Wednesday, September 28

my "back to school" wishlist

Every year during the summer months, I can’t wait for school to begin, but every year I am already tired of it after only the first day of school. Yeah, it’s fun to see your school friends back but why do all these classes have to be so boring. All day long we, students, are sitting in a hot room that is way too small for all the students to fit in, and listen to someone who doesn’t want to be there at all. Well, at least my docents and I have something in common after day 1.
It’s clear; my school life has to be spiced up. How? Well, these goodies would level up my school fatigue into alive and kicking in no time.

1. This Sunday I had to pack so quickly that I forgot to take a pen with me. On my first day in school I had to ask if I could borrow someone’s pen. I felt so dedicated. The Louis Vuitton pen is so pretty, but way too expensive. The cute notebooks are already mine, and can’t help to refuse to use them. I mean they are so pretty to mess up with my horrible writing!
2. Why does it have to be so difficult to find a perfect, simple ballet flat? I’m looking for ages for them now and I didn’t find a pair that can come close to this pair. Studs… Swoon!
3. Skull bracelets always catch my eye.
4. I am waiting for the Iphone 5 in ages, I think it will come out in October (crossing my fingers) and my list of apps-I-want is already endless. An Iphone will also be very useful since I always forgot to take my agenda with me.
5. Sunglasses, I already have a million of them. But they are all at my parent’s home and now I walk like a complete idiot squinting all the time.
6. A Miumiu wallet, a girl can dream right?
7. This Macbook laptop case is just way too pretty, since I bought a new (and very expensive) battery for my laptop I want to treat it with care and love.
8. This morning I saw this shopper at Zara and it’s perrrrfect! My heart really skipped a beat. Everything, but really everything (even my laptop) fits in it. Oh, I know what to dream about tonight.
9. And this boyfriend blazer of Topshop because it’s easy to wear and to combine.
What are your essentials for a new school year? And how do you try to spice up your school time? I’m really curious : )

Friday, September 23

Sequins and Sparkles #1

♥ cute & sparkling notebooks 

Happy first day of Autumn! My week was characterized by ups and down, but why not trying to see the best in everything? Fake it until you make it, right? Today's post is also the start of a new feature on this blog, Sequins and Sparkles, where I'll share an overview of my week and all good discoveries of the WWW. Well, I hope you all have nice plans for the weekend! xo
Things that put a smile on my face this week:
buying presents for yourself  leaves, starting to turn  sparkly pink nail polish  warm sweaters  watching the flames in a fireplace  reminiscing about my dog who passed away yesterday evening  skipping gym classes (naughty me!)  singing “If you wanna be my lover” as loud as possible in my car  editing my travel photos and looking back on a nice trip  realizing you have such a good friends  ending the day with a good talk and a glass of wine  "cougar town" marathons  bangs, which are the perfect length  happy phone calls 
Something to print out, stick on your wall and start reading as a morning routine: the radical self love manifesto by Gala Darling.

Lauren Conrad made it from an unknown girl to a stylish jack of all trades, her new project is already a huge success: the beauty department.

Elsie wrote 5 tips for better self-portraits and for photographing your home, interesting and fun as always.

I highly recommend you to read Garance Dore's changing lifestyle series about the differences between New York skinny and Paris skinny or about lifestyle obsessions.

Bobbie, have a blast in doggy heaven.

Something to keep in mind: how to argue without being rude from A.Y. Daring.

How to avoid no one is coming to your party: increase your rsvp's, and how to plan a dinner party.

After reading three fresh ways to rock a side ponytail, I'm totally smitten. 

Gaining some fall fashion inspiration from the topshop tumblr.

Wednesday, September 21

roll the windows down

Yesterday I drove in a hurry to Antwerp, at least I tried to, with my macbook that had decided to stop working. Of course with some help of Coco, that little fluff ball has made the ultra annoying habit to bite in the cables of my laptop’s charger. Result: battery totally ruined. Me, computer addict avant la lettre, and working with a windows pc for two days were kind of hell on earth.
I think you understand that a visit to the apple store as quick as possible was a must. So when I was driving and singing along with the radio it became clear to me that good songs really can make your trip more pleasant. Even traffic jam couldn’t put down the smile on my face while I was singing as loud as I possibly could.
Currently I am busy with editing the photos of my city trip to Valencia and furthermore I discovered a very cool site,, where you can make your own mixes. Here it is: my road trip sing along mix. 
What are your favorite songs while driving? 

Picked at random, the winner of the Mymemories scrapbooking software is Miss Vodka! Congratulations! I'll send you an e-mail with instructions for downloading you software packet. 

Saturday, September 17

travel outfit

While I am probably (read: definitely) enjoying my city trip in Valencia, here’s my travel outfit. All weighty clothes in one outfit, you know, saving every kg I can take with me. These are also my new biker boots, and I am in love! Now I only need a boyfriend with a motorbike :D I hope you’re enjoying life and see you soon!

Lots of love and puppy kisses.

blazer - Urbanoutfitters
black/white shirt - River Island
black skinny jeans - Gstar
biker boots - Mally

Thursday, September 15

guest post: the final days of summer

Hello, hello, hello! This is Zelina, the girl behind Honey in the Sun and I am so excited to be here.Renee was so sweet to consider me for a guest post and I just couldn't refuse. I am so glad the lovely blog world brought us together as friends even though we are thousands of miles apart because she is ah-some!

