Sunday, December 16


Nah. I am not getting married. 

But real life Lily and Marshall*, aka my best friends, are getting married in a few months and I will act as witness at their wedding. Yay! 

My first thoughts when I heard about their engagement were "dress. hair. makeup."Because let's be real here, there is no better reason to get dressed up than your best friends getting married, except getting married yourself of course.


Dress: almost check. My dress will be navy blue, have a bare back and lace details. Now I only have to search it, find it and buy it. No biggie.

Makeup: we switch faces for a day. (I will not return the boyfriend. Not so sorry for that Olivia.)

Hair: here's the part where I need your help. I want elegant and timeless (after all, those photos last forever). First I was thinking about a classic chignon but then there was pinterest and now I can't choose. I reduced the overload of inspiration to three styles. And all I am asking is to choose for me.

1? 2? Or 3? Help!

(Question to my friends: Am I Ted Mosby?!)

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