Monday, September 12

my packing philosophy

When it came to packing, I always ended up trying to stuff everything except my bed into a suitcase. Instead of carefully putting outfits together or considering the different obligations that’ I’ll be dressing for; I just threw lots of random pieces into an overstuffed suitcase. The result: arriving at your destination wishing a porter could accompany me and ending up not wearing half of the clothes you brought.
On my way I learned that the key of good packing is to plan in advance so you only pack the best and not the rest. So here’s my packing philosophy.
It may sound like the most obvious thing to pack, but once I forgot to bring all my underwear on a trip, it’s on top of my list. Also I would literally die if I had forgotten my toiletries. The key essentials in my toiletry bag are:
toothbrush + toothpaste
products for face care
sunscreen + aftersun
lip moisturizer
make up essentiels
These are the basics! Ensure they’re packed and check three times otherwise the will be tears and running mascara just as you’re about to leave – which is never, ever a good look.
notebook and pen
travel guide
emergency, first aid items
Back to reality: you won’t need three pair of trousers, four shorts, a gazillion tops and shoes for short trip. I used to be an overpacker pur sang and always sifting through my overweight luggage wondering why I brought unnecessary items that never saw the light of day.
Keep it simple: bring the essentials. I like to pack clothes that I can easily dress up or down. Think singlets, tank tops, simple cotton tee shirts, blazers and cardigans. They don’t take up much space and you can layer them in cooler weather. Neutral colors, like black, white and grey- are the best because they go with pretty much anything. You’d surprised how much an accessory can change your entire look.
Another handy tip is to cut the total packed items into half since you always end up packing more than you need.
Well, now I’m stress-free, packed and ready to jet off tomorrow morning for a care-free holiday in Valencia with my besties. I’m not taking my laptop with me but I did prepare some posts for you and invited a lovely guest blogger. So while I’m strolling around the city you will have some scheduled posts to keep yourself busy with. 


Note: I won’t announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow, because I won’ be able to make last-minute posts. The giveaway is extended until next Tuesday, September 20. You can still enter here.


  1. handig lijstje! Heb jij nog zomervakantie?

    In iedergeval heel veel plezier!:)

  2. I hope you have a fun and safe time! x

  3. yup, im going to print this and put it on my board. heheh!

    have a great trip! can't wait to see pictures beautiful!

  4. Have a nice trip and have fun, darling! <3

  5. have fun on your trip! and these are all great tips to remember, <3


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