Monday, November 12


dolce dolce

If there is one thing I've learned since I started blogging is that shoes can make or break an outfit. With that said, I recently met Dolce Dolce when I had the pleasure of visiting the Press Days at De Hovre PR. Dolce Dolce is Belgian pride by creating pretty and practical shoes coming in a beautiful variety, colors and materials. Ballet flats, Mary Janes, pumps, derbies and brogues; the possibilities are endles. The shoes are all designed in Belgium and artisanal manufactured in Italy, this brand creates quality at its best.

I am especially in love with all the derbies and ballet flats with scarab. I thought they were worth sharing here with you. Because my photography talent is not as developed as with my fellow bloggers I just made some dream outfits  with my favorite pairs of the spring/ summer collection. 
dolce dolce 1 dolce dolce 2 dolce dolce 3
What do you think? Sold?

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