Friday, November 2


Usually I never buy something at H&M. H&M can be represented as a budget-conscious fashionista's dream. But in my opinion some items aren't worth buying at even the lowest prices due to poor fit, low quality or better bargains elsewhere. Therefore I normally skip this store.

However, I couldn't resist to take a look at the Lana Del Rey for H&M collection. Furry fabrics, pastel colors, crystals as jewelry, pretty hairpins for a beehive hairdo, pencil skirts, elbow length gloves and much more feminine touches in the glamorous line of my favorite singer. Although I loved her pieces, nothing persuaded me to bring home with me. 

Nothing except this, surprising good quality, blue blazer. It's the only piece from H&M I own since my no-buy and my closet clean-out in the beginning of this year. Do I have a relapse or did I develop a better eye for detail and pay less attention to the brand? Only time will tell.

blazer - H&M ; sweater - Tommy Hilfiger ; skinny jeans - Gstart ; heels - Sacha

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