Sunday, November 4


Frassy is the personal style blog of Audrey Rogers. She is a native of Virginia, calls Spain her home, went to school in England and has now finally settled in Paris. Where she is basically living my dream by roaming the streets with topknots and tutus.

Besides her personal style blog, she also keeps a personal diary, a Paris city guide with all her favorite spots and her own tv channel on vimeo. Because more is less for Audrey she also owns a webshop and is a freelance photographer and writer in the city of lights.

Although calling herself American, she's got the Parisian-chic nailed for sure. I love the way she always adds a kick of glamour to her outfits. As she says herself: "Fashion is too much fun to have one to-go style. I'm sartorial greedy, I wanna wear it all!" This makes that the huge fan of black, leather, and studded clothing won't surprise you by showing up in pink from head to toe. Everything for keeping us on our toes.

all images via Frassy.
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