But know I really want to give it a try! So let's see if I can make it last.

Saturday, January 22

In good taste cooking class with Renee: Part I

Well, I told you once that I really want to learn how to cook healthy and tasty meals. I do want to live without fast food and easy microwavable pre-made meals. And I want to cook for myself and the boyfriend, seeing a smile on his face when he actually really likes his meal.
So today I tried something new that really turned out delicious: Spinach and mushroom stuffed chicken breasts. May be that sounds a bit unusual but it's really easy. I mean I could do it! 

For serving four persons, you'll need: 200g sliced small fresh mushrooms, 300g fresh spinach, 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, 1/2 sliced onion, one garlic clove, smoked ham and pepper and salt.
I also made a mustard puree, for that you'll need: 5 potatoes, some milk, salt and one tablespoon strong Dijon mustard!

First clean the mushrooms and cut them into small pieces. Peel and chop the onion. Now cook the mushrooms, the onions and the spinach. Add garlic and pepper and salt. 
Now cut the chickens breast like you would cut a sandwich, and fill them with the vegetables, roll them in some smoked ham slices and secure with a wooden toothpick. 
Peel the potatoes and cut them into pieces. Boil them in salted water for 20 minutes. After that drain them and puree them with the milk, mustard and salt. 

Roast the chicken breast for about 15 minutes in butter, flip sides from time to time. Cut the roulades into slices (I didn't dare to do it because it looked all so fragil), stir in the puree and enjoy your dinner!

Thursday, January 20

A walk down memory lane.

Leah of The Rife Observatory tagged me in this "7 things" thing about growing up. Thanks Leah! I still have 3 exams to come so my social life will be for the next two weeks still dead, so this was an oppurtunity I couldn't pass up. I am still so young, sometimes I feel like I am still a little child and it makes it a little bit funny to talk about "when I was young". So I will only tell you some anecdotes of my, let's say, first 10 years. 
me as 6 year old checkout clerk ;)

1. I am an only child. While some kids hate it to be alone, I just love it and I also need a lot of time to be on my own, otherwise I'll become crazy. When I was a toddler my parents asked me if I wanted a little sister of brother and my answer was resolutely "NO!". Did someone say mollycoddle?

2. When you are young, it seems like every adult asked you  the how-would-I-know question "What do you want to be when you are grown up?". While I am at this age not able to answer this question, I had a million answers when I was a kid. First I wanted to become a veterinarian, then a journalist and after that something inconceivable: I wanted to do forensic research. Yeah, working with dead people. I think I watched too many scary movies when I had sleepovers at my grandparents. They always felt asleep while watching tv so I saw all the horrible films that came afterwards. 

3. Do I surprise you when I tell you I was a really bad sleeper. Really, my nightmares where so frightening my mom had to sleep with me every night. Think that is the reason why my mom loves to sleep, she is still trying to catch up some sleep. ;)

4. I was an only child, I was a nerd and my friends lived too far to come over all the time. So most of the time I read a million books, wrote my own stories or drew my ideal home. My imagination was outstanding, and still is. I am a real daydreamer and my life in my head is so much nicer than this hard real life. 

5. I don't have any outfit missteps, really! I think I might be an exception. While I always wanted to wear bright colors, flowers and other nauseating patterns, my mom never wanted to buy something like that. Most of the time I was wearing jeans or little black dresses. My hair was super long and I wore it loose or in a braid. And like I already mentioned here, I don't buy anything without the support of my mom. 

6. I was excessively lazy. When my parents put my away I just stayed there sitting while doing nothing or just watching what was happening around me. I never really crawled as a baby, so in my first years I was... Let's say I was not a skinny one.

7. I loved watching Disney classics but my favorite tv show was "Samson", it's a belgian production about a talking dog and his owner. Every year my parents and I (and thousands of other families) went to their christmas shows. 

Aww, this really was a lovely trip down memory lane. I won't tag anybody else because it's so hard to choose who. I think you have to choose it for yourself whether you will or won't post about your childhood. So here's my call: If you find it in your heart to reveal 7 cute, embarrasing, incredible, cool things about yourself as well, consider yourself as my beloved friend. 

Monday, January 17

Quote I

There's nothing more to say.

Thursday, January 13

To all the flood victims in Australia

When I gratuated in 2008, my mom and I traveled to Australia to visit our Australian friends. The contrast with my country is unbelievable. While Belgium is so grey and small, Australia looks like heaven to me. It's amazing to see so much different kind of natures (lakes, desert, jungle, beaches) alternating side by side. 
I also visited Brisbane, one of the affected cities of South East Queensland. My heart goes out to those in Australia who have been affected by these devastating floods. You are all in my thoughts. It's such a scary thing and if you want to help these people: donate now to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. you'll find more information on their website.

Wednesday, January 12

It's Smoothie time!

