Thursday, May 31

The summer uniform

click on the items to see the details.

The weather in Belgium has been incredible lately, which is kind of weird since we had to wear our winter coats and dragging our umbrellas everywhere till last week. Now it's all of a sudden 25° celsius outside. I ain't complaining but t's funny to see how things can turn around. Although I am so pumped about the good weather I'll stop the weather chit-chat here.

But don't ask me to stop swooning about summer, because that. ain't. never. gonna. happen. I love waking up to the sun rays lighting up the room and enjoying* every minute of the sun on the balcony. Okay, a little note here is that because of horrible sunburns during my childhood I developed a mild form of heliophobia. So 'enjoying the sun' equals to me with 'enjoying the sun while sitting in the shade'. As you can see, I am easily satisfied.

Another thing what happens to me when summer is coming closer, is the urgent need to start my whole summer**. This planning starts with dividing my summer in work and free-time. Then I start planning all my prospective journeys. So will I travel this summer to Tuscany (Italy) with my mom*** and to Brighton/ London (UK) with my friends. In addition to these foreign trips I will also spend my time at the beach and the spa with my boyfriend. And last but not least, festivals can't be missing in my summer calendar.

After planning these kind of "important" things, I start planning the details: food I want to eat, outfit combinations I want to wear****... Yes, I'm not kidding over here. Actually it is here where the outfit collages from above come along. I know: long intro, short plot.

Which look is your favorite? I'm head over heels in love with the striped dress. Not that it's really a surprise because I actually love everything striped.

* I am ignoring here the fact that I'll attend my first exam tomorrow morning.
** Still rejecting here the fact that I'll attend my first exam tomorrow morning.
*** My Australian friends will have their italian wedding over there. 
**** First. exam. to-mor-row.
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Tuesday, May 29

Summer favorites

Last fall I shared my favorite nail polish shades for upcoming winter season back then and it's fun to see what a difference it makes with my favorite shades nowadays. Brighter, softer and no glitter anymore. While I like neutrals and dark colors for the winter, I love to keep things quirky and fun during summer. These shades meet these requirements. 

A bold, hot pink: of to shoulder from essie
A bright yellow: im beauty from o.p.i.
A sparkling, cornflower blue: bikini so teeny from essie
A soft green: is it payday yet? from o.p.i.
A brillian coral pink neon: camera from essie
A shimmering blue: skinny jeans from o.p.i.

The other day my friends and I were discussing if we rather liked or not painting our toe nails. Some of them disliked it, others thought it makes your feet look more classy (in so far feet can look classy). What do you think about this matter? To paint or not to paint your toe nails. And if you do, in the same color as your fingers nails?

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Sunday, May 27

Pink from head to toe

Yesterday was one of those days when I just wanted to send a big f*ck you to the universe by wearing a whole pink outfit. For all those people with "barbie issues" I was probably like a thorn in one's side, but I liked that feeling of 'je m'en fou' soooo much. From the moment I put on my pink shirt and my pink skirt, I got a grin on my face that didn't vanish for the rest of the day. Conclusion: more pink days to come.

Yesterday I already posted an instagram of my outfit on my twitter and was reminded that Annebeth of the styling dutchman wrote a post about Elle Woods the day before. Remember the legally blonde movies where a blonde girl superficially looks like nothing more than the stereotypical 'dumb blonde' but demonstrates a surprising intellect? Well, I love that movie!

Although the movie is most of the time just labeled as a chick flick, I think that the movie also carries an important message for all (young) girls. The character of Elle Woods is a transition from a sorority girl who believes that her happiness is dependent on the man in her life, to a confident law student who realizes that her happiness is contingent on the successful development of her own abilities.

In short: you, and only you, are in charge of how you feel. So don't let depend your happiness on someone else! Beautiful things don't just happen, if you want something marvelous you've got to make something marvelous.

I was wearing a pink zara top and skirt, new look flats, mango bag and a pink ice watch.
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Thursday, May 24

Barbecue time

Hooray for the sunny weather in Belgium! I'm sooo very merry happy that I finally can wear all my summer dresses that I missed so much this winter. But that wasn't the only thing I missed during the cold temperatures: tonight I will finally enjoy my first barbecue of 2012 on my balcony. So tonight we have lots of wine, salad, bread, BBQ meat, more wine and good company on the menu. Sounds good!

