Monday, May 30

Break in the park

dress: urbanoutfitters - ballet flats: river island - bag: gstar - pink sunglasses: market
Finally I am able to post again. Blogging is starting to become a little addiction. After two or tree days I really start missing you all, so can you imagine how I felt after not posting since Thursday? This girl is more than happy to share some photos with you of my study break in the park. Tomorrow I’ll have my first exam, so please send all your good thoughts to me. I will need them. 
What I love about living in Antwerp instead of my hometown is that there are so many things to do. That’s good because during my exams I want to use my free time as good as possible. So this Sunday, boyfriend and I strolled through the market and bought some delicious fresh food and… I treated myself with these ultra pink sunglasses. And I was so surprised boyfriend told me that I can get away with it, because normally he doesn’t like too girly stuff. Lucky me, because these are just perfect, I am literally looking through rose-colored glasses these days. Being positive in times of finales is a necessity!
Oh cute little rabbits everywhere in the park, love it!
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Thursday, May 26

the blonde muse's summer survival guide - part 2

In the first part of my summer survival guide I showed you my outfit essentials for this hot summer! But it’s May already and the swimsuit season is just around the corner. Maybe you meant to start getting in shape sooner but it didn’t happen. So it’s time to start eating healthy and tighten up so you get noticed in your most flirty dress! Also keep in mind that little changes can make the difference (read: beauty secrets that can hide a lot). Today we take a look at three essentials to start this summer as a real beauty queen: health, body and beauty! 

❀ Healthy but tasty snacks: nothing better than fresh fruit. (Why does sangria pop my mind, it isn’t healthy at all, but oh-so-delicious!) Vegetables and nuts are also a great to go.
❀ A water bottle. Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water at least 2 litres a day. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger so drink first and then if you still feel hungry then have something to eat. Drink herbal and fruit teas to top up your water intake and to add variety.
❀A mantra, mine is: “I start each day like it’s my birthday!”, no better way to start your day with a smile!
❀ Work - out schedule. Today I purchased my new (and first…) fitness membership to speed up my metabolism so I achieve more muscle definition and tone. Besides that I try to run 3 times a week.
❀ Lot of swimming (think pool party!), so much fun and so amazing to tone your body. 
❀ A bottle of good sunscreen. Okay, you never go, but I mean really never outside without sunscreen. Even in winter it’s important to use a day cream with SPF, or do you like wrinkles?  Don’t skimp on sunscreen! You’ll pay for it later!
❀ Just a little bit of fake tan (please, not in a snooki way). I love being pale but I even love more to brown up when I know I’m going to be exposing more skin.
❀ Soft legs. Speaks for itself. 
❀ Candy - colored nailpolish (don’t forget your toes!), or fun nail stickers. Because it makes me smile and all bits of color helps to give me that perfect summer feeling.
❀ A wonderful new summer perfume, precisely because you want to smell intoxicating and enchanting when you’re getting close to that someone special.
❀ Two- toned lips or hot pink lipstick.
❀ A new hair cut. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with a new ‘do! So cut that fringe, dry it pink or have it straightened! You always know a girl is about to change her life when she changes her hair. 
What are your beauty essentials for summer?
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Tuesday, May 24

Questions? I have an answer!

Honestly I'm so bad at answering questions sent by mail or asked in the comments sections. So maybe it's a good idea to dedicate this post to all those questions you have and then I will answer them all in a seperate post. So go ahead, ask away! 

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Sunday, May 22


shoes: Fornarina - skirt: zara - top: hm - sunglasses: diesel - bag: vintage

This skirt makes me think of a lollipop, love the color and I think the striped top makes it look more summery. Sorry for my lack of text but I am in a middle of a lazy sunday and my bed, chinese food and a good movie are calling! So let the pictures do the talking, bisous!

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Thursday, May 19

happy birthday mommy!

