Wednesday, December 5


If we may believe all the magazines it seems that every woman gets the urge to drastically change her locks after a breakup. There's something kind of symbolic about it: out with the old (dead ends), and in with the new (flirty hairdo). But since I am total gutless when it comes to changing something to my hair, I found another perfect therapy: redecorating my place.

It was really one of the best things I did in the last couple of months. First of all it kept me busy enough so I forgot mulling over my breakup. Secondly, it feels like this new interior stands for a new chapter in my life. (yep, deep thoughts over here.) Like famous people change their hair style, I redecorated my place. And I so love how it turned out!

I tried to work as much as possible with neutral colors. And only add some pop to it by colorful details like the art print and the pink roses. Although I am really satisfied with how it looks like at this moment, it still does not feel like it's finished. Decorating your house is like finding your signature fashion style: it's a progress. For example, I am still on the search to find the perfect white cow skin rug and also some decoration that can stand throughout the year (so sad that's not possible with christmas decoration).

And look how cozy it is by night!!!!

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