Wednesday, March 30

Whispers... march 2011

Here's a little peek of my rambles in march and my prospectives for next month.
my love. This friday it will be 5 years ago that Lennert and I kissed for the very first time. Hmm, I still get butterflies even though I've seen him a thousand times. I am really looking forward to go out for dinner with him, just a little tête-à-tête. 
our trip to Lisbon for celebrating our anniversary. (we leave in mid-april, yay!) If you live in Lisbon or travelled there before, let me know your favorite places! I want it to be perfect, it will be our last trip before he leaves for 4 months for his job.
 my wardrobe, spring has totally sprung and so it's time for dusting out my (colorful) summer clothes and storing those dark, thick sweaters.
all those new summer collections and their wonderful lookbooks make me scream: want want and... WANT! Gosh, I really can't get enough of snooping around the internet, finding all those cute stuff, even the redecorating-my-apartment itch has emerged!
a thousand chocolate Easter eggs, you said Lent? Ow yeah... that's right, I forgot about "that detail". Well, they shouldn't beckon so irresistably to me!
in the sun. Well "tanning", because not that I will ever get a colour any different than red. I am pale in the world of tans, think of milk bottle legs, summer freckles and an all-time blush on my face. Never mind, a vitamine D boots never hurts! 
about the return of the Daylight Saving Time, that extra hour in the evening makes it just perfect for eating outside and drinking rosé with friends.
shop until I drop at the river island student shop-ins in Antwerp tomorrow night, I already saw an adorable white romper that can not be missing in my suitcase for Lisbon! Afterwards you will find me partying at Exquise, a luxury exhibition in my hometown, nipping champagne while taking a look to the creations on the catwalk. Are you going to one of these events too?
in my new oh-so-pretty river island flats. Oh did you already notice them? ;) Chances are you'll see them a lot on this blog, they are my only ballet flats since I threw my worn outs away! Do you like them?
oh, so desperately to Easter holiday. A week off will do me good!

Monday, March 28

a box of little treasures

Actually, I am not a jewelry girl. Not that I don't like them, I believe all those pretty, little things are just the details some outfits need to become fabulous. They complete your personal style. So bad I don't own very much of them but this weekend I found this beautiful jewelry box in my parent's home. I got it as a gift of them when I was 14 spring olds but never gave it the place it deserves. Better late than never, so I took it with me to my apartment. Since then is choosing my jewelry in the morning a wonderful experience thanks to this lovely  jewel box. 
Here are some close ups of my favorite items, some of them are just pretty, some of them carry a special memory with them. 
Thomas Sabo watch - Louis Vuitton bracelet
Dyrberg/Kern ring and my new ring of don't-remember-the-name(?)

Friday, March 25

The Blonde Muse

Like I told you in a previous post in february, I considered to change my blogname. Although I really like the concept of 'make a wish', making a little wish every time you visit the blog, it just did't feel like me. The last couple of weeks there popped a lot of new potential names in my mind, but I never felt a like with none of them. Until this morning, it was not even 6 o'clock and the first thing that hit my mind was 'The blonde Muse'. I just really felt like meant to be. 
It sounds highly exaggerated as I reread this, but it's true. I couldn't think of anything else, so *click* (a lot more clicks followed...) I changed. This means that you will find me from now on here: 
I think I changed the most, but if you have any problems, please, do not hesistate to contact me. If you follow me via googleread, nothing changed. If you follow me on bloglovin' and you still want to see my posts on a regular base, click here. And follow me again. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can't figure out how to change my url on bloglovin', so I had to make a new account for The Blonde Muse
hat & dress- urbanoutfitters, socks - New Look, Black leather wedges - Sacha
Well, have an amazing weekend! And I hope to see you soon again!

Wednesday, March 23

Pink Flower Girl

First of all I want to thank you for all your support and kindness. I'm really overwhelmed by all the love you send to me. Each, but I really mean each, response from you puts a smile on my face. (Yes, I was laughing all day!) 
Although I made some fashion posts I never showed some personal outfits yet. So I thought it would be fun to share my spring day outfit with you. It's nothing special, very comfortable. Well comfortable, if you forget the shoes, they will be my death someday.
flower headband - urbanoufitters, top - H&M, hearted belt - urban outfitters, white pants - Nolita DeNimes, watch - Thomas Sabo, pink bracelet - braq, black bracelet - jbc, killer heels - river island
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Monday, March 21

Spring monday

During daytime I am mostly a geek.
Someone who eats too much junk food at times.
At full moon I change into a Vampire, really!
But today, I am none of these. Today I am a flower girl, dancing in the sun like nobody's watching. Welcome back Spring, glad you're back and please, stay for a while!