Today is my mom’s birthday and that means that it’s my birthday in only 31 days. Yes, we celebrate our birthday month on month. Not a big deal, only very easy for my dad to remember our birthdays. Hehe.
Now back on topic, RenĂ©e. When I was young I thought that every girl each girl thinks her mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. When I told that my former best friend, she jumped a hole in the air and disproved my thought. It was just me who admired her mom from here to eternity. I’ve always admired her while she was doing her make up and because of her I hate it when people are looking when I’m styling my hair. (That always ends in a bad hair day!)
She taught me how to play dress up, primp my hair, and mix patterns like a pro. She was and still is a style sensation in her own right. While we don’t have the same style, she is a must have when I go shopping for myself. The fact that she stays true to herself is what inspires me most. She always encourages me to be unique and independent with my fashion style. She allows me to explore my own style with constant confidence in my own clothing decisions. Being able to dress differently than most kids my age allowed me to express my individuality and promoted a lifelong passion for fashion. Being sometimes even slightly eclectic in style has never been a problem to me, because even when other people may judge my style I know that my mom will understand and celebrate the fact that I am different.
My mom loves me. And I love my mommy.
Happy birthday!

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Wednesday, May 18

the blonde muse's summer survival guide - part 1

Now everything has turned green and sunshine is warming the streets it is time for ice cream, splashing in the waves, unplanned picnics, sun-kissed shoulders and oversized sunglasses. Every winter I swear to myself that I won’t take the next summer for granted, besides that I’ll have to make this summer awesome on my own while Lennert is working 5.400 km away from me. 
So here it is: my prescription for a long, hot summer for single girls, girls in love and everyone in between. And when I start to dream, like you could see in my previous post, I fly far. So I’ve split this post in some categories. If you want to see the whole survival guide, be sure to come back and check them all! Let's start with some summer outfit essentials.
bikini proof

From cheerful bright colors to sexy animal prints: the bikinis of 2011 guarantee admiring glances on the beach. I can not wait until summer begins!
On the nose of every self-respecting celeb flaunts one: a pair of sunglasses. Paparazzi proof, but mostly wearing them totally completes your fashion look. So put on those glasses and feel like the newest it-girl in town!

Sundresses from here to eternity. From thigh-skimming minis to floor-sweeping maxi skirts, from virgin white to stylish stripes to asymmetrical prints to all-you-can-imagine, there’s something for everyone.
high heels

A truly fantastic pair of heels matches perfectly with all your sundresses. Moreover do they make you look longer and slimmer and to that we don't say no, right? And oh, don't forget to wear them with cute ankle socks this summer.

Flowers for your hair add definitely a romantic twist to any outfit and they will make you smile all day! A wonderful hat and a colorful headscarf are ideal for disguising bad hair days, perfect when it’s windy and you can even cover your face with it when you don’t want to be recognized. (Remember that you’re the newest it-girl this summer).
And feather earrings, that speaks for itself.

Are we there yet? Yes, we are. All I need to say is that a fantastic clutch, especially in a bright color, is the it-bag this summer. 
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you can see the details of these items on my polyvore

Monday, May 16

Fast forward

Thanks Blogger for crashing and deleting all my comments from my latest post. So sad, but life goes on. And on, and on. So I’ve been pondering it since then, wracking my brain. I am a list maker, but I’ve never been one to plan out my life meticulously. I have my dreams and goals for myself, I’ve just never really compiled anything serious together before. So that are we going to change in this post, I had a lot of fun making this, dreaming and fantasizing – a girl can dream, right?

In 10 years, I will be 30 years old and …
… I will have traveled to all of the fantastic places I’ve always dreamed of seeing, especially Mexico and its Mayan Ruins, all capitals of Europe, a road trip trough the US and watching the wildlife in Asia. Yeah, I will travel the world.

… I will own my own beautiful home in exactly the way I’ve always imagined. I love the idea to jump every evening in my oh-so-comfy seat and watch movies all night long.

… In that house I will live with the one and only man of my dreams, wearing a big ring on my finger (just kidding!?), having little date nights and every Sunday we do nothing except eating.

… Coco will be a lazy eleven years old cat, snoring all day long next to another cat or even a dog I couldn’t resist to take home and pamper.
… I will be a regular contributor in a fashion magazine, or who knows I can make it to editor in chief. Yes, I know, my imagination goes crazy. That’s okay once in a while. But I will be an accomplished blogger as well, because this blog is one of the best things I ever got started.

… Beside that, I will be an event and party planner. I love to organize events, things to do and being creative to make the best final product.

… I will have found the real me, feeling confident about myself, do not care about the idiot opinions of others, that made me feel sad when I was 20.

… I will still take care of my body and eat as healthy as possible. Running is still the sport where I can totally relax. I will have lived out my childhood dream to learn ballet, or maybe I won’t, considering the feet of Natalie Portman in Black Swan.
I will be happy. 

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