Also did I changed my balcony furniture this year, but I still need to buy some pillows. After seeing the picture above I'm thinking of buying some fur blankets instead. What do you think?

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Tuesday, May 22

Snaps of life

Sun is FINALLY shining! After months of complaining about the weather I can eventually tell you that it's there. I want to enjoy it to the fullest so I actually don't feel like putting lots of effort on my looks.*

That's why today I just leave you with some snapshots I made: a shell pendant from last year, lunch with my dad, my I-could-write-blog-about-you cute cat, new iPhone case and RayBan sunglasses and photos of the newest family member of my boyfriend ;-). 

Well that's it. I am readyto pry my little fingers from this keyboard and enjoy the weather for as long it will last.**

* Just the essentials: bikini, summer dress, sunglasses, sunscreen.
** read as sipping some rosé wine in the sun.
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Sunday, May 20

Things to do before summer ends

Ah, summer. Big blue skies, tiny outfits, singing birds, happy faces and outdoor parties. Is it any wonder that summer is for so many people their favorite season?
The only thing is that I always find myself doing nothing and feeling bored after a short time. Every autumn I regret wasting all that beautiful summer weather... So this winter I swore to myself that I won't take this summer for granted. And what is a better way to keep track than making a list of things I want to do this summer?

1. Make from homemade sangria with fresh fruit an evening habit. 
2. Bead my own bracelets (like here, here and here).
3. Finish decorating my apartment.
4. Host a back yard party just to celebrate the good weather.
5. Gather all my books that are standing untouched in my bookcase and read them in the sun.
6. Do something daring with my hair (maybe pink strands?)
7. Take a spontaneous weekend trip somewhere with the boyfriend. 
8. Attend some outdoor festivals.
9. Get a massage which makes you feel as if your body's melting.
10. Find a fun summer job.

What's on your list?
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image sources via my pinterest.

Friday, May 18

Thoughts on my no-buy

When I told you about my no-buy, a lot of you suggested to inform you from time to time about this shop-a-holic in rehab. So here are we are a month and a half later and to be honest: it was not that bad at all. The first two weeks I caught myself browsing to online shops like asos and topshop on autopilot, but with ease I clicked every opened tab away. What also helped was banning the shopping streets the first weeks but now I'm already able to walk around in stores with friends without feeling bad at all. 

I am not going to pretend that fashion isn't my interest any longer but the last couple of weeks I just have become very picky when it comes to clothing. From now on, I only want to buy clothes and accessories that I really want and that will look amazing on me. I first want to think before I actually buy something to prevent regretting purchases. Besides that I want good quality clothes. Yup, very fastidious.

Of course I still read magazines and visit fashion blogs and as expected that means I have to resist a looooot of temptation. That is why I started to create a wish list. I write down everything that I "like" with the thought that I can buy it all when my no-buy is over. But the longer I look at that list, the lesser is on it. The urge for new items is fading away and that is a very good thing. I did regain control of my shopping habits and that was the purpose of this no-buy. 

I am now in the middle of this no-buy thing and I'm so glad I started it. I only have this voucher from Zara that I want to use to line through something of my "still missing in tha closet"-list: a white dress. I really like how this white Zara dress looks on me, but it's a little bit tricky because it's see through. Anyway what do you think of the dress I'm wearing in the picture above? Do you think I can buy this dress for celebrating how far I've already come?

Enjoy your weekend sweeties!

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Tuesday, May 15

A week with Blonde Muse II

After a sunny monday with 20° the weather got CRAZY* again: today it's only 7° with the heaviest downpour I can remember so far. Really these weather changes make me go cuckoo. All this rain and cold do make this girl wants to hide under the blankets until the sun will make up his mind and finally will start shining again like he is supposed to do. 

Well actually, I am already doing this very well up to now, because I am feeling a little bit under the weather lately.** I hope I can fight this upcoming flu with lots of water, fruit and some good tv shows. So now we had this chit-chat about the weather I'll leave you with some photos from last week. Bisous.

* I am not exaggerating here.
** you can read this literally, and figuratively as well.

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Sunday, May 13

Ready for summer? Bikini time!