Today, we afforded ourselves a new food processor. For me, that stands equal to making delicious smoothies! My first was a topper, I used raspberries, blackberries, white and red grapes, one banana and one kiwi. Yummie! He didn't only taste amazing, but I also really loved 'his looks'. One of my New Year's resolutions was to make 365 photos in one year, actually one photo a day. So I grabbed my camera and made a photoshoot of the smoothie. The color of the smoothie reminded me of the tortoise I made in school an eternity ago. (His present state isn't anymore what it used to be.) It's special to me because it's one of the only things my parents kept and I am very proud my dad allows it in his ultra-modern house. 
Smoothies taste amazing and they are kind of healty. Yes, they contain a lot of sugar but I think it's better than my bad habbit about eating chips and ice cream every day? And that brings me to another resolution: eating healthy and controlling my food intake. I don't want to lose weight, I just want everything back tighter and getting fit. I don't want to take stairs anymore while puffing every breath out of my lungs. I just want to feel comfortable in my own body again. 
But I am missing the character to start sporting, that's kinda important if you want to gain muscles, isn't it? Damn it. So I enlisted the help of the boyfriend. He is in the army so I thought it would be a good choice. I told him he had to encourage me into sports no matter what excuse I would bring in. So no more "No, it's raining", "No, it's too cold", "No, it's too warm","Everybody will see me" etc. No problem he told me and this morning, totally forgotten about our agreement, he texted me "tomorrow at 6pm you will have your first run exercise." Oh no, it will be raining, I will be sweaty, what am I going to wear? What will he think when he sees his girlfriend puffing around, looking as red as a lobster, sweaty and all other not glamorous things? 
Oh why? Why is the beginning of sport practice always so hard?

Ps: if you like to see more photos of my 'a photo a day'-resolution, go take a look at my tumblr. (You can also find the link in my sidebar!)

Tuesday, January 11

Coco's first birthday!

ps: I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed when I found out he didn't like his crown. hehe.

Today we celebrate Coco's 1st birthday!
Happy birthday sweety!

He really stole my heart last february,
kept me waiting until avril before finally coming home.
From then on he is getting bigger and cuter.
While most of the time he is just acting like a big baby
or walking around like he's the king of the house.
He has made my life beyond entertaining and blissful.

Friday, January 7

Am I the only one?

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird,
when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and 
call it love.

Like all humans, I have lots of silly/ embarrassing habits and guilty pleasures. I thought it would be fun to post about those things from time to time. So you get to know me better in a different way. I also think it's kind of comic to hear yours, so leave them in a comment please!

First of all every single time I leave the apartment I tell my cat I love him and that I will see him later. A little bit shameful when you turn around and your neighbor is standing there...

I have an annoying habit of listening to a new song I love over, and over, and over... untill I totally hate it. At the moment 'Skinny Genes' of Eliza Doolittle.

I never ever bought some clothes without the permission of my mother. When I see something lovely she always has to tell her opinion about it. She's kind of my styliste, and I think she's doing it pretty well!

I have sort of a morning ritual and I hate it when I have to change that - breakfast, shower (shampoo, body wash, conditioner), make up (also in specific order but I will spare you the details), hair, clothes...

When you see me in a book store it's always in the teen section, I just love teen novels. The whole gossip girl collection and many others are mine! Hehe!

When Lennert and I were just dating, we always wrote a lot of love letters to each other. I put them all in the 'love box' and when Lennert and I can't see each other I can't resist to read those love letters over and over again. They just always put a smile on my face!

And last but not least (for this time) a very unhealty one: I could eat chips and ice cream every single day. And than I mean for dinner! So bad, I know, but when I really hate it to cook for myself so that bag of chips is alway an easy solution!

Tuesday, January 4

Today I start living again

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.
Today I start living.

Today is a new day in the beginning of a new year. Although 2010 was an amazing year, this year I will stop going to bed every night with regrets and feeling guilty for what I haven't done. All of those changes I said I'd make, all of those things I said I'd do... It sometimes feels like I'm letting my life pass me by. Today that all stops! Today I start living again!
Today I make an effort. I do my hair nice and dress up. I cook myself fresh and healthy meals instead of junk food and cereal. I start working out on a regular basis. 

Today I remove my distractions. I focus on school work and will have a great school result. Yes, I will! 

Today I will be productively. My 2011 creative resolution: Project 365. Take a photo a day and see my life in a whole new way. You can see my process on my tumblr page

Today I make the changes I keep saying I will do "tomorrow", "next week", "eventually"... "Now" is my new vocabulary.

Today I start repeating a new mantra: I love myself.

Monday, January 3

My New Year's Eve

Here some photos of my New Year's Eve. We had a super nice meal, shared silly stories, drunk enough champagne, exchanged cute gifts, gave many kisses at midnight and made a lot of funny photos. I really had the time of my life. And I am already looking forward to next year, woops! I am really curious what 2011 will bring for me!

Saturday, January 1

I wish you all

I wish that all your dreams, goals and hopes will come true in 2011! 
I hope you started the year with a smile and lots of kisses, I did!