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Whether the calendar says it's fall, winter, spring or summer, scarves can always be a tasteful and wise way to upgrade your wardrobe to a new and original, yet stylish level. While I've always loved scarves, I must admit that it wasn't until my strep throat from last week that I've finally embraced wearing scarves and can only wish I had done it sooner.

For some of you a scarf is only a layer of warmth during these cold days but it can be more. Not that I'm saying you're wrong, it's true that covering my now oh-so-sore throat with a cozy wool scarf feels like heaven. But while jewelry provides wonderful options for wearing accessories and finishing an outfit, a scarf can take center stage and eliminate the need for extra accessories. So the next time you're not sure which necklace or earrings to wear, choose neither and try a beautiful silk scarf.

The fun part is that scarves will always fit, as long as the colors are flattering of course. Besides that, there are also endless ways to wear them (watch this video on 25 different ways to wear them by Wendy's Lookbook). And for an instant chic, timeless look you only have to wear a classic sheath dress and simply throw a scarf over your shoulders. Tadaa, the French woman in you emerges. (And yes, we all want to have their grace.)

Here are a few scarves that have caught my attention recently. 

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Again, keep it simple and choose colors or prints that adhere to your most flattering colors and complement your wardrobe. A good rule to keep in mind is to wear a print scarf with a solid ensemble and a solid scarf with a beautiful print blouse or dress. 

Tell me, what is your opinion on wearing a scarf as an accessory?

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