Friday, January 11


Although he tends to forget I have a life besides petting him all day, that his singing sounds like real caterwauling (his favorite song is "only cat in the world", goes something like *meow want you to make me feel meow like meow I'm the only cat in the world meow*), that I haven't had REM sleep in the last 3 years because of his singing (thank you morning assholism), I love this little fella to the moon and back.

I swear that I'm not lying if I tell you I can't remember what I did before he came into my life (maybe having a life? A good night rest?) It's funny how such a little being can become your happy place in this tough world. But it's the truth. Hearing him purr always calms me down, no matter how stressed I am. We always have so much fun (except before 8 o'clock in the morning). And he gives the best hugs everrr (and scratch marks). 

Happy birthday to my precious fur ball! I love you.

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