After reading my last post and starting your "getting my bikini body back" regime, you're ready for step 2: swimwear shopping! I really love the one pieces in the next couple of pictures but I always end buying a bikini. What do you prefer? 
The white Asos petal one shoulder bikini is MINE! It was the one and only that caught my eye when I first saw the bikini collection and was affordable, because really, I'm not going to spend 200 euro for  a piece of bikini. The neon blue ones also belong to my favorites, maybe I buy one of these after my no-buy. 

A fun thing to know when you're bikini shopping is this color scheme by hair color with colors that will make you look tanner:
  • Dark hair women: blue shades, orange shades, red an blue mixed, dark hot pink, purple, white, sea green with white, and earth tone shades mixed.
  • Blondes: pink shades, turquoise, red, black with gold, magenta, red or emerald green. Stay away from pastels, yellow, black and bright orange.
  • Readheads: olive green, orange red, gold, violet blue, purple, hot pink, teal, black, yellow and any shade of blue.
Last but not least, the one color swimsuit that looks great on every skin tone is a neon one. Neon colors come in huge variety and can make anyone look tan (yàày for that). Check out hot pink, flamingo, orange, rube red, orchid and bright neon pink. 

Goodluck finding the perfect bikini!

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sources: pinterest

Friday, May 11

Ready for summer? Boots your health

Did someone say beach season?! Your first response may be to book a fast flight to Siberia, where no one dares to leave the house with bare arms, bare legs and no sweater to disguise the extra belly bulge. But don't get anxious yet. This year, consider a new possibility: the possibility you'll be ready by the time swimsuit weather arrives. Sounds like a relief, isn't it?
So now, get your calendar and create that unique plan with healthy meals and new exercise habits. Here are some tips that will help you staying motivated and getting that bikini body you always dreamed of!
1. Write your goals down.
There's no better way to start than writing down the things you want to achieve. An example can be: I want to feel good in my skin while wearing a bikini.

2. Drink more water: your hair, your skin, your mind and your body will thank you.
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will increase your metabolism (cold), fill you up (room temperature)), aid in weight loss, flush out toxins, get you a healthier skin, reduce risks of certain cancers, help digestion and constipation, relieve fatigue and improve overall health all for zero calories. It's worth a try, right?

3. Stretch.
Stretching attenuates stretch reflex, the body's automatic defense mechanism to overextension. Also it's very important to stretch before and after exercise to prevent muscle injury and soreness. Still need another reason? It feels good.
4. Skip the elevator, take the stair. 
Stairs are everywhere, so why not use them? A study has found that people who use the stairs have better fitness, less body fat, slim waistlines and lower blood pressure.

5. Stop making excuses and start to exercise.
Run, dance, go to the gym, play badminton, ice skating, bycicle etc. etc. There will be something you love.

6. Do Swimming workouts.
A pool might be not the first place you think of going when you're looking to shape up and slim down, but swimming workouts do burn fat, trim inches and help you get stronger, fitter and healthier than ever.

7. Stop overthinking and start meditating: see the beauty in letting things go.
Overthinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is. So please, stop it. Yoga is also a very good stress-killer!

8. Get rid of fat and start eating healthy.

9. Have 8 hours of sleep a night.

10. Don't give up and keep going! It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing. It takes 8 weeks for friends and family and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

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Wednesday, May 9

Paperdoll me

Zara jacket, striped shirt & pink trousers - Steve Madden leopard ballet flats - Urban Outfitters belt

Good weather, it sounds like a good old dream. It's May and instead of having dinner outside, drinking refreshing drinks and enjoying the beautiful weather we still have rain, wind and cold temperatures over here. I hope this means that we will have an incredible warm summer with lots and lots of sunshine. But I think that's just wishful thinking. Anyway, it helps a little bit surviving this busy month where I'm almost drowning in my school work.

Although I can't wear me summer clothes yet, I'm already thinking about all the things I will wear this summer. So that made me think: why not create a post about some outfits built around one key piece? And here it is. I bought this jeans jacket from Zara in Valencia (Spain) last year and for me it screams summer. So obviously it had to be the key piece in all the outfits. First I styled it with neon pink pants, a neon yellow skirt and one of my favorite dresses. Which outfit do you like best?
Zara jacket & skirt - Ray Ban sunglasses - H&M top - Steve Madden loafers - Vintage bag - heart belt from Urban Outfitters
Zara jacket - Topshop hat - New Look dress - Minnetonka's - Urban Outfitters belt
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