Friday, December 28


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New Year's Eve, the final holiday of 2012, is typically a night of champagne toasts, sparkly outfits and midnight kisses. Because sitting in your PJs isn't an option. You'll need a killer outfit along with the champagne and somebody to kiss when the clock hits midnight. 

Let's go wild, dearies. 

Because what's a more perfect excuse to get dolled up for a night full of silliness, stuffing your face with good food and boozing it up until midnight with your friends? 

That's right, there isn't. 

I ordered my party dress on Christmas day so I hope it will be delivered on time (otherwise: (1) fy express delivery, (2) fy major clothing crisis). Fingers crossed! 

Have a happy & safe 2013!

And remember: it's not the dress, it's the girl in the dress.

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