There are only a few more days of Summer and I am taking advantage of what's left by wearing bright colors and billowy tops. Now don't get me wrong I am totally looking forward to Fall in fact, Halloween is my favorite holiday so I'm pretty anxious, but I still want to soak up the sun. I've been trying to come up with ways to keep old items in my closet looking fresh especially during those "I have nothing to wear days" and this one has been my fave. I bought a maxi dress some time ago and rolled it to make it look like a skirt (without making it look to frumpy) because I don't own one and threw on a billowy cropped shirt and threw on some colorful heels. I thought wow! this has been in my closet the whole time and I didn't even know it, it looks like I bought a new outfit when of course I didn't.

Top and dress turned skirt & flower ring - F21
Shoes on mad sale at Target
{from Renee: Zelina is one of the loveliest ladies I have met around the blogosphere, I know it sounds like a cliche, but is is true. She is gorgeous, I love her style and her writing. Thank you Zelina! And now, if you are one of those who don't know Zelina, go ahead and check her blog out :)}

Monday, September 12

my packing philosophy

When it came to packing, I always ended up trying to stuff everything except my bed into a suitcase. Instead of carefully putting outfits together or considering the different obligations that’ I’ll be dressing for; I just threw lots of random pieces into an overstuffed suitcase. The result: arriving at your destination wishing a porter could accompany me and ending up not wearing half of the clothes you brought.
On my way I learned that the key of good packing is to plan in advance so you only pack the best and not the rest. So here’s my packing philosophy.
It may sound like the most obvious thing to pack, but once I forgot to bring all my underwear on a trip, it’s on top of my list. Also I would literally die if I had forgotten my toiletries. The key essentials in my toiletry bag are:
toothbrush + toothpaste
products for face care
sunscreen + aftersun
lip moisturizer
make up essentiels
These are the basics! Ensure they’re packed and check three times otherwise the will be tears and running mascara just as you’re about to leave – which is never, ever a good look.
notebook and pen
travel guide
emergency, first aid items
Back to reality: you won’t need three pair of trousers, four shorts, a gazillion tops and shoes for short trip. I used to be an overpacker pur sang and always sifting through my overweight luggage wondering why I brought unnecessary items that never saw the light of day.
Keep it simple: bring the essentials. I like to pack clothes that I can easily dress up or down. Think singlets, tank tops, simple cotton tee shirts, blazers and cardigans. They don’t take up much space and you can layer them in cooler weather. Neutral colors, like black, white and grey- are the best because they go with pretty much anything. You’d surprised how much an accessory can change your entire look.
Another handy tip is to cut the total packed items into half since you always end up packing more than you need.
Well, now I’m stress-free, packed and ready to jet off tomorrow morning for a care-free holiday in Valencia with my besties. I’m not taking my laptop with me but I did prepare some posts for you and invited a lovely guest blogger. So while I’m strolling around the city you will have some scheduled posts to keep yourself busy with. 


Note: I won’t announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow, because I won’ be able to make last-minute posts. The giveaway is extended until next Tuesday, September 20. You can still enter here.

Wednesday, September 7

ship ahoy

A few of you might know that my boyfriend and I are in a long relationship right now because of his work. I try to minimize my complaining here, but I have to say that the last weeks are the hardest. Only 37 days to go… Oh, I hate being alone.
Anyway, a couple of days ago I went to take photographs of the foal of my “parents-in-law”. (I really don’t know how to call them when you’re not married, but I bet you understand what I mean.) He’s now 4 months old and, as you can see, still a mollycoddle. I think it’s cute. I also made a few photographs of my boyfriend’s hyperactive dog, named Trigger. Of the one million photos this is the only one where he stands still. My boyfriend noticed that he’s sitting like a kangaroo. Hehe.  
I wore an outfit inspired by my former school uniform aka a marine uniform. Only the sailor’s hat is missing. Comfortable as always.

Lots of love and puppy kisses.

blazer - H&M
dress - New Look
shoes - riverwoods
bracelet and necklace - souvenirs
watch - Thomas Sabo

Tuesday, September 6

my memories giveaway

my first album made with my memories templates

In less than a month my blog will blow out his first birthday candle. It’s obviously that this special occasion can’t pass unnoticed. For one year, this blog has been my creative outlet and an amazing way to make new contacts and even friends.
It won’t a surprise you that I love to keep and share my memories with others. Something I have in common with the probably every blogger. So I am more than happy to tell you that I can give one of you the digital scapbooking software of my memories. My memories suite offers you scrapbooking software that will help you to build entire albums effortlessly using one of the many installed templates, or designing your very own pages from scratch. I am already in love, and I bet you will too.

This giveaway is open worldwide and I’ll be picking the winner at random next Tuesday September 13th!
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Saturday, September 3


Summer has finally started and that had to be celebrated by wearing a dress, glitter nail polish and attending a concert of a schlager singer. Yeah, your read that right. I had a blast. 

dress & belt - Urbanoutfitters
moccasins Minnetonka
watch - Thomas Sabo
bracelet - Louis Vuitton
Enjoy your weekend, sweats. 

Thursday, September 1

breaking the fast in luxury

There’s no better way to start your day having a glass of cava, fresh fruit juice and a super-duper breakfast while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and a peaceful panoramic view. So I think you’ll understand that I was very happy that my grandmother and I were treated to a scrumptious and luxurious breakfast yesterday morning. I preferred to keep it simple and comfy with this romper instead of wearing something chic. You know, it's just breakfast.
blazer & romper - Urbanoutfitters
snake bracel & slippers - local store