Wednesday, November 28


I've been a little bit under the weather lately- feeling a little ill, very tired and run down. Pff, that first cold of the season is always the worst. So today is again one of those days where I feel like my spark has gone awol. But this blazer from Urban Outfitters and this navy blue lace dress from River Island always make a perfect combo for days when I don't have anything/ know what to wear.

Anyway I don't have time to be sick and uninspired with all those deadline getting closer, so I'm just going to pretend I'm totally fine. Dressing up and meeting some friends to drink some fresh mint tea/ red wine always do the trick for me to forget about my sore throat. 

What's your trick to get out of the rut and get your spark back?

Sunday, November 25


via pinterest.

Whether the calendar says it's fall, winter, spring or summer, scarves can always be a tasteful and wise way to upgrade your wardrobe to a new and original, yet stylish level. While I've always loved scarves, I must admit that it wasn't until my strep throat from last week that I've finally embraced wearing scarves and can only wish I had done it sooner.

For some of you a scarf is only a layer of warmth during these cold days but it can be more. Not that I'm saying you're wrong, it's true that covering my now oh-so-sore throat with a cozy wool scarf feels like heaven. But while jewelry provides wonderful options for wearing accessories and finishing an outfit, a scarf can take center stage and eliminate the need for extra accessories. So the next time you're not sure which necklace or earrings to wear, choose neither and try a beautiful silk scarf.

The fun part is that scarves will always fit, as long as the colors are flattering of course. Besides that, there are also endless ways to wear them (watch this video on 25 different ways to wear them by Wendy's Lookbook). And for an instant chic, timeless look you only have to wear a classic sheath dress and simply throw a scarf over your shoulders. Tadaa, the French woman in you emerges. (And yes, we all want to have their grace.)

Here are a few scarves that have caught my attention recently. 

shop via polyvore

Again, keep it simple and choose colors or prints that adhere to your most flattering colors and complement your wardrobe. A good rule to keep in mind is to wear a print scarf with a solid ensemble and a solid scarf with a beautiful print blouse or dress. 

Tell me, what is your opinion on wearing a scarf as an accessory?

Thursday, November 22


Fashion rules in general can be very helpful in many ways, but also very confining and restrictive depending on how you choose to incorporate style into your life. If you are one of those women who simply wear clothes for functional purposes, these rules are nice because they provide structure which eliminates thought. But if you're someone who chooses to express herself with her clothing choices or someone who wants to make a statement, then you will most likely want to tweak these rules to best fit your lifestyle and personality. 

If you're reading fashion blogs I assume that you belong to the second group and love about fashion that while it isn't something serious, it can have a ver powerful effect in our lives if we handle it appropriately to help aid us live the life we desire.

In the last couple of months of shopping for my body type, getting comfortable with who I am and what life I want to live, I started to hone in on what works and what doesn't work for me now when it comes to fashion. Although I probably always will be a student of fashion, as I'm ever changing, I think I will shop by the following rules for a while because for me they're the timeless essentials to keep in mind.

Dress to flatter your figure and your personality.
Dress the body you have now, not the body you had in high school and not the body that you wish you had. Create your own style and don't just copy all the trends of this season.

Invest in quality basics.
The basic items that create the foundation of your wardrobe should be high quality because these items have to last. When you tend to purchase quality, you will find you need to go shopping less because the items you have last.

Strive for balance - keep it simple.
For me, less is really more.

Only shop for what you need.
What works for me is to always have a running list of what I need, and then I am always on the look out. By choosing to stick to a closet of fewer clothes, you will find you have more money to purchase high quality items when you find exactly what you want.

Navy as the new black.
I am obsessed with this color and I think it's a flattering color on so many different types of skin tones and body types and it works for every season.

Now I'm curious to your commandments, share below!

Monday, November 19


First the dude.

There. Done.

I hope I just found your weak spot so that you're more likely to accept my quick apology for the lack of posts or the not posting at all. My weeks fly by like a blink of an eye and how much I wish I had more time to blog, I kind of like this busy life. I hope I will find a new balance soon but until then you can follow my pinterest for instant inspiration.

Monday, November 12


dolce dolce

If there is one thing I've learned since I started blogging is that shoes can make or break an outfit. With that said, I recently met Dolce Dolce when I had the pleasure of visiting the Press Days at De Hovre PR. Dolce Dolce is Belgian pride by creating pretty and practical shoes coming in a beautiful variety, colors and materials. Ballet flats, Mary Janes, pumps, derbies and brogues; the possibilities are endles. The shoes are all designed in Belgium and artisanal manufactured in Italy, this brand creates quality at its best.

I am especially in love with all the derbies and ballet flats with scarab. I thought they were worth sharing here with you. Because my photography talent is not as developed as with my fellow bloggers I just made some dream outfits  with my favorite pairs of the spring/ summer collection. 
dolce dolce 1 dolce dolce 2 dolce dolce 3
What do you think? Sold?

Tuesday, November 6


Like most other bloggers I spend a lot of my time behind my laptop editing my own blog posts, checking out other blogs, scrolling through online shops, working for school and reading about the latest trends and news in fashion world. For all the dutchies I can recommend, a new website entirely dedicated to fashion.

On this website you can find the latest news in shopping and the fashion trends of today. Currently they are still working hard to create and provide more content. But you can already find some useful articles, like a women's wear-to-work clothes guide and which coat looks best on your body shape. Besides this you can also find the most fashionable web shops in a row.

But wait. There's more! Fashion lovers can show their own style by uploading their outfits in the Your style-section. The more people join the sooner there will be prices linked to the best dressed participants. I don't know about you but I'm very curious to find out what prizes can be won, so be sure to take a look!

Sunday, November 4


Frassy is the personal style blog of Audrey Rogers. She is a native of Virginia, calls Spain her home, went to school in England and has now finally settled in Paris. Where she is basically living my dream by roaming the streets with topknots and tutus.

Besides her personal style blog, she also keeps a personal diary, a Paris city guide with all her favorite spots and her own tv channel on vimeo. Because more is less for Audrey she also owns a webshop and is a freelance photographer and writer in the city of lights.

Although calling herself American, she's got the Parisian-chic nailed for sure. I love the way she always adds a kick of glamour to her outfits. As she says herself: "Fashion is too much fun to have one to-go style. I'm sartorial greedy, I wanna wear it all!" This makes that the huge fan of black, leather, and studded clothing won't surprise you by showing up in pink from head to toe. Everything for keeping us on our toes.

all images via Frassy.
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Friday, November 2


Usually I never buy something at H&M. H&M can be represented as a budget-conscious fashionista's dream. But in my opinion some items aren't worth buying at even the lowest prices due to poor fit, low quality or better bargains elsewhere. Therefore I normally skip this store.

However, I couldn't resist to take a look at the Lana Del Rey for H&M collection. Furry fabrics, pastel colors, crystals as jewelry, pretty hairpins for a beehive hairdo, pencil skirts, elbow length gloves and much more feminine touches in the glamorous line of my favorite singer. Although I loved her pieces, nothing persuaded me to bring home with me. 

Nothing except this, surprising good quality, blue blazer. It's the only piece from H&M I own since my no-buy and my closet clean-out in the beginning of this year. Do I have a relapse or did I develop a better eye for detail and pay less attention to the brand? Only time will tell.

blazer - H&M ; sweater - Tommy Hilfiger ; skinny jeans - Gstart ; heels - Sacha