Monday, December 31


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First of all, let's check my new year's resolutions of 2012
1. Master smokey eyes? Well, I tried to do this smokey eye thing but it was getting pretty hard to breathe after a while. Muahahaha! Funny me is taking over again. But for real, I do some random stuff and hope for the best.
2. Save up for a system camera? No.
3. Make an effort to wear matching underwear? If you understand by "matching" that top and bottom are in the same color: yes. Otherwise, no.
4. Drink lots of water? Yes, in particular coffee. And red wine.
5. Stay motivated and go for a run? I still hate running but I subscribed to the gym. Score!
6. More daily outfit posts? Please tell me, I'm not this horrible?!
7. Discover more of the world? Ugh no. Not much travelling for me this year. Boo :(
8. Live, laugh, love to another great year?

Let's see, in 2012 I...
... envied all those girls who master the perfect preppy style.
... started thinking of getting a tattoo. Until now it stayed with only this inspiration board. Maybe something for 2013? 
... challenged myself to have a no-buy for 4 months.
... had a lot to say about it.
... like a lot.
... wrote about having confidence for VILA.
... went through a breakup, which screams for making a single girl's to do list!
... found my signature scent.
... fell in love with the Parisian way of living and dressing.
... stripes included.
... dealt with a lot of writer's blocks and of course, I wrote about that.
... became a supporter of slow fashion instead of fast fashion.

To come back to point 8, I think I succeeded.  

Here's to 2013, I can't wait to see what you have in store for me.
But first, party